EGeneral: Countdown to 2020: Hong Kong's Days Are Numbered

Countdown to 2020: Hong Kong's Days Are Numbered
Translated by Vivian L., Written by 傲將軍 (EGeneral Pride)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/07-14-2014/17819 

Demonstrators hold up a placard that reads
"I don't feel like working tomorrow, but 
I won't like having no tomorrow"(Source: Passion Times)

Some say that when China took back Hong Kong from the British to reclaim the territory, the deal did not include the people of Hong Kong. China did not even wait 50 years to seek full control over Hong Kong. What is China's formula for taking full control over a place? Territorial integration, genocide and cultural eradication. With HKSAR government working in collusion from the inside, the job could not be easier.

Territorial integration: 

Ever since the fraudulent Express Rail Link (XRL) project, HKSAR government has been encroaching on Hong Kong people's home and property.

The Northeast new town plan is a glorious developmental plan on the surface but a diabolical attempt to obscure Hong Kong's border with China, giving the mainlanders north of the Shenzhen River an all-access pass to the city, while at the same time making it all the more convenient for Chinese officials to make a fortune in the development.

Yet another step in the territorial integration ploy to accelerate Hong Kong's downfall is the Lok Ma Chau (LMC) Loop development plan.

In 2007, Hong Kong and Shenzhen entered into an agreement to jointly develop the LMC Loop "to the mutual benefit of both sides". But the terms of the agreement included debilitating clauses such as "all expenses incurred during the development are to be paid by HKSAR government" and an acknowledgement that "the land-right to the LMC loop belongs to Shenzhen".

To put it simply, the plan might well end up with Hong Kong paying the bills while Shenzhen enjoys the benefits. While the mainland Chinese plunder through our resources, Hongkongers have no say in the conundrum while the Chinese commies take advantage of our government and keep encroaching on our turf.


The individual visit scheme let in truckload of filthy, rude and loud Chinese tourists. Locals have to take refuge in their shoebox apartments at weekends and on holidays just to stay away