By Diction Unit of HKCT

As translators, we are responsible for explaining certain terms which appeared in the columns.

(m) refers to masculine; (f) refers to feminine; (neu) refers to neutral.
Those with asterisk (*): we created them for simplicity of expression.
Those with pound sign (#): the words do exist in English, but we put a new meaning above them.

- # aloof 離地: a concept introduced by Wan Chin, referring to certain middle class who are "aloof and detached as being completely unaware of the plight of mortals and ignorant of the grassroots' keen concern" [Quote from Hansard, 7 Apr 2011 p8927] (usually holding foreign countries' passports too [well, I believe BN(O) doesn't count]). The bourgeoisie is a kind of aloof people.

- * Beasteacher 教畜: teachers who are beasts (molest their students) or simply mislead their students
- Blue ribboner 藍絲 (<=>yellow ribboner 黃絲): police and government supporters, such as Wat Wing-yin (屈穎妍), Leticia Lee (李偲嫣), Man Shek (石房有), Nat Chan (陳百祥), etc.

- city-state movement 城邦運動: a political movement advocated by Wan Chin, promoting autonomy of city-state, defending local culture, fight for real autonomy under the constitution of the Basic Law, and urging the government devising policies with "locals-come-first" spirit, so as to better its governance
- 鄉愿 Conformist hypocrites: 外貌忠厚老實,討人喜歡,實際上卻不能區分善惡、好壞、是非的人。也就是鄉人鄙俗中,同流合污以媚於世,而被認為忠厚的老好人。語出《論語·陽貨篇》
- colonial leftovers/residua 港英餘孽: a derogatory term that has strong connotation of demeaning people who had been influenced by the British colonial government. "Leftovers"/"Residua" (餘孽) usually refer to bastards, with one of the parents dead.

- democratic-reunificationists 民主回歸派: those who support democracy and reunification at the same time in the 1980s and 1990s, for example: Albert Ho Chun-yan
- deep-rooted depravity 劣根性

- ethically Taliban 道德塔利班: those who place ethical values and anti-pornography, anti-LGBT on above all, e.g. Society of Truth and Light 明光社

- 5 demands, not one less 五大訴求,缺一不可: slogan

G & H
- Greater Chinese morons 大中華膠: those HKers who support the integration of China and HK.

- God botherer 耶撚 (m) / 耶西 (f) / 耶拎 (neutered)- Derogatory term for a kind of Christian. A description of those Christians with bad behaviour, blindly listen to the authority and not for all Christians. 用以描述行為差劣、迷信盲從、走火入魔的基督徒。所以,讀者必須明白,耶撚是指某部份差劣之信徒,而非泛指基督徒。e.g. Priscilla Leung 梁美芬 [aka Anti-Rodent Queen Priscilla 鼠王芬 for being so proud of her anti-rodent work in her community], Zac Koo 高皓正 [a singer who had promiscuity with many actresses and eventually 'turn himself in' to God].

I & J
- (none)

- * Kongirl 港女 (aka Hong Kong girls/Kong girls): not a short term of 'girls in Hong Kong' definitely, but refers to a group of Hong Kong girls who share the following characteristics: self-centred, selfish, complacent, narcissist, foreign-countries-loving, negligent, ignorant, rude, feminist, having heavy make-up (possibly), wearing LV or Guccis (possibly), having nothing to do with "elegance", using profanity whenever they want to, having a high requirement on ideal spouses, having travel destinations restricted to Japan, Korea, Milan, Paris or London, having a strong Cantonese accent when they speak in English, etc.
- Kongformist 港豬: Those who do not think independently and merely care about their personal lives, probably support the idea of PRNN. Referring to apathy, unawakened Hongkongers who do not pay attention to any current affairs in Hong Kong.

