Wing: River-crab is prevalent, Albert Ho needs not worry

River-crab is prevalent, Albert Ho needs not worry
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/02-27-2014/9121 
Blood in vain: HK Media

25 AUG 1967 - CRHK programme host Lam Bun was burnt to death by communists during riot
18 NOV 1993 - Bomb was thrown to the backyard of Apple Daily boss, Jimmy Lai
JUN 1995 - Some Apple Daily was thrown to the sea during delivery to Macau
14 MAY 1996 - Director of a discontinued magazine, Leung Tin-wai was stabbed in his office
14 MAY 1998 - Albert Cheng, a CRHK programme host, was stabbed during his way to work
20 AUG 1998 - A reporter of Apple Daily was attacked by assailants, glass of the crew car was smashed
08 AUG 2012 - Computers in the office of HKInMedia was damaged by intruders
04 JUN 2013 - Chen Ping, the boss of iSunAffairs, was attacked on street
20 JUN 2013 - Front door of Jimmy Lai's apartment was crashed by car
JUN - JUL 2013 - Office of Apple Daily was set on fire several times
31 JUL 2013 - The boss of AM730 (a free Chinese newspaper), Shih Wing-ching, was stopped during driving, his windshield was smashed
07 SEP 2013 - Shum Tak-keung, the boss of KLT (distributor of Apple Daily), was stabbed
26 FEB 2014 - Kevin Lau, a former Ming Pao chief editor, was stabbed
I was astonished by the news that Mr Kevin Lau, the former Ming Pao chief editor was stabbed on the street yesterday [hereinafter, 26th FEB 2014]. I was so terror-stricken. I hereby wish Mr Lau a speedy recovery.

"River-crab", an animal often mentioned by mainland netizens, has come across the border unbridledly. [Translator's note: River-crab sounds similar to 'harmony', which the Chinese government wants to maintain, i.e. to eliminate all dissidents so the society can be 'harmonised'.] It is not the first day for the river-crab being unbridled. In recent years, there were few famous people who are closely related to printed media being harassed and attacked. Yet in a city like Hong Kong with high case-solving rate, the police force cannot even arrest a suspect. Until yesterday, the river-crab eventually made his move, and would like to kill Mr Lau.

"Who said you could disclose my privacy? I will have you stop talking. You underlings listen: who dares to say one more word, and you will end up like this Kevin Lau." This is the message the river-crab wants to relay to us. Such attack is threatening Mr Lau as well as the entire Hong Kong. No one can sit on the fence. I know some people might still think: "If I am not a media worker, I won't say something bad, then I'll be safe!" Come on, have you ever think that it's not just shutting yourself up? If Hong Kong is completely 'harmonised', and there are some people who want to get promotion in your company, they can retaliate by using your computer to write something bad about the government! If your parents or families say something wrong by a slip of tongue, and somebody 'taught them a lesson' by breaking their legs til disabled, what can you do? Report it to the police? What would you do if the police force say they cannot catch the suspect? The government do not need any judicial procedure, and can kill, stab, or harass your family as they want! It was a 'harmonisation' milestone for the incident happened yesterday, and how can HK citizens still be so apathetic?

Someone already pay a high price yesterday, for the right to access the information for the public. And now when we see clowns in LegCo, they are very happy: going to camps, posing v-signs in taking photos, being lifted in hard-eyed manner, sitting orderly and playing with paper knives, as if they are just graduated from primary schools, entering camps and playing games in groups! If river-crab is determined, he can be a motorcycle rider, and stab Albert Ho. What deliberation, what oath, what Occupy Central can you talk about?

But Albert Ho needs not worry! If I were the river-crab, I won't bother to chop this rubbish who watched sexy girlie pics in LegCo! It's expensive to hire an assailant anyway!
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Lewis: Real running dogs standing in the way of anti-colonization

Real running dogs standing in the way of anti-colonization
Translated by Karen L., Written by  Lewis Loud, Edited by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, KC Cheung
Original: http://dadazim.com/journal/2014/02/struggle/

"Hong Kong will only be hopeful if we support CY Leung's governance!" The sign reads.

The "anti-locust" campaign organized by the localists put an objection on the crush of mainland visitors. This is an inevitable war of conflicts between the two irreconcilable classes. This is a proletariat war of which lays down the gauntlet against some tycoons in mainland China and Hong Kong, and those political economic proxies responsible for the profit-making of the tycoons' assets.

Shi Jun-long, who committed manslaughter at the Immigration Department, amid the counter-revolutionary patriotic organizations, booed that "Hongkongers are British running dogs! They should head to UK! Head to US!" Shi is with political agenda, and is one of the vanguards of China's "colonization" plan. The Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) he has been defending is one part of the scheme "cleansing Hong Kong". Gregory So, suspected to be a member of CCP, then said something similar, "Tourism has made a huge contribution to the economic development in Hong Kong, which our citizens should have stood in the affirmative. We should maintain the best treatment to our tourists to make them feel like home." To Lai Tung-kwok, the Secretary for Security, it went "We have been taking this issue seriously and the people involved in this protest are to be condemned. And Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, the Undersecretary of the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, appealed to some universal values, "Yesterday's issue has made me intimidated, with such kind of uncivilized behaviors. It is an exact violation to the mainstream values in Hong Kong." This is a disturbance to visitors? What about the other way round to Hongkongers' daily livelihood? Isn't it just fair acting in return?

These top officials are the proxies of predators. Landlords, tycoons and mainland Chinese are the beneficiaries in the Individual Visit Scheme, with all Hongkongers bearing the cost. Birds of a feather flock together. All of them as our slave owners talk the same and think the same. On their side it must be "barbaric and uncivilized" if ever HongKong-slaves have the thought of fighting back.

