Daniel Ma: Hongkongers, declare war on CCP colonisers!

Hongkongers, declare war to CCP colonisers!
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by Daniel Ma 馬駿朗, edited by Karen Leung
Original text: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/02-01-2014/8370

During lunar new year, Cantonese-language news programmes are constantly playing news segments with wishes from the public like, societal harmony, world peace, less bickering and so on. But the mass media deliberately show these soundbites, especially bundling "harmonious" and "peace". They try to indoctrinate "Hong-Kong-pigs" who cannot think independently, and turn them into slaves. I got my goosebumps when I see these, particularly in the era of HK-China conflicts.

A Legco member Raymond WONG often quotes Martin Luther King Jr.: "True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice." It clearly states that "peace" is not the same as "harmony". If Japan supports extreme nationalism and invades China, then for the sake of peace and justice, Chinese people should stand up and go against Japan, even at the expense of declaring war. And now Hong Kong is "colonised" by CCP, and if we Hong Kong people have to stand on our own feet, then we must declare war on our archenemy and the puppet administration. We cannot afford to be on the chopping block because of the so-called "peace"!

But out of left field, some distorted views continuously appear on the mainstream media: i.e. emphasising HKers shall learn to "tolerate" mainlanders. Some columnists did not even mention a word of the mainlanders' disgraceful impact on HK, but rather betray HKers and become turncoats! They blame HKers for criticising their bad behaviour and habits, and deliberately define innocent HKers as "the culprit of HK-China clashes". I just can't figure out how can such ridiculous statement would be acceptable to the mainstream media!

Speaking of those people who deliberately define the HKers who are gallant enough to confront as the source of sin of Hong Kong-mainland conflict, I can't help but think how are the mainland social activists defined as "anti-revolutionaries aiming at ruining social harmony and stability". Isn't it? Whenever activists speak for themselves or injustice, they will be described by those official media and mouthpiece as "anti-revolutionaries" and "creating disturbances" (尋釁滋事). That's the way CCP suppresses democratic warriors. Isn't it the same when those "Greater-China-morons" and "leftists morons" say "HKers need to be more tolerate" when tug-of-war occurs between Hong Kong and China?

CCP is particularly good at focusing the issue at its surface, and deliberately hide the main cause of the problem. The prerequisite of social harmony is to have a sound rule of law and democratic institution, so that people can have what they need, and that's the world without injustice. Or else, there will be strives in the society. But CCP always takes things out of context, and accuses the activists being the culprits of social discord, so as to pass the buck and suppress the antagonists, and eventually maintain the reign of the one-party dictatorship.

In Hong Kong, even people like CHAN King-fai, an "ultra-fraternal sympathiser", (who always condone mainlanders), keep on using nefarious tactics just like CCP. They always blame those who support "locals-come-first" spirit. Especially in issues like Hong Kong-mainland conflicts  the servility of them can be seen. They often accuse HKers criticising mainlanders' misbehaviour and disgrace, yet completely neglect how HKers have suffered miserably and how HKers' dignity has been trampled. On the contrary, they try as much as possible to cover an inconvenient truth: the disastrous impact on the language and culture of Hong Kong caused by "Chinese locusts".

CHAN King-fai: Undoubtedly we are the host in Hong Kong-mainland conflicts. But why not put ourselves in their shoes, you might as well be from elsewhere in another city. Many unnecessary conflicts might possibly be alleviated. Nowadays, perhaps we need more tolerance.

To cut it short: HKers are going to be destroyed, and our freedom of rebuking mainland Chinese is deprived by those "Greater-China-morons"! How cruel it is! These "Greater-China-morons" suggest HKers should sit right there and be ripped off by Chinese burglars, or else you are not 'tolerating' them! Such "suggestions" are forcing HKers to corners! How can one be so well-mannered if you witness some unscrupulous sons of bitches who ask you to condone mainlanders!

We can no longer tolerate humiliation from these flunkies of CCP, let alone those with nonsense and bullshit while destroying the foundation of Hong Kong.

It's that simple: Condoning mainlanders is to be cruel to HKers! As a proverb says, "Find out the crux and cure the sickness," it can also be applied on social issues. We have to find out the main reason of dispute and tackle the problem. Misjudgment with superficial comprehension will impose immeasurable harm to the minority. The main reason of Hong Kong-Mainland conflict is due to no ceiling on mainland Chinese immigrants. Enormous hordes of mainlanders tourists and immigrants flushed Hong Kong, and HKers become the minority in the society of Hong Kong. The only way out is to regain the rights of approval (of one-way permits), and say NO to "CCP colonization", so as to stop the swapping of talents maneuvered by the CCP.

To attain these, there must be conflicts and disputes, and "non-peaceful confrontation". But this effort is to go against "Hong Kong-mainland conflicts". If Hongkongers are pussyfoots and indecisive, confrontation will never be able to take its first step, then the community of HKers will have to face its apocalypse soon.

Hongkongers, declare war on CCP colonizers!

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