Wing: What An Ungrateful Beneficiary!

What An Ungrateful Beneficiary!
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Edited by Karen L., Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/04-17-2014/14021 

[Foreword by translator: This article is related to a recent news about Betty Wong, a young adult and a stowaway from China, who has entered the Faculty of Medicine, HKU since last year. She recently wrote an mini-autobiography on her story. She feels that she was aggrieved as she was "heckled" by the immigration officers after she turned herself in. She wore a hoodie which reads "Holyshit" by the day she obtained the HKID card, and used a rather cocky tone in her status. Some think that her story is a positive one, but many criticise her for snatching the resources in Hong Kong, as well as her cockiness in the Facebook status. Her status will be translated on Hong Kong Columns (Translated) soon. Please stay tuned.]

Something happened today made me express my views, and I would like to hear fair comments.

When I was in Form 1, Ah Wai was sitting next to me. He was reticent, and often scribbled in his own sphere, so we barely had conversations. Until that day, when I walked past a bakery after school, I saw that the owner of the bakery was grabbing Ah Wai's hand, and shouted, "You thief! Dare to nick my stuff! I'm gonna call the cops!" Ah Wai was holding a sausage bun.

Being sympathetic, I can't help myself to rush towards the bakery and said to the owner, "He is my classmate, just cut him some slack!"

"What?! What will happen if everyone steals! I have to call the cops." said the owner, who then immediately tried to dial.

I stopped him. "He's only twelve, he's underaged! He won't be sentenced after arrest. You surely don't want to be bothered by policemen and giving statement, right? It will just affect your business. Say, what about I pay 10 times of the bun? He dares not to do it again. Show some mercy please."
The owner pondered for a few seconds, "Fine! Don't let me catch you red-handed again." He then released Ah Wai after getting my money.

Ah Wai started to talk to me after that time. It turned out that both his parents are pathological gamblers, punting each and every single day. Ah Wai did not have much to eat, and he was too hungry to bear, that's why he stole. I was a bit empathetic of his situation as I was poor too. I knew his plight, so I started to share half of my lunch from time to time. Although the portion wasn't enough for me, the way he glanced made me not hard-hearted but to share some food with him. I played basketball after lunch, and Ah Wai usually wrote on his notebook. I did not know what he was writing.

Ah Wai and I were in the same class for three years, but were separated by Form 4. Since then, we haven't contacted each other. Until a normal day in the summer of Form 5, while I was napping at home, my mum suddenly rushed in my room and pointed at the newspaper, "Do you know this Wong Ka-wai? The report says he is in the same school and the same form where you are in!" I took a glance. Yes, it's Ah Wai! He got a champion in a Hong Kong sci-fi writing competition! Oh! No wonder he wrote in his sphere all the time when he was writing novels! I was a bit shy to call him as we haven't contacted for so long, so I simply congratulated him by text, yet he did not reply. Well, just let it go! It's normal for a famous bloke being arrogant. I didn't take it seriously.

Then, in the next half of the year, he often appears on the media. Publishing houses keeps on asking him for his copyright, and even a director wants to turn his sci-fi into a movie. He will be loaded after that. Today, I read an interview of Ah Wai on the paper. When the reporter asked him what was the most memorable experience to him, he said,
"I was poor back in Form 1. I stole a bun in a bakery. My classmate sitting next to me walked past at that time. He heard that the owner told me off. I would never forget the disdain in his eyes and the sneer on his face. That is a mental torture that will last forever. A person cannot have a dream just because of poorness? I have been telling myself that I have to strive. I don't want to be looked down upon ever again."
Now I'm the one with all the rage. When did I tease and despise him? When did I ever look down upon him? Did he become a psycho after writing so much sci-fi and fantasising me to torment him? I helped him, and even gave him half of my lunch. And I have never asked for any return. How could he come and smear me? Give me a fair comment, what on earth this creature is?

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