A growing revelation in the exploitation nature has come to the "locust" visitors. Principles in them? NO! Their involuntary speeches are hysterically filled with political lies, including not only "Hong Kong belongs to China", but also "China has aided Hong Kong in 1997 Asian financial crisis", programmed to turn Hongkongers into some shameless traitors. These visitors are not coming to Hong Kong for a visiting tour but an inspection tour as if they were the colonizers.

"Greater China democrats" in China has a saying that "the CCP doesn’t represent Chinese,” but here in the battle against the peaceful livelihood of Hongkongers, they have developed a rapport with the CCP and would spare no effort colluding with them. When we HongKongers start fighting back, these people would show no disguise of barbarism but exploit us.

There are two classes in the battle. While the HKCCP-suspected-to-be and officials in mainland China benefit from the Individual Visit Scheme, Hongkongers are gaining nothing but suffering from declining living standard, shrinking public space and sacrificing diversity in economics. In light of these drawbacks, some HKCCP-suspected-to-be continue to add fuel to the fire, suggesting the need to make continuous enhancement of Hong Kong’s capacity to accommodate more tourists. You see, Hongkongers are simply slaves politically and economically. Absentee middle class who own passports of other countries are not the most acutely exploited but being those this-is-fucking-out-of-my-business people. Likewise some educated young adults stump Hong Kong up in return of a prosperous future. Who would be more representative than the famous leftist-moron Orochi Lam, who claimed "This is discrimination to the visitors" and regarded our protest as "self-derogatory which ruins Hong Kong’s international image"?

What Lam suggested could well originate from some academic and political hypocrites, who try in every effort to whitewash the exploitation nature of the tycoons in Hong Kong and mainland China. So I wonder, whose quality are they referring? Whose international image are they expressing? Whose situation are they dubbing? Is Hong Kong no more than a whore to mainland Chinese? Shi is defended by a bunch of jerks of the Chinese University Student Press, and now he shouted that Hongkongers are running dogs. How come we’ve never seen Lam blaming Shi as discriminating the colony history of Hong Kong?

Lam keeps bullshitting "The government of HKSAR and CCP [as the trouble maker causing massive influx of mainland visitors] should be where we aim our spear at." Where exactly are HKSAR and CCP? Their extended power can be found on those rich rednecks on the Canton Road as tourists are everything of the policies. Aiming our spear at both governments is an empty talk. How can we meet the aim? By putting those leftist protests on show? By organizing some socialist-action fundraising? By holding some karaoke activities? By setting up some reading activities? Or by reading Leung Man-tao's articles? [Translator’s note: Columnist and commentator Leung Man-tao is one of the "Greater-China-morons" that even he himself made fun of this slur.]

Aiming your spear at the individual visitors is the practical method to make both governments taking up responsibilities. The individual visit scheme is an economic exploitation and the unrestricted One-way permit is used for the displacement of local population. The two combined is what we have seen in the colonization of Xinjiang and Tibet. People like Lam who claim to object the unjust in society with no actual action taken are no mere than those incompetent people giving out hot air. Shameless they are for holding the can-dos back!

Both Justice & Peace Commission of the HK Catholic Diocese and the different varieties of cultural hypocrites are fellows of the predators. These leftist betrayers are acting in the same way as the ruling class which they oppose. Seemingly upholding good citizenship, international image, civilization, peace and rational thinking, these people are partial to an exploitative system which transcends the border of mainland and Hong Kong. In the battle of Individual Visit Scheme, Orochi Lam is just the same as Shi Jun-long who would protect and support the existing system.

Mencius says, "Worshiping an extreme, without putting up other possibilities, are who the losers be and who I hate." Lifting up an extreme value, and laying down the others - disobeying the human nature, is what’s on the way of the leftist morons and the never-changing Greater-China-morons. "PEACE", whose definition of it? "CIVILIZATIONS", whose definition of it? They made themselves the Gods of kindness, but actually being unbearably vulgar on the side with the predators, the system and the high wall. With a few blank-meaning words, they put the world in their inflexible analyzing process, taking out the consideration of reality. In the best of times, they are called pedants; in the worst of times, like now colonization going on in full swing, they are like Shi Jun-long. All those unicellular organizations and morons are the accessories of murdering Hong Kong.


何松濤︰值得回味的三天 (中文)

Three Days to Remember 值得回味的三天
文/Ryan Kilpatrick 何松濤;譯/鎮棠、Eureka W.;助校︰王本初、Karen L.








香港連續二十年獲評為全球最自由經濟體,然而小販想做生意卻受盡制肘--這等矛盾不免令人懷疑政府保護的經商自由,究竟是誰的經商自由。現在的時局裡,大贏家顯然是地產商及超級大亨;想要往他們的「遊戲」裡參一腳,沒有幾十億身家就別做夢。一篇要求群眾重新審視現今政策的文章謂︰「支持街頭小販與否並非個人品味,而是與地產霸權息息相關的。 支持街頭小販等於為自己發聲。」(譯註︰未能找到原文)


一位時事評論員說︰「我們想要的香港,是有個性的,是滿載溫情的,是有人情味的。」 不論桂林夜市掀起的熱潮,還是熙來攘往的掃街香港食客,都顯示香港人--至少大部分年青人--會懷舊,也嚮往簡單的生活,每天都能與日常樂趣同活。如此一個小小的夜市其實已能滿足我們的需要,只可惜這是多麼遙不可及--一年中至少有362天都無法得到。



Kilpatrick: Three Days to Remember 值得回味的三天 (Eng)

Three Days to Remember 值得回味的三天
Written by Ryan Kilpatrick 何松濤
It's our first Original article!

