19 August 2014

Wing Wing: A New Immigrant Boss Who Discriminates Against Locals

A New Immigrant Boss Who Discriminates Against Locals
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Edited by Karen L., Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/08-19-2014/18411 

According to a news report from Daily Mail UK 2 days ago, a newly immigrated Shanghainese, who referred himself as Steven, started his café business "Forbes and Burton" in Sydney, Australia, earlier this year. A while ago, he posted a hiring ad for a barista.

Nilson, a Brazilian-born Australian citizen who has lived in Sydney for nine years, came to apply for the job. Yet, in the job interview Steven told Nilson clearly that for the fact that Nilson is black, Steven would not use his talent here.

The owner also expressed his bias thought that white customers would not like coffee made by black people. Straight away, Nilson told everyone in the café what he just experienced. Feeling disappointed and disgraceful of that hypocrite owner, the customers came beside Nilson and comforted him. After that, they left the café right away with outrage, saying they would not patronise the shop anymore. One of the staffs even resigned immediately.

The issue haven't end yet. These people went on the café's Facebook page and called for a boycott. There are also replies from other cafés which invite Nilson to work for them.

What surprise me the most of this whole issue is this Chinese owner Steven. Becoming one of the citizens in this land of which hails civil rights, he hasn't suited himself in.
Steven the New Immigrant Boss (Photo source: Daily Mail UK)

Steven might have thought owning a café in Australia represents his diligence and perseverance. But above all, he has not been contemplating the opportunity given by the acceptance of many Australians before. What if the Australians discriminated against Steven as being yellow, and chose not to go to his shop? Unless they express clear offense, it's their own freedom to go elsewhere, however it had not been the case for Steven.

But look at what Steven do. Flagrantly, he discriminates. Rejecting an applicant because of one's race, he did not bother to come up with an excuse that sounds less unreasonable. 

No matter Steven is a white, a yellow or a black person, he shall not be discriminated based on his colour. And he himself shall not discriminate against others as the same ground. Australian law protects Steven from being discriminated of his race, but then he hasn't practised it putting aside his obligation and empathy.

It's known that to successfully secure an Australia visa, foreign businessmen need to run the business for two years just as Steven's case. Though it's fair enough if the Australian government deprives his application because of this issue since no society is willing to accept ungrateful new immigrants who trample on others' rights relentlessly rather than citizens whose conducts are in line with the country's standards.

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