Wing: River-crab is prevalent, Albert Ho needs not worry

River-crab is prevalent, Albert Ho needs not worry
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/02-27-2014/9121 
Blood in vain: HK Media

25 AUG 1967 - CRHK programme host Lam Bun was burnt to death by communists during riot
18 NOV 1993 - Bomb was thrown to the backyard of Apple Daily boss, Jimmy Lai
JUN 1995 - Some Apple Daily was thrown to the sea during delivery to Macau
14 MAY 1996 - Director of a discontinued magazine, Leung Tin-wai was stabbed in his office
14 MAY 1998 - Albert Cheng, a CRHK programme host, was stabbed during his way to work
20 AUG 1998 - A reporter of Apple Daily was attacked by assailants, glass of the crew car was smashed
08 AUG 2012 - Computers in the office of HKInMedia was damaged by intruders
04 JUN 2013 - Chen Ping, the boss of iSunAffairs, was attacked on street
20 JUN 2013 - Front door of Jimmy Lai's apartment was crashed by car
JUN - JUL 2013 - Office of Apple Daily was set on fire several times
31 JUL 2013 - The boss of AM730 (a free Chinese newspaper), Shih Wing-ching, was stopped during driving, his windshield was smashed
07 SEP 2013 - Shum Tak-keung, the boss of KLT (distributor of Apple Daily), was stabbed
26 FEB 2014 - Kevin Lau, a former Ming Pao chief editor, was stabbed
I was astonished by the news that Mr Kevin Lau, the former Ming Pao chief editor was stabbed on the street yesterday [hereinafter, 26th FEB 2014]. I was so terror-stricken. I hereby wish Mr Lau a speedy recovery.

"River-crab", an animal often mentioned by mainland netizens, has come across the border unbridledly. [Translator's note: River-crab sounds similar to 'harmony', which the Chinese government wants to maintain, i.e. to eliminate all dissidents so the society can be 'harmonised'.] It is not the first day for the river-crab being unbridled. In recent years, there were few famous people who are closely related to printed media being harassed and attacked. Yet in a city like Hong Kong with high case-solving rate, the police force cannot even arrest a suspect. Until yesterday, the river-crab eventually made his move, and would like to kill Mr Lau.

"Who said you could disclose my privacy? I will have you stop talking. You underlings listen: who dares to say one more word, and you will end up like this Kevin Lau." This is the message the river-crab wants to relay to us. Such attack is threatening Mr Lau as well as the entire Hong Kong. No one can sit on the fence. I know some people might still think: "If I am not a media worker, I won't say something bad, then I'll be safe!" Come on, have you ever think that it's not just shutting yourself up? If Hong Kong is completely 'harmonised', and there are some people who want to get promotion in your company, they can retaliate by using your computer to write something bad about the government! If your parents or families say something wrong by a slip of tongue, and somebody 'taught them a lesson' by breaking their legs til disabled, what can you do? Report it to the police? What would you do if the police force say they cannot catch the suspect? The government do not need any judicial procedure, and can kill, stab, or harass your family as they want! It was a 'harmonisation' milestone for the incident happened yesterday, and how can HK citizens still be so apathetic?

Someone already pay a high price yesterday, for the right to access the information for the public. And now when we see clowns in LegCo, they are very happy: going to camps, posing v-signs in taking photos, being lifted in hard-eyed manner, sitting orderly and playing with paper knives, as if they are just graduated from primary schools, entering camps and playing games in groups! If river-crab is determined, he can be a motorcycle rider, and stab Albert Ho. What deliberation, what oath, what Occupy Central can you talk about?

But Albert Ho needs not worry! If I were the river-crab, I won't bother to chop this rubbish who watched sexy girlie pics in LegCo! It's expensive to hire an assailant anyway!
(Photo: Passion Times)

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