Waves of smoke run down the street, carrying the aroma of grilling skewers and freshly steamed cheong fun past droves of shuffling feet and breaking at the steps down to Sham Shui Po station, ready to pull you out to the sea of food stalls and street hawkers along with a hundred other hapless souls caught in the undertow.

For the first three evenings of the Lunar New Year, the officers of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department get to enjoy a well-earned break from their duties—and the street hawkers of Hong Kong get down to business. From New Year’s Eve until the third day of the new year, various streets throughout the city are transformed into bustling, lively markets with hawkers selling everything from antiques to computers and DVDs and preparing a multitude of cooked snacks; but the festive atmosphere, the rich scents and the laughter in the air, are but a mayfly—dead after just a few short days. 

The largest of these fleeting night markets congregates on Sham Shui Po’s Kweilin Street, and has become known as the Kweilin Night Market. This year, the annual phenomena sparked a wave of self-reflection in the local press and social media as to why the people of Hong Kong are denied these simple pleasures on every other day of the year, and what this says about our dwindling public space, our quality of life, and the indifference of our government.

Foraging amongst these markets, young people typically likened the atmosphere to what they’ve experienced on trips to Taiwan. To the post-80s and post-90s generations, these are the only night markets we know, and in our minds it is areas such as Taipei’s Shilin that represent the spiritual home of the night market. What many of us don’t appreciate, however, is that once upon a time Hong Kong, too, had a thriving culture of street trading.

Although one might say that we already have night markets of our own—the Ladies’ Market and Temple Street—these have long since ceased to be leisure grounds for locals, and instead have almost exclusively become points of consumption for tourists. Visitors still have their night markets, but the people of Hong Kong do not. As one InMediaHK article lamented, 'Hongkongers are permitted to celebrate their collective memory only three days a year.'

Beginning in the 1970s, the government of Hong Kong gradually placed more and more restrictions on street trading, and issued progressively fewer hawkers' licenses year on year. Ostensibly conducted in the interests of public hygiene and safety, the scuttling of Hong Kong's night markets coincided with the clearing of valuable land being eyed by developers, cementing the now ironclad bond between big developers and government that so characterises the city we know today.

The privatisation and commercialisation of public space is a process all too familiar to Hong Kong residents, and it is an issue that affects our quality of life every day. From soaring property prices to the attack on our urban and country parks, the space ordinary people have to live in and enjoy is constantly under threat, besieged on all sides.

For the twentieth year running, Hong Kong was recently ranked by the Heritage Foundation as the freest economy in the world—and yet street hawkers are effectively barred from any form of economic activity. This irony has not been lost on observers, who ask just whose economic freedom the government is truly protecting. The biggest winners in this set-up are of course the developers and existing tycoons, who play a private game amongst themselves that no one without billions of dollars to their name can even contemplate joining. 'Whether or not to support the street peddlers isn't about personal taste,' railed one article calling for a review of government policy, 'it's about the tyranny of real estate tycoons. To stand up for the street peddlers is to stand up for ourselves.'

All around the world, locals and outsiders alike are told that the people of Hong Kong are supremely flexible, adaptable and forward looking; they have no time for nostalgia and love all things modern, luxurious and international. Their natural habitat is the air-conditioned shopping mall, connected by bridges overhead and the MTR beneath our feet, thus eliminating the need for any bothersome street-level interactions. Hopelessly trapped in the present, they sneer at all that is not glass and steel, cold and corporate. But who are the ones telling this story? The very same elites who profit most from all this unrelenting development.

'What we want,' one commentator proclaimed, 'is a Hong Kong with character, warmth and the human touch.' The excitement aroused by Kweilin Night Market and the crowds that flocked there show us that the people of Hong Kong—at least a large portion of the youth population—are subsumed with nostalgia, and crave a simple life that offers the kind of unaffected, everyday happiness that a humble night market can so easily give us, and yet is somehow out of our reach—for 362 days a year, at least.

(Photo by Wing Wing; added by Chen-t'ang)
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Tamarian: I will never forgive the education of China

I will never forgive the education of China
Translated by Karen L., Written by Tamarian (添馬男), Edited by Kc Cheung
Original : http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/financeestate/art/20140210/18620555

"Give me back my choice for choosing TV channels, break the monopoly of TV stations!"

Universities in Hong Kong have accepted more and more mainland applicants. In postgraduate programmes, the proportion of students from mainland has exceeded that of the locals. Shocking, huh?

Some believe these students from the mainland will be influenced by the spirit of freedom in Hong Kong, so that by the time they go home, a storm of change will come along. That means - in a macro sense - more students from mainland taken by the local universities would mean positive outcomes for China.

For those possessed thoughts as such, I suggest you to take a look at the book, which is called I will never forgive the education of China, by Zhong Daoran (鍾道然), a post-90s mainlander. Surely you'll get a clearer picture of the nature over the "bests" standing out from the National Matriculation Examination, known as Gaokao.

Writer of this book had studied in one of the best high school and university in mainland China. For 14 years, his personal experiences he witnessed how flagrant the education in mainland China aims to destroy students' personalities and their ability of critical thinking. Kids there, starting from primary school, have been receiving transformation to "mini-adults". Characteristics of them: Authorities-adherent, 'slogans'-believer and acquired competitor in one. The better they perform within the system, the more they fit the standard-quality-control by the Communist Party, an examination robots producer. And the control wouldn't give the students a break in high schools, but it transforms itself into training of mastering examinations, turning all of them 'professionals'.

