Yip: Taiwan youth slapped Occupy Central in the face

Taiwan youth slapped Occupy Central in the face
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 葉政淳 (Yip Ching-shun)

Taiwan students protest against Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA), and took over the Legislative Yuan successfully. Some 200 people asked to put CSSTA on the backburner (which the motion, according to the Rule of Procedure, was automatically carried), and deliberate each and every terms and conditions one by one. They also demanded an apology from President Ma Ying-jeou. The fury could not be stopped. Some people outside chanted slogans and pulled the entrance gate, while some climbed into the 1st floor of the legislature through their own aerial ladders. It seems that they are demonstrating to Hong Kong the genuine meaning of 'occupation'. The scenes outside the Yuan was comparable to that of inside. It is said that the policemen tried to enter by force, but were impeded by students with strong will. Students removed heavy chairs to block the entrace from policemen's attack. Before they shut the door, they had sent all their materials and food as if they were trained for a long time.

Are there any deliberation before such organised movement? I believe so. Of course, there are rapports among different activists. At the same time, the three masterminds of Occupy Central (OC) announced a "Non-violent Confrontation Drills Camp" on Facebook, and the participants shall be restricted to those who signed the Letter of Intent of OC. Before this, Prof Joseph Cheng was interviewed by radio station D100. He said, "OC is just a nominal confrontation, and cannot change the fact that there is no democracy. So what should we do? In fact, we can only wait for changes from China." And they also trained Democrats to intimidate policemen through evil eyes. By seeing such ridiculous acts, we can spot the difference obviously. There are lots of doubts and taunts to such ludicrous act. We felt that our anger is somehow relieved when we see the way Taiwanese youth act slapped these OC gadflies in the face.

Nothing decent is done since the announcement of OC! Deliberation on how to deliberate, on when to deliberate, on how to raise funds, on the use after raising funds.... the story goes on and on. And to have electronic referendum as spendthrifts. You motherfuckers! The genuine occupation by the Taiwanese youth are so clear cut, and the interlocutors are all youngsters and students. You middle-aged gadflies are so brazen-faced as you are dogs in the manger! OC has become neither shit nor shinola, but what don't they admit they have taken the erroneous path?

The answer is the Democratic Party. They participate in OC, saying they want universal suffrage even at the expense of being jailed, but dare not to stand out for civil nomination, against institution nomination! They had backroom deals with the Communist Party back in the Liaison Office before they betray voters! They even put a victory hand gesture and grinned when they support Kevin Lau, the former Chief Editor of Ming Pao. YOU GOT THE ANSWER!

Without a crystal ball, you can tell the political reform for 2017 by the government will certainly be passed, and the day when "one-person-one-vote" election with Communist screening candidates will come by. This is Hongkongers' last chance, don't ever dream of these 'pseudo-democrats' will fight for genuine democracy. If you don't galantly occupy like Taiwanese students when the motion will be voted, you won't be able to occupy anything. Take it, those who are still asleep!

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