Yoyo Ko: Nobody can be able to smear Chinese

Nobody can be able to smear Chinese
Translated by Karen L., Written by Yoyo Ko (高慧然)
Original: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/supplement/columnist/3566275/art/20140312/18652953

(Photo: T.H. Li via Flickr; not the same one as Yoyo Ko mentioned)

I saw a photo online, captured in a plane cabin: On the two window seats, flattened pillow with folded blankets under it, lie tidily as it is waiting for passengers. At first glance, I thought it was taken by passenger who just got on the plane and thought that the pillow and blanket was not been used. Yet I soon realized, the unused ones are supposed to be in plastic bags.

This photo was uploaded by a flight attendant, who mentioned serving a Japanese study abroad group of 40 to Australia, a long-haul flight. Kids in the group are around 10 to 12, quiet and polite. By the arrival to the destination, all kids had thanked the flight attendants bowing from the waist before leaving the cabin and every one of them cleared the blankets and pillows away.

This is how Japanese looks. No matter where this type of people go, they are welcomed. Assuming that the individual image of numerous nationals define a country's image, then Japanese tells the image of Japan; and Chinese tells the image of China. Whether Chinese are welcomed or not (In Chinese words, it would be "being discriminated", "being smeared", "not being embraced", etc.), it is decided by their behaviours, which they shall take responsibility.

Chinese playwright, Sha Yexin, wrote in "Chinese nation has arrived at its most perilous time", one of his book series "Political Culture", that nobody can be able to smear the Chinese Communist Party but itself. This is no false at all. And, nobody can be able to smear Chinese, the one who can is Chinese themselves.

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