Examination-centered education is only the tip of iceberg in distorting education policies of China, according to the writer's observation. Beneath it, is the problem of "professional" training and personality moulding. Without all-round development in personalities, youngsters, are made to follow the law of the jungle ONLY, eventually some materialistic hollow men. Will there be fundamental changes for these youngsters under long-term restriction and depression when they study in Hong Kong? Or is it just a means of Utilitarianism, to seek opportunities here to work? Or is Hong Kong regarded as a stepping-stone to achieve their immigration plans to places like America or Canada?

In the 80s, a great deal of people were made believe if ever the market-oriented reform continues, 'new middle class' will rise to be pioneers of democracy. Yet here's the one important part they forgot to put into the calculation - the education policy, which is influential to the extent enough to stop everything from happening. Extreme individualism has become signature for the generation, instead of a glance of the injustice in the society and its structure. Like people, like government. 30 years since then, a lot of degree holders have joined the middle class, and two decades after Tian'anmen Massacre, today, we can see a bunch of  young adults, holding their own cars, properties and strong purchasing power, and sometimes devour goods in Hong Kong as individual visitors. That's it for what they do.

It takes awareness in souls to be members of the middle class. Yet here the mass production of "professionals" following guidelines set by the policies of China's education, "Can't doubt, mustn't criticize, don't analyze, won't prove," they have been implanted and indoctrinated to act as a "peace and stable" force of cooperation to the central government.

Many people from the heyday (those who grow up in 1950's and 60's), have been promoted as moguls nowadays. They prefer to view Hong Kong teenagers and the "bests" from mainland in inverse proportion, and the "bests" are always on the top - sophisticated, submissive and professional in ones. As for students in Hong Kong, the university ones, at least they are commensurate with what real young adults should be like. They devote passion to be committee members of school's student council, enjoy dancing hip-hop, do goofy stuff, stand for HKTV, sympathise and defend for Xu Zhiyong.

Can raising 20% more quotas for students from mainland, or running another CU in Shenzhen, alter the nature of posterity, then the structure of the middle class, and eventually the future of China? Don't be that naive! If you don't believe me, see whether  those "smart asses" studying in Hong Kong dare to say a word for Xu Zhiyong, who is going to spend four years in prison? I know, "Never" is where your heart lies.

(Photo source: AppleDaily)


Wing: We ARE DISCRIMINATING against you because you are IMPOLITE!

Wing: We ARE DISCRIMINATING against you because you are IMPOLITE!
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)

I was shopping in the supermarket. The cashier asked a middle-aged woman in Cantonese, "$15.5, please." And that woman replied arrogantly in Mandarin, "What the hell are you saying, I don't understand."

I am often asked for directions by many mainland tourists. They usually asked loudly, "Hey, how can I get to Convention and Exhibition Centre?" Neither do they address others, nor gratitude at all. It seems that everyone is their servant.

When you go to a place where the culture and language differs from yours, you should respect the locals no matter you are here to travel or stay/immigrate.  This is the meaning of 'do in Rome as the Romans do'. Treating locals as pariah and being egoistic are the culprits of them being called 'locusts'.

I would not say every mainlanders are locusts, and I know some decent mainlanders. They integrate in local culture and learn Cantonese once they start to work in Hong Kong. They dare to speak although they might have accent. But those arrogant mainlanders are the majority, so the notoriety of mainlanders are well-known with unpopularity around the globe.

When mainland tourists and new arrivals claim they are 'discriminated', REFLECT UPON YOURSELVES why are you always to bull's eye, while Hongkongers might often be mistaken as Japanese or Taiwanese? A Hongkonger, a Japanese, a Taiwanese and a Chinese look alike as an Asian, but people often spot out mainlanders quickly, because people "discriminate" against your behaviour, not your nationality.

Take me as an example. I was asking for direction with my friends to Frenchmen, who are known for their arrogance. Of course we can't speak French. We nodded and smiled, and said Bonjour! Usually they replied Bonjour as well, then we started asking in English or body languages. Nobody gave us a cold shoulder because we speak only English, and they are willing to answer us in English.

Germans are known for their seriousness, and usually older Germans do not speak English. My friend and I were going to a church in a village, and we saw a granny. We nodded and said, Guten Tag! And then asked, 'Church?' She couldn't understand, and luckily we asked the German for Church, and we asked again: 'Kirche?'
The granny smiled and pointed the way for us. We expressed our gratitude by replying 'Danke!'. We felt her warmth.

Aren't France and Germany affected by Chinese? Mainland Chinese squat everywhere and yet buy lots of famous handbags in Paris, and grabbing milk formula in Germany as well. Why am I, as an Asian, not discriminated? This reflects: if you respect the locals, they will reply you nicely, or even won't mind speaking to you in English. But if you behave like a parvenu, then it certainly draws abhorrence. Now I haven't seen a single tourist asking me for directions starting by 'Zou San/Nei Hou' (Good morning/Hello!)

Mencius say, "A man must first respect himself, and then others will respect him. A man must first despise himself, and then others will despise him." To respect oneself is not to kiss and tell after taking advantage of locals by saying "You should tolerate us", and not saying "You are discriminating against us" when people point out your misbehaviour. Bear in mind what I said if you want people to respect you.

(Photo by 90後社會紀實)


Lewis: What Mentality: Have Your Cake and Hate It?

