21:31 27 Dec: Hans Yeung Reveals: Trust in Turncoat Leads to End of Career; Sources: Question Setter Teaches in Leftist Sch before Entering EDB

Hans Yeung Reveals: Trust in Turncoat Leads to End of Career; Sources: Question Setter Teaches in Leftist Sch before Entering EDB
Original: Stand News 
21:31 27 Dec

Speaking to Stand News, Hans Yeung, former History subject manager at HKEAA, cried during an interview as he was agitated - "how can they be so unscrupulous?" The hallmark incident marking the fall of the education sector, is after all, a meticulously schemed contrivance.

Hans Yeung said, "This setter - when I knew him he was still in MPhil. He helped me when it was still in A-Level era. To put it simply, I introduced him to this path of exam-setting." After Yeung finalised to choose this man to be the setter last year, he then joined Education Bureau (EDB). The man told Yeung he was applying for the post in EDB. Based on years of cooperation and trust, Yeung did not think too much about it.

On 13 May this year, his Facebook post about China and Japan years ago was unearthed by leftist papers Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po before the History DSE exam. Both papers called him for response. Yeung said, "They escalated that quickly against that Facebook post and the topic is so similar to the question in the exam, which will be due the next day - the question will surely be heckled."

Yeung then called this setter. "I said 'Hey it seems someone wants to mess with this question, what do you think?' He even said, 'It's a good exam question. If they try to mess with it, it will look very nasty." On the day of the exam, Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po put Yeung as the front page, and EDB issued a statement to condemn the question. Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung demanded HKEAA to cancel the question. Yeung reached the setter again, but the setter only said "I've read it" without further response. This was the last thing he said to him directly and vanished in the life of Hans Yeung, whom the setter has known for more than 10 years.

The next time Yeung knew about this setter's remarks was from the verdict in early July after some students filed a judicial review. As a curriculum development officer, this setter wrote a report on 14 May, the exact day when the exam question was bombarded by the pro-Beijing camp.

Calling the question containing severely biased view and serious faults, The setter wrote, "This question has no room for discussion, since the answer must be only "home", instead of any "good". Given the absence of room for discussion, this question is neither suitable for educational purposes, not suitable for public examinations that aims are differentiating students' abilities objectively."

Vanished Archives learnt that this setter, when devising questions, was still a history teacher in a leftist school. He finished his MPhil in HKU History in 2009, and ironically his thesis title was "Leftist Propaganda in the Hong Kong 1967 Riots". Vanished Archives found that the thesis has disappeared from the Internet, nor can alumni nor staff access the thesis. It would be interesting to see how this former leftist school teacher interprets "anti-British riots" in his thesis.

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