Yip: Distinction between Men and Food

Distinction between Men and Food
Translated by Choi Siu-wa, Edited by Chen-t'ang, Written by 葉政淳 (Yip Ching-shun)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/03-20-2014/11851 

"Some people even say their (Taiwanese) occupy movement is stimulated by Hong Kong's Occupy Central... Some think that Occupy Central is even more radical than occupying the council." says Chan Kin-man, one of the organisers of Occupy Central.

Taiwan students have been opposing Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA) by occupying the Legislative Yuan bravely and determinedly with thorough organisation, swift and decisive actions, and proper advance and retreat. The spokespersons answered the questions smoothly and calmly even though the reporters intended to heckle them. Also, the people of Taiwan are capable of assisting attacks that they all "give support when someone is on the attack". It is really not easy to have such kind of rapport because this requires the people to have a certain level of wisdom.

The people know that they will be in a deadly situation just like being killed slowly once CSSTA is approved, and therefore the students are able to hit back with massive support. On the contrary, Hongkongers are still in their dreams although they already had CEPA approved and are facing a political reform. Those "great" political leaders have been discussing all day long and doing things of little significance through the year.

On the other hand, Taiwanese have enough experience in actions. They understand that actions have to be consistent in order to equally distribute the risk, and the more people are participating, the safer is the movement. If they do not, it will be just another Hong Kong -- I stop when you act; you stop when I act. Everybody is afraid to be the first one standing out and get arrested, looking at each other in fear and getting the movement nowhere.

This massive occupy movement in Taiwan was triggered only by a small spark, and it then set off a series of chain reaction. Pulling the trigger, releasing the hammer, shooting the bullet, a gunpowder factory was detonated. It became a large-scale movement in a night that the Taiwan government was unable to cover it up. The fishers on the tiny island on the opposite coast were completely blown away watching such a series of efficient actions which they are both envious and jealous of.

There were students who initiated social movements in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the participants were also the people of the countries. But why did the movements turned out so differently? I always cannot help asking. I guess the answer is the difference in geography, form of government, history, education and folk customs, making two ethnic groups looking alike but having incomparable qualities. The word "meme" really isn't a joke.

It seems that even the Taiwanese girls' boobs are generally bigger than the Hong Kong girls’. We call it "the boobs of the other women are softer" and "Taiwanese girls' boobs are particularly round" [Editor's note: This is modified from two idioms, 隔籬飯香 (rice from your neighbour smells better than your own) and 外國的月亮特別圓 (the moon in foreign countries are rounder), both referring to something out there is better than one's own].

You do not need to ask a "Boobs Clan elder" to examine because you will find the answer out yourselves by taking a closer look at them. Hey, I am not asking you to look at their boobs. Instead, I am asking you to look at the people, and the scenes of protest of those students and people. They have been demonstrating their excellent quality of citizenship from storming the door to resisting the police, from the order to the materials management during the occupation, and from building barricades for defending themselves to preparing scripts for responding the media.

They are lucky to be in Taiwan because they will be labelled as rioters at the very beginning if they are in Hong Kong. It will begin with the vilification from the media, and will be followed by criticisms in the society. Then the police will stop at nothing like using violence for clearance following "the people's will", swiftly ending the so-called "riot". It will all become "normal" in the next morning. Everyone has to squeeze into MTR trains getting to work, and some may also have to wait for several more trains in order to get onto the trains. Everybody has to buy their expensive lunch just as usual. They will respond with "I don't care about politics" or "politics has nothing to do with me" if you tell them it is all because of CEPA, and you can never communicate with them. Some may even respond with the brainwashing sentence, “Hong Kong is already over if Beijing didn't look after you all!”, which they accepted without thinking, just like what the "locusts" from mainland China said. Therefore, Taiwanese deserves freedom. They live their lives with their souls, and you do not even deserve to be envious. Why Hongkongers are gradually becoming "sex slaves"? Blame yourself for not acting out.

While Taiwanese students were occupying the Legislative Yuan, the people outside said "don't worry, you are not alone." I was so touched that my eyes brimmed with tears when I listened that because there was a massive number of people backing behind the students. People were working hard spreading the news to break through the news blackout. They were rustling the materials up, cheering the students up, and resisting, surrounding, holding and bargaining with the police outside the Legislative Yuan. On the other hand, there were voluntary lawyers and doctors willing to provide support, aiming to get everything done in order to let the protesters concentrate in the occupation without being distracted by the trivial matters. I became quite emotional because this sentence does represent the near end of the protesters in Hong Kong. It implies that someone is going to take the glory on behalf of the protesters, or plot against the protesters by initiating a motion in the LegCo for denouncing the violence...

Meanwhile, those old chums who initiated "Occupy Central with Love and Peace" in Hong Kong spotted Taiwanese's glory and shamelessly took advantage of the Taiwanese protesters. Hongkongers were urging Taiwanese with their failure that Taiwanese should not "let Taiwan becomes another Hong Kong", but meanwhile those old chums were just taking advantage, saying that Taiwanese's non-violent protest was inspired by Occupy Central. How shameless it is! Among those old chums, there are people like the so-called star teacher of liberal studies, Yip Yat-chee, to escort the movement. Yip typed a bunch of nonsense words for absolving their foolish Occupy Central on Facebook. He used a straw man trick to prettify that Occupy Central, which did not contribute any to the society, with Taiwan's genuine occupation, saying "Occupy Central is the first occupy movement in Hong Kong". He cannot even differentiate between "occupation" and "surrender". How dare he call himself a star teacher of liberal studies! Haha, what a great joke!

Men possess the survival instincts of animals. Food have their value only if they look tasty. Hongkongers hate conflicts and politics; leftist morons tolerate the mainland travellers from Individual Visit Scheme, and Neocolonialism; traitors sprawl their legs letting the red capital to rape Hong Kong. The pan-democracy camp looks rejecting yet attracting to the Shanghai journey, asking for presenting themselves before higher officials. All of the individuals and groups listed above are food. Staying in a big pot of hopelessness, they enjoy soaking themselves in the soup of PRNN to make themselves tasting good and looking fine, and hastily sell themselves to those who are going to swallow them. What a terrible scene! No doubt it is a horror film.

If we do not want to be embroiled by these "food", we must spare no effort to fight against the traitors, including pan-democrats, leftist morons and social movement abusers, together with the communists, otherwise we will not have any chance to live.

P.S. PRNN = Peace, Rational, Non-violence and Non-profanity
        CEPA = Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement

(Photo: Passion Times)

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