What Mentality: Have The Cake and Hate It?
Translated by Karen L., Written by Lewis Loud, Edited by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠


Two news articles were published today on Sing Tao Daily, concerning the "mainland talents and professionals". They, I have to say, are more of advertorials which you cannot tell if it's truly happening. My impression over these two can only be described by the you-know-what emoticon. To cry or to laugh about these two? A puzzle. For students from mainland China, there must be this one vision on their minds - studying abroad and eventually leaving the "Motherland". Hong Kong to them, would be an alternative to dive in.

Coming as a swarm of bees, mainland students who can afford can have most of the academic seats reserved, like no differences with outsourcing all the Hong Kong graduate schools to China. Yet somehow their fear has driven crazily that more of their comrades taken by the graduate schools in Hong Kong would mean depreciation of the master degrees. In other words, they act discrimination on their own species.

Demand comes with supply. It's the same when the eight profiteering universities raised up the places ceiling to satisfy the predator style of studying. Or else, complaints from mainlanders will be expected to appear claiming how academic institutions in Hong Kong put on airs. Now the adjustments are made to suit them, taking the influence of our "Motherland" into consideration and sustaining the spirit of "education for everyone", however, such move isn't appreciated. They consider these actions as overflowing and fear that their master degrees will no longer be "special" anymore. According to their logic, local students should probably fight back as the predator style of studying has inflated their degrees and has directly encumbered the competitiveness of HK students.

Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is well-known to have the Head who is an expert in the field of public relations. He loves to talk about dreams, but he doesn't fail in the business part, and has even opened another CU in mainland. I am wondering if their graduation certificates there will be accepted by the society of Hong Kong. If "yes" be the answer, then will the students from CUs have their degrees work like QE, and eventually lead to the chaos of German papiermark?

As for the "talented" mainlander in the news article who has developed his business in Hong Kong, he expressed his feelings of how hard it is to have a "home" in Hong Kong, and even worse, they will have to pay for the Double Stamp Duty (DSD). "We came here [Hong Kong] with our professional talents, and we have been paying taxes. We are not going to apply for public estates or trying to take any extra resources [from the government]. But we still can't survive in discrimination, are there problems in  'foreign talents policy' yet to be amended?" He wrote. But when we look into the situation of our property market, the madness, if it wasn't the speculators from mainland who keep pouring hot money into the market, will Hong Kong people be able to live up all by themselves as we all know they have got the disgrace title of "Hong Kong Chink" (港燦, self-mocking term like Hongkie)?

And this Mr. Talent Mainland can "pay HKD$500,000 DSD for the property bowing to the reality", it's obvious that he isn't any ordinary person suffering from the cooling measures. It just appears to me like Marie Antoinette, the Queen, who will possibly hang her lip and furrow her brows if just one little cherry went short on her cake. And you know, crying and yelling will follow. The locals have to suffer in their butchered rooms, and get no channels like news articles to confide in, in the end, it's all their own faults not being mainland talents.

Another complaint on the news article goes like this "Not permanent residents mean second-class citizens!" Let me ask you. Is there any mother in the world has not been a woman? Have you ever seen a single person changing to first-class citizenship right after they immigrated? It's all about the want of "exempting from DSD when buying in any property". What a story to sell! Those mainlanders can never be sincere, but live by their nature. They have come to Hong Kong with opportunities more than the locals, yet still asking for more or blaming people to treat them as second-class citizens! Shame for them. It's always the normal case when foreigners immigrating to other countries to be classified as second-class citizens in the beginning. If not, how would it be fair to the locals?

But still, those mainlanders could seek help from the left-wing organisations and pan-democracy camp to fight for "fair treatment". "What is the point to distinguish [you and me]? We are both Chinese. Why do they have to pay for DSD? Isn't discrimination?"may probably come from their mouth. Mainland Chinese get used to sell stories, and they, if not all, become worse when they come to Hong Kong. The reason is caused by their thought that Hong Kong has returned to the embrace of the Motherland. So that means, Hong Kong properties, are their properties. Need not to distinguish between them anymore. And you must have heard this Chinese saying "As a man be powerful, his dog shall be cocky". Mainland Chinese can see what CCP has done to Hong Kong, that's why they come here to see if there's any chance for them to take advantages from our government, which is known as incompetent nowadays. It simply doesn't make sense why the left-wing organisations and pro-democracy camp would think people living less than 7 years in Hong Kong are qualified to sign up for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA), but at the same time disagree over the American spouses, European spouses, Middle-East spouses, Taiwanese spouses or Singaporean spouses of the locals to have the rights.

What we call "the international human rights" to say bye to poverty, are merely said to be happy. These rights are still dominated by "family reunion" as this is what has rooted in Chinese blood. "Patriotism", in translation, has caused such sorts of chaos, privileges and loopholes, which are all evil schemes by those patriotic pan-democracy camp. Even the non-locals are using "the blood" to take benefit from Hong Kong like "We are all Chinese, then why can't I...?" Nothing's different with hoodlums, right? Hong Kong people are tied by "patriotism", which make them all to go by the "moral" and "political" rules and can never break through the inferior status. That's why a "We are all Chinese," by Ella Koon burnt the whole society of Hong Kong.

