Wing: When will there be "Discrimination against Hongkongers Ordinance"?

When will there be "Discrimination against Hongkongers Ordinance"?
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/03-27-2014/12269 

My friend sent this ad to me yesterday, which reads "NOW HIRES LOTS OF NEW ARRIVALS"
[Translator's note: Chinese characters for new arrival is the same for new immigrants, which usually refer to mainland Chinese immigrants]. Although the advertisement did not define what makes a "new arrival", like how many years they stay in Hong Kong, yet we, who are born and raised here in HK, cannot be called as "new arrivals" for sure, right? Is this discriminating against Hongkongers?

As Hong Kong has not legislated for nation (國族), we can refer to Section 4(a) of Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO, Cap. 602): "...on the ground of the race of that other person, the discriminator treats that other person less favourably than the discriminator treats or would treat other persons."

The employer in this advertisement excludes the opportunity for a person in obtaining a job ("a less favourable treatment") because he or she stays in Hong Kong for a longer period. As how many years did the person stay in HK has nothing to do with ability in their jobs, so this is definitely a discrimination according to the legislative motion of the Ordinance.

Oh, the local born-and-raised Hongkongers have degraded as second-class citizens, which are discriminated against. Now, the hiring ads dare to exclude our opportunities from applying a job. Hong Kong is the place where we are born and raised, but since the handover, new arrivals have more job opportunities than we do, isn't this ridiculous?

Coincidentally, York Chow, the Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) said few days ago: "The EOC plans to amend the RDO, including "the origin of the person" and the "identity for entry", because they "received some enquiries about mainlanders being discriminated in Hong Kong". Hey, York Chow! What about us, genuine Hongkongers? According to the hiring ad above, local Hongkongers are deprived of job opportunities outrageously! We have evidence here! We need more legal protection than new arrivals!

York Chow, when will you mention the legislation of "Discrimination against Hongkongers Ordinance", so as to protect Hongkongers from unfair treatment?

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