Our articles are mostly translated from Chinese to English.
The copyright of the article in the source language (SL) belongs to that particular author, and the copyright of the article in the target language (TL) belongs to Hong Kong Columns (Translated) and the author, unless otherwise stated.
We welcome reproduction of our articles, but please ensure our name "Hong Kong Columns (Translated)" and the link of our blog are clearly marked on the reproduced version, unless otherwise stated (not including pressing 'share' button on social network sites). Otherwise, infringement of copyright will be made, and may be liable to prosecution.


歡迎大家複製本站文章內文到別處,但除非另有指明,應在複製時標明本站 Hong Kong Columns (Translated) 字樣,及該文章於本站的連結(在社交媒體上按分享鍵而轉載則不在此限),否則或會觸犯侵害版權之法例。

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