Lewis: Real running dogs standing in the way of anti-colonization

Real running dogs standing in the way of anti-colonization
Translated by Karen L., Written by  Lewis Loud, Edited by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, KC Cheung
Original: http://dadazim.com/journal/2014/02/struggle/

"Hong Kong will only be hopeful if we support CY Leung's governance!" The sign reads.

The "anti-locust" campaign organized by the localists put an objection on the crush of mainland visitors. This is an inevitable war of conflicts between the two irreconcilable classes. This is a proletariat war of which lays down the gauntlet against some tycoons in mainland China and Hong Kong, and those political economic proxies responsible for the profit-making of the tycoons' assets.

Shi Jun-long, who committed manslaughter at the Immigration Department, amid the counter-revolutionary patriotic organizations, booed that "Hongkongers are British running dogs! They should head to UK! Head to US!" Shi is with political agenda, and is one of the vanguards of China's "colonization" plan. The Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) he has been defending is one part of the scheme "cleansing Hong Kong". Gregory So, suspected to be a member of CCP, then said something similar, "Tourism has made a huge contribution to the economic development in Hong Kong, which our citizens should have stood in the affirmative. We should maintain the best treatment to our tourists to make them feel like home." To Lai Tung-kwok, the Secretary for Security, it went "We have been taking this issue seriously and the people involved in this protest are to be condemned. And Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, the Undersecretary of the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, appealed to some universal values, "Yesterday's issue has made me intimidated, with such kind of uncivilized behaviors. It is an exact violation to the mainstream values in Hong Kong." This is a disturbance to visitors? What about the other way round to Hongkongers' daily livelihood? Isn't it just fair acting in return?

These top officials are the proxies of predators. Landlords, tycoons and mainland Chinese are the beneficiaries in the Individual Visit Scheme, with all Hongkongers bearing the cost. Birds of a feather flock together. All of them as our slave owners talk the same and think the same. On their side it must be "barbaric and uncivilized" if ever HongKong-slaves have the thought of fighting back.

A growing revelation in the exploitation nature has come to the "locust" visitors. Principles in them? NO! Their involuntary speeches are hysterically filled with political lies, including not only "Hong Kong belongs to China", but also "China has aided Hong Kong in 1997 Asian financial crisis", programmed to turn Hongkongers into some shameless traitors. These visitors are not coming to Hong Kong for a visiting tour but an inspection tour as if they were the colonizers.

"Greater China democrats" in China has a saying that "the CCP doesn’t represent Chinese,” but here in the battle against the peaceful livelihood of Hongkongers, they have developed a rapport with the CCP and would spare no effort colluding with them. When we HongKongers start fighting back, these people would show no disguise of barbarism but exploit us.

There are two classes in the battle. While the HKCCP-suspected-to-be and officials in mainland China benefit from the Individual Visit Scheme, Hongkongers are gaining nothing but suffering from declining living standard, shrinking public space and sacrificing diversity in economics. In light of these drawbacks, some HKCCP-suspected-to-be continue to add fuel to the fire, suggesting the need to make continuous enhancement of Hong Kong’s capacity to accommodate more tourists. You see, Hongkongers are simply slaves politically and economically. Absentee middle class who own passports of other countries are not the most acutely exploited but being those this-is-fucking-out-of-my-business people. Likewise some educated young adults stump Hong Kong up in return of a prosperous future. Who would be more representative than the famous leftist-moron Orochi Lam, who claimed "This is discrimination to the visitors" and regarded our protest as "self-derogatory which ruins Hong Kong’s international image"?

What Lam suggested could well originate from some academic and political hypocrites, who try in every effort to whitewash the exploitation nature of the tycoons in Hong Kong and mainland China. So I wonder, whose quality are they referring? Whose international image are they expressing? Whose situation are they dubbing? Is Hong Kong no more than a whore to mainland Chinese? Shi is defended by a bunch of jerks of the Chinese University Student Press, and now he shouted that Hongkongers are running dogs. How come we’ve never seen Lam blaming Shi as discriminating the colony history of Hong Kong?

Lam keeps bullshitting "The government of HKSAR and CCP [as the trouble maker causing massive influx of mainland visitors] should be where we aim our spear at." Where exactly are HKSAR and CCP? Their extended power can be found on those rich rednecks on the Canton Road as tourists are everything of the policies. Aiming our spear at both governments is an empty talk. How can we meet the aim? By putting those leftist protests on show? By organizing some socialist-action fundraising? By holding some karaoke activities? By setting up some reading activities? Or by reading Leung Man-tao's articles? [Translator’s note: Columnist and commentator Leung Man-tao is one of the "Greater-China-morons" that even he himself made fun of this slur.]

Aiming your spear at the individual visitors is the practical method to make both governments taking up responsibilities. The individual visit scheme is an economic exploitation and the unrestricted One-way permit is used for the displacement of local population. The two combined is what we have seen in the colonization of Xinjiang and Tibet. People like Lam who claim to object the unjust in society with no actual action taken are no mere than those incompetent people giving out hot air. Shameless they are for holding the can-dos back!

Both Justice & Peace Commission of the HK Catholic Diocese and the different varieties of cultural hypocrites are fellows of the predators. These leftist betrayers are acting in the same way as the ruling class which they oppose. Seemingly upholding good citizenship, international image, civilization, peace and rational thinking, these people are partial to an exploitative system which transcends the border of mainland and Hong Kong. In the battle of Individual Visit Scheme, Orochi Lam is just the same as Shi Jun-long who would protect and support the existing system.

Mencius says, "Worshiping an extreme, without putting up other possibilities, are who the losers be and who I hate." Lifting up an extreme value, and laying down the others - disobeying the human nature, is what’s on the way of the leftist morons and the never-changing Greater-China-morons. "PEACE", whose definition of it? "CIVILIZATIONS", whose definition of it? They made themselves the Gods of kindness, but actually being unbearably vulgar on the side with the predators, the system and the high wall. With a few blank-meaning words, they put the world in their inflexible analyzing process, taking out the consideration of reality. In the best of times, they are called pedants; in the worst of times, like now colonization going on in full swing, they are like Shi Jun-long. All those unicellular organizations and morons are the accessories of murdering Hong Kong.

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