Roy Tam, "Master Kim Kim" and Gary Fan went to Mong Kok and wrote Lunar New Year blessings on red banners, and in the middle of it, they mentioned that the travelers coming to Hong Kong through the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) has reached to an extent to affect daily lives of the locals, and suggested them to travel out of Hong Kong. Such kind of speech is criticized, coming from nowhere, as "hurting the relationships between Hong Kong people and mainlanders". The core value can be inferred as "We are all Chinese. And Hong Kong belongs to China. Surely I can come whenever I want." The word "relationship" referred to mainlanders is of chinoiserie. They smuggle, they go on a shopping spree, they break the rules, they fill up Hong Kong and they put us all in hell. Relationship? I can't see positive ones. To me, the relationship between these Shylock-like mainlanders and Hong Kong are like Johns and prostitutes. Now the prostitute want to stop dealing with him anymore, but got "You hurt my feelings!" in return. I am like "What?" Ridiculous!

Who would like to be a Chinese? I doubt. "We are all Chinese" again, works the way like Nobi and Goda [in Doraemon]. Nobi's properties belong to Goda, but that of Goda? Still himself. It only for poor Nobi himself would think he is the one tolerating Goda. Everybody understands this simple principle, except for some self-isolated idiots from the ivory tower and political apathetic artists.

Hong Kong has one foot in the grave because of this "patriotism", for "the ghost" has been haunting here for a few decades. It's long attached to the soul of Hong Kong. Can help or cannot help. This is the question.


Wing: Like-whore: Rookie Councillor Grieves Loss of Night Market

Like-whore: Rookie Councillor Grieves Loss of Night Market
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Edited by Karen L. ,  Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)

"Gone are the days when I was seeking warmth with her in night market. She's still here with me, yet gone are the hawkers. Special snack stalls are replaced by chain food stores. I felt the [Hawkers Control Team of] FEHD enforces the law ruthlessly without discretion. I wonder how many people will support retaining the taste of grassroots?"

Such sentimental status can no doubt win the staunch support from HKers, with some thousands of likes in just a while. But what kind of insight can Mr. Kwong Chun-yu (a district councillor and an author with tens of thousands of fans) provide to your readers? It reminds me of CY Leung being severely criticised after he wrote about buying fish in a wet market last August.

If a commoner controls his sentiments appropriately, it is not a big deal. But as a politician, Mr Kwong shall comprehend what public policy is. Instead, he just wrote on behalf of his own perception. He said he misses the days when he could "eat along the street" (掃街), but suddenly he accused the ruthlessness of FEHD, and then "supported the taste of grassroots". I felt that his writing is nothing but naive, and moreover I felt he failed to live up his profession. Do you write merely for baiting for 'likes'?  Shouldn't you, as a person with social status and influence, write more didactic articles? At least you should widen your readers' horizons and inspire them?

I am not so erudite in the field of public policy. But is it all about reminiscing the days of eating fishballs when we mention Kwei Lin Night Market? You don't even need to be professionals to spot out clues if you go there in person!
First of all, there were lots of hawkers whose fingers are all thumbs. Probably due to hype of the media, the unexperienced hawkers want to be vendors. Without coordination, there were far too many vendors, causing a crowded eating environment. Conflicts can easily spark off. Charcoal stoves were placed in the middle of the crowd, and pedestrians might easily be burned. If there were accidents, would there be enough space for ambulance access? If charcoal stoves became on fire, could firetruck gain access? Diners are not vigilant against pickpockets, who came to seek "job opportunities". Diners left tonnes of rubbish, but hawkers did not care to even put a few bins around their stalls. As a result, the "ruthless" FEHD will be responsible for cleaning up them? Enforcing law is "ruthless", what an insinuation! But after people feed themselves happily and "non-ruthless-ly", FEHD has to clean up for the hawkers and the customers. Won't you be too ignorant to notice that as a politician?

(From Ada Wong)
Merely writing from your personal emotions without seeing anything undesirable, you neglect food hawkers can actually be an influential issue. You are "like-whoring" by saying 'I love eating along the street!'. What is more unbearable is saying "If the thought of this status is widely supported, I will suggest holding night market(s) to the district council!" Wow! Isn't it your responsibility to advocate certain policies! You even pass the buck to the netizens! Do you know whether they are from the community of suggested night market(s)! Isn't it a joke when a serious policy is treated as a trifling matter? Come on, Mr Kwong. Can you just don't be so egoistic and fooling the public as a district councillor?

[P.S. 1 Such kind of night market is temporary in nature, since during Lunar New Year holiday, law enforcement agencies will usually turn a blind eye, but recent trend shows that the situation is different. In night market, one can usually buy ox offals (牛雜), egg puffs/waffles (雞蛋仔/格仔餅), fishballs, shiu-mais, cheongfans (rice rolls 腸粉), imitation shark fin soups (commonly known as wun-chai-chi 碗仔翅) and so on.]
[P.S. 2 A Chinese article of Kursk is attached in the Chinese version of this article, and I'm not going to translate it, so, sorry.]


Daniel Ma: Hongkongers, declare war on CCP colonisers!

Hongkongers, declare war to CCP colonisers!
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by Daniel Ma 馬駿朗, edited by Karen Leung
Original text: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/02-01-2014/8370

During lunar new year, Cantonese-language news programmes are constantly playing news segments with wishes from the public like, societal harmony, world peace, less bickering and so on. But the mass media deliberately show these soundbites, especially bundling "harmonious" and "peace". They try to indoctrinate "Hong-Kong-pigs" who cannot think independently, and turn them into slaves. I got my goosebumps when I see these, particularly in the era of HK-China conflicts.

A Legco member Raymond WONG often quotes Martin Luther King Jr.: "True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice." It clearly states that "peace" is not the same as "harmony". If Japan supports extreme nationalism and invades China, then for the sake of peace and justice, Chinese people should stand up and go against Japan, even at the expense of declaring war. And now Hong Kong is "colonised" by CCP, and if we Hong Kong people have to stand on our own feet, then we must declare war on our archenemy and the puppet administration. We cannot afford to be on the chopping block because of the so-called "peace"!

