[DQ in Rural Rep Election] Eddie Chu Hoi-dick’s response after being DQed from running 2019 rural ordinary election

Eddie Chu Hoi-dick’s response to English press after being disqualified from running 2019 rural ordinary election, 2 December 2018
Reporter: (on whether returning officer’s decision is reasonable, whether he is worried about his political career and whether he will take any legal actions)

Chu: Well, first of all, in my previous letter to the returning officer, I stated clearly that he does not have the right for political right based on the interpretation of Article 104 of the Basic Law and the judgment of election petition of Chan Ho-tin. He did not reply a single word on this particular issue. And secondly, I want to tell my fellow citizens that the problem right now, or the political censorship right now, is not only … one needs to declare not supporting HK independence, but one also needs to reject the right of other people’s freedom of speech in order to gain a right to run this rural representative election. I think this is absurd and it is in violation of the Basic Law. It also signifies a very dangerous trend of political censorship, among not only participants of election but fellow citizens. Concerning my political career, at this stage, I will continue to be a legislator to serve the Hong Kong citizens. And I will seize any chance and any role within the democratic campaign to contribute in this common cause.