Wing: Dilemma in Lunar New Year family visits

Dilemma in Lunar New Year family visits
Transedited by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://passiontimes.hk/article/02-01-2014/8366 

Traditionally, we have to pay family visits to our relatives during Lunar New Year. But in Hong Kong, instead of nice and warm family visits, it's rather a painful way to put the younger generation under fire from the older generation, who usually, were slaves of their bosses.

I (Wing) already saw some of  my Facebook friends, who cannot hold their tempers back. Though I already bear in mind that I could only say small topics, such as food, but when being provoked by aunts, uncles and other relatives, one simply cannot hold themselves: "Youngsters nowadays are not persevering at all, they can't endure anything!" "Once upon a time, when I took up two jobs and bought my apartment on my own. You youngsters simply want to get free lunch!" "Individual visit scheme (IVS) is good! More tourists can come and spend, and we are earning money 'depending on our motherland', right? Just take it! Our water comes from mainland China as well!"

Probably because of their age, or because of having grandchildren, their mentality are nothing but obstinate with condescension. Everything remaining unchanged before passing away will be the best wish for them. But we, as youngsters, know that it takes a long time for them to pass away, and their wish cannot be fulfilled due to severe intrusion of mainland Chinese. They will be with us, to witness the sad truth of how Hong Kong will be turned into a little Chinese town.

Facing such people who 'pretend to be ignorant', one cannot do nothing but answer in this way:
When my aunt said my cousin is taking associate degree, I would answer: "Until last year, there are tens of thousands of mainland Chinese students coming to HK taking up UGC-funded degrees. If they aren't there, she can probably be in HKU!"

When my uncle say he had to wait for four or five train departures in MTR, I would answer: "Secretary So said there will be 70 million tourists per year after three years. He asked us to be more optimistic, just wait for another train departures! We Hongkongers have to endure as we have the flexibility embedded in 'Lion Rock Spirit', right? Uncle, just be optimistic!"

I (Wing) would tackle through such tactics, as these relatives are not familiar with these statistics. Use our strengths to attack their shortcomings, avoid unnecessary speech. Wish you all the best in the year of Horse, and to retreat splendidly from such 'family visits siege(s)'.

Acknowledgement.: Inspiration from Wong Hoi-ming's Facebook status, and replies from Kursk Yau and Lunyeah Wong.

Source of picture: Going places

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