But out of left field, some distorted views continuously appear on the mainstream media: i.e. emphasising HKers shall learn to "tolerate" mainlanders. Some columnists did not even mention a word of the mainlanders' disgraceful impact on HK, but rather betray HKers and become turncoats! They blame HKers for criticising their bad behaviour and habits, and deliberately define innocent HKers as "the culprit of HK-China clashes". I just can't figure out how can such ridiculous statement would be acceptable to the mainstream media!

Speaking of those people who deliberately define the HKers who are gallant enough to confront as the source of sin of Hong Kong-mainland conflict, I can't help but think how are the mainland social activists defined as "anti-revolutionaries aiming at ruining social harmony and stability". Isn't it? Whenever activists speak for themselves or injustice, they will be described by those official media and mouthpiece as "anti-revolutionaries" and "creating disturbances" (尋釁滋事). That's the way CCP suppresses democratic warriors. Isn't it the same when those "Greater-China-morons" and "leftists morons" say "HKers need to be more tolerate" when tug-of-war occurs between Hong Kong and China?

CCP is particularly good at focusing the issue at its surface, and deliberately hide the main cause of the problem. The prerequisite of social harmony is to have a sound rule of law and democratic institution, so that people can have what they need, and that's the world without injustice. Or else, there will be strives in the society. But CCP always takes things out of context, and accuses the activists being the culprits of social discord, so as to pass the buck and suppress the antagonists, and eventually maintain the reign of the one-party dictatorship.

In Hong Kong, even people like CHAN King-fai, an "ultra-fraternal sympathiser", (who always condone mainlanders), keep on using nefarious tactics just like CCP. They always blame those who support "locals-come-first" spirit. Especially in issues like Hong Kong-mainland conflicts  the servility of them can be seen. They often accuse HKers criticising mainlanders' misbehaviour and disgrace, yet completely neglect how HKers have suffered miserably and how HKers' dignity has been trampled. On the contrary, they try as much as possible to cover an inconvenient truth: the disastrous impact on the language and culture of Hong Kong caused by "Chinese locusts".

CHAN King-fai: Undoubtedly we are the host in Hong Kong-mainland conflicts. But why not put ourselves in their shoes, you might as well be from elsewhere in another city. Many unnecessary conflicts might possibly be alleviated. Nowadays, perhaps we need more tolerance.

To cut it short: HKers are going to be destroyed, and our freedom of rebuking mainland Chinese is deprived by those "Greater-China-morons"! How cruel it is! These "Greater-China-morons" suggest HKers should sit right there and be ripped off by Chinese burglars, or else you are not 'tolerating' them! Such "suggestions" are forcing HKers to corners! How can one be so well-mannered if you witness some unscrupulous sons of bitches who ask you to condone mainlanders!

We can no longer tolerate humiliation from these flunkies of CCP, let alone those with nonsense and bullshit while destroying the foundation of Hong Kong.

It's that simple: Condoning mainlanders is to be cruel to HKers! As a proverb says, "Find out the crux and cure the sickness," it can also be applied on social issues. We have to find out the main reason of dispute and tackle the problem. Misjudgment with superficial comprehension will impose immeasurable harm to the minority. The main reason of Hong Kong-Mainland conflict is due to no ceiling on mainland Chinese immigrants. Enormous hordes of mainlanders tourists and immigrants flushed Hong Kong, and HKers become the minority in the society of Hong Kong. The only way out is to regain the rights of approval (of one-way permits), and say NO to "CCP colonization", so as to stop the swapping of talents maneuvered by the CCP.

To attain these, there must be conflicts and disputes, and "non-peaceful confrontation". But this effort is to go against "Hong Kong-mainland conflicts". If Hongkongers are pussyfoots and indecisive, confrontation will never be able to take its first step, then the community of HKers will have to face its apocalypse soon.

Hongkongers, declare war on CCP colonizers!

Chen-t'ang: Do you know? Do you remember? 還記得那些日子嗎?

Do you know? Do you remember? 還記得那些日子嗎?
Written by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠

The city has become so unaccustomed to us.

Do you know since when did the bar benders earn much more than common nine-to-six workers? Do you know how much (mainland) tourists were here last year? Do you know there are schools trying to change our conventions, teaching Chinese Language in Mandarin? Do you know how much do Hong Kong parents suffer? Do you know we are tired of political disputes?

Do you remember the year Her Majesty came to Hong Kong? Do you remember what did Lord Patten remind us when he left in 1997? Do you remember how lovely our city was? Do you remember when did you wholeheartedly laugh without worries? Do you remember our English proficiency was one of the best in the region?

Gone are the days.

But believe we can. Work harder to gain the right for approving one-way permits. Confront schools which use Mandarin to teach Chinese subject. Speak out for what you think is right, and make sure you won't regret once they come out of your tongue.
Sometimes one might be really frustrated about the future of the Pearl of the Orient, but we shall bear in mind that by concerted efforts, we can confront and defend any attacks. We cannot be lulled into a false sense of security. Placebos are sent out by those who welcome China to alter our traditions, but always be alert to possible traps. Everyone do something out of their own motives, but remember those pro-Peking camp usually have more nefarious ones. Do not judge a person by its cover. Not to afraid challenging authority because they are meant to be challenged.

But at the same time, be polite as you can. Be thrifty and hard-working as this can be an uphill task. Accept anybody who are willing to embrace core values of Hong Kong, speak Cantonese and English, write traditional characters and observe regulations in Hong Kong, including non-party mainlanders (if you may).

Learn the history of Hong Kong, and tell your non-local friends about the genuine history of Hong Kong.

Remember: We are, and shall always be, the authentic Hongkongers.



還記得英女王訪港的日子嗎?還記得九七年彭定康總督臨別演講提醒我們什麼嗎? 還記得我們的城市曾多麼可愛嗎?還記得你對上一次笑得見牙不見眼是哪時嗎?還記得香港的英文程度曾是區內數一數二嗎?







(Image: Internet - source forgotten)


Chen-t'ang: Lunar New Year family visits - do's and dont's (to nerdies)

Lunar New Year family visits - do's and dont's (to nerdies)
Written by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠 


- Do respect Chinese table etiquette, and when I mean Chinese, I mean traditional Chinese. Do take food from your side, do take food on the top. If it's in a restaurant, and try to pour tea to your elders (if your arms are long enough).

- Do say a lot of good wishes to others: "Kung Hei Fat Choy" (good fortune), "San Tai Kin Hong" (good health), "Saang yi hing loong" (good business for those who are self-employed), "Gong Jock Shun Lei" (no obstacles during work for those who are employed). Well, if you are married, prepare your red packets.

- Do tell white lies whenever appropriate. "Are you married?" "Do you have a boy/girlfriend?" "Have you started working?" Answer whatever you like, but do not bluff. Do not lie to those who are specially close or have super good memory, you got that, right?

- Do play with kids. Good riddance as it prevents relatives from asking you questions, and kinda play tricks on them. Not the case if you already have one (or sadly, two or above). Do tell them Hong Kong is severely invaded by the Commies if they are mature enough to understand what you mean.

- Do hide in toilets and pretend having stomachache if you encounter some fricking bad ass relatives. Surfing sites such as Facebook, read, do whatever you want until somebody wants to use it.

- Do reject others' presents if they're too expensive, and accept when requested for than one time.


- Never talk about religion(s), especially to Christians. I sincerely believe that Catholics, Buddhists and Muslims in Hong Kong are relatively, um, normal. Once you asked about that, they will preach you as if they were reverends, fathers and sisters. Yuck.

- Avoid talking about politics (though one can't really avoid it), especially those old arseholes who are protagonists of PRC. I would only want to say one thing to them: "May karma fall upon them."

- Don't get your eyes stuck to your smartphones, though you really want to. Try to interact with others but avoid deep-down conversations. Focus on foods, drinks, preferences to something that isn't important at all. Pretend that you are sociable though you might not be. Believe that you aren't autistic, but rather optimistic (even for a while).

- Don't talk about others' appearance or body figures, though they might be extremely hilarious. Hold you breath, pretend it isn't funny at all. Focus on some other things, probably tangerines or peach blossoms.

- Don't rush for the bill. Hongkongers might not be that serious, but mainland Chinese can be really 'preemptive' in paying bills in restaurants, to show their socio-economic status. Keep calm and sit right there.

- Avoid ostentation or making jokes to run-of-the mill relatives with humour sense comparable to the Germans. Silence is gold, in this sense.

Enjoy your Lunar New Year, and good riddance to unwanted relatives!

(Photo source: Kim Mun Lee through Flickr)

Wing: Dilemma in Lunar New Year family visits

Dilemma in Lunar New Year family visits
Transedited by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://passiontimes.hk/article/02-01-2014/8366 

Traditionally, we have to pay family visits to our relatives during Lunar New Year. But in Hong Kong, instead of nice and warm family visits, it's rather a painful way to put the younger generation under fire from the older generation, who usually, were slaves of their bosses.

I (Wing) already saw some of  my Facebook friends, who cannot hold their tempers back. Though I already bear in mind that I could only say small topics, such as food, but when being provoked by aunts, uncles and other relatives, one simply cannot hold themselves: "Youngsters nowadays are not persevering at all, they can't endure anything!" "Once upon a time, when I took up two jobs and bought my apartment on my own. You youngsters simply want to get free lunch!" "Individual visit scheme (IVS) is good! More tourists can come and spend, and we are earning money 'depending on our motherland', right? Just take it! Our water comes from mainland China as well!"

Probably because of their age, or because of having grandchildren, their mentality are nothing but obstinate with condescension. Everything remaining unchanged before passing away will be the best wish for them. But we, as youngsters, know that it takes a long time for them to pass away, and their wish cannot be fulfilled due to severe intrusion of mainland Chinese. They will be with us, to witness the sad truth of how Hong Kong will be turned into a little Chinese town.

Facing such people who 'pretend to be ignorant', one cannot do nothing but answer in this way:
When my aunt said my cousin is taking associate degree, I would answer: "Until last year, there are tens of thousands of mainland Chinese students coming to HK taking up UGC-funded degrees. If they aren't there, she can probably be in HKU!"

When my uncle say he had to wait for four or five train departures in MTR, I would answer: "Secretary So said there will be 70 million tourists per year after three years. He asked us to be more optimistic, just wait for another train departures! We Hongkongers have to endure as we have the flexibility embedded in 'Lion Rock Spirit', right? Uncle, just be optimistic!"

I (Wing) would tackle through such tactics, as these relatives are not familiar with these statistics. Use our strengths to attack their shortcomings, avoid unnecessary speech. Wish you all the best in the year of Horse, and to retreat splendidly from such 'family visits siege(s)'.

Acknowledgement.: Inspiration from Wong Hoi-ming's Facebook status, and replies from Kursk Yau and Lunyeah Wong.

Source of picture: Going places