- # Leftards 左膠 (formerly translated as leftist morons; sort of related to champagne socialist): those who blindly support changing the social order in order to reach a more even distribution of wealth and rights, eventually bettering the well-being, but usually with far-fetched arguments; also referring to those who support condoning mainland Chinese, e.g. KH Cheung (Apple Daily), Chan King-fai (陳景輝), Fred Lam Fai (林輝) [also known as Double Fais 美點雙輝], Yip Po-lam (葉寶琳); organizations include Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF 民陣), Democratic Party of HK (民主黨), SoCO (Society of Community Organizations 社聯, including Ho Hei-wah 何喜華, Sze Lai-shan 施麗珊 and Richard Tsoi 蔡耀昌), Left Wing 21 (左翼廿一), Socialist Action (社會主義行動), Justice and Peace Commission of HK Catholic Diocese (香港天主教正義和平委員會), Scholarism (學民思潮), literature magazine Fleurs des lettres (《字花》)and so on.
- Localism/localist 本土主義 (also known as nativism/nativist): For the sake of consistency, we use localism/localist. There are several kinds of localisms, including by blood ties ("nation"), by certain values, by language or culture, etc.

- (none)

- No one is superior to anyone 沒有誰比誰高尚: A famous line by leftist-morons; referring to Hongkongers are not superior to Chinese.
- No rioters; only Tyranny 沒有暴徒只有暴政
- no betrayal/ no tip-off, no division, no blame 不篤灰、不分化、不割蓆
- not to get bleeding, be arrested nor injured 不流血、不被捕、不受傷
- no "spy hunting" 不捉鬼: not to guess or odd one out and say that's an undercover from the police

O, P & Q
- Party's rail 黨鐵: after the clashes in Prince Edward Station on 31 Aug 2019, MTRC refused to release CCTV footage and it is widely believed that MTRC is covering up something for the police force; people hence started to boycott MTRC
- * pleb pastor/reverend/father/minister 牧棍: Reverends who are misleading the believers, mostly leading to pro-Beijing/Greater-China/anti-democracy direction, e.g. Paul Kwong 鄺保羅; Peter Koon (管浩鳴)
- * "PRNN"「和理非非」: Peace, Rational, Non-violence, non-profanity (和平、理性、非暴力、非粗口), a political jargon describing the confrontational tactics of certain milder democratic parties in Hong Kong, e.g. Democratic Party of HK, ADPL.  "The peaceful-rational camp" (according to the New York Times).
- police in cahoots with triad 警黑勾結: Siu To Yuen lunch in Lau Fau Shan and the indiscriminate attack (and the lack of police assistance afterwards) in Yuen Long on 21 July 2019 were clear examples.
- "Public intellectual", or Gongzhi refers to Chinese intellectuals who are well-educated and well-known, but usually people mock at them because they are aloof.

- Reclaim Hong Kong, revolution of our times 光復香港 時代革命
- release the righteous arrestees 釋放義士: one of the five core demands from the protesters since the anti-extradition law amendment bill (anti-ELAB movement) from June 2019
- remnant 遺民: a term coined by Wan Chin; referring to the group of people born before the 1990s
- resolute enforcement actions 嚴正執法
- royalist parties 保皇黨: another name for the pro-Beijing camp, or pro-SARG camp. DAB and FTU are the core, Liberal Party once was part of it (but not in Leung's administration),

- Segregation of China and HK 港中區隔

T, U & V
- TVB News, sloppy news 無綫新聞,是是旦旦: from 無綫新聞,事事關心. Slogan coined by Ho Ka-tai after he raised a placard writing this during the live broadcast of TVB News on 4 June 2009 at Victoria Park vigil.
- valour/valorous/"the valiant" 勇武: a term coined by Wan Chin (陳雲), a prick pretending a scholar in recent political development; referring to the attitude when facing Gong'an's attack or arrest. "The courageous-militant camp" (according to the New York Times).

W, X, Y & Z
- without fear of or favour to any person and with malice or ill-will toward none 不畏懼、不徇私、不對他人懷惡意: part of the oath in Hong Kong Police; used to mock or remind the police at protest scene but often the police do not give a damn

Yet to be translated

- 堅定可信民主黨,關鍵時刻賣香港 "Firmly reliable is the Democratic Party, traitors of Hong Kong at the key moment finally": The first half is the slogan by the Democrats, with the later half added by netizens who are against DP.


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