Suen: Radical Change in China - Get Prepared, Hong Kong

Radical Change in China - Be Prepared, Hong Kong
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Edited by KC Cheung, Written by Suen Chun (孫進)

The missing flight of MH370, CSSTA in Taiwan, the universal suffrage solution... whenever CCP is a stakeholder, things become a mess. The year of Chia-wu symbolises changes and revolutions, along with the fierce competition within the CCP, it seems that a radical change is revelated. This is an unstoppable fact that Hongkongers must face. [Translator's note: The last Chia-wu year was 1894, the year of First Sino-Japanese War]

The most obvious evidence is that weird things happen right after the slower economic growth in China. Besides the failure of Zhou Yongkang's attempt, Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) stopped appreciating is also a sign. This is because the US has reduced holdings of bonds, and gradually quitting QE. It implies that as the real impetus and driver behind China's economy, United States has given up in keeping the economic stability of China, or even destroying it now. It is definitely a blow to China, where cities are on the verge of bankruptcy and high-ranking officials are escaping.

And the judgement of CCP recently makes people doubt its ability. Tackling incidents like MH370 and CSSTA revealed how rash they were within the party. Mainland Chinese took up most of the passenger on the flight, yet the CCP seemed to be apathy to the victims' relatives. Now we estimate the flight is fraught with grief, yet the CCP allow its own people to attack the Malaysian government, causing deterioration in the Sino-Malaysian Relationship. Now both parties are attacking each other on the media or social networking sites, and some even call for anti-China or anti-Malaysia campaign. Chinese government did nothing on what they should do - seek for a reasonable explanation, compensation and investigation on this issue. How can one trust such government?

As to CSSTA, it is more than peculiar. What kind of agreement did KMT (or the Ma Ying-jeou cabinet) sign with CCP? Why both parties are so in-a-hurry that CSSTA must be carried forward? Ma sacrificed his own image and that of KMT's, as he was "standing firm" towards people who occupied the Legislative Yuan and the Executive Yuan. As to mainland China, the mouthpiece even said it is "treasonous" to approve CSSTA clause by clause, not to mention the critics from the official Chinese media. This is against the gradual infiltration policy to Taiwan (including meetings with VIPs of KMT and DPP, investment and immigrant infiltration). People might doubt that whether this is done for preparing a large scale of population and capital migration.

I [Suen Chun] listened to Wan Chin talking about the Realpolitik of Hong Kong few weeks ago. He said, "Besides confrontation, Hongkongers must get prepared for their own power in order to regain the loss. When the "Pan-democrats pricksters" are playing old tricks like "hunger strike for universal suffrage", they actually want to have backroom deals with CCP, which will likely face its drastic change soon. Hongkongers who wish to seek change and survival in the long term should stay strong and "hide their strengths and bide their time". For the "Pan-democrats", they will rest in peace in the history if they refuse to face the truth and stubbornly reminisce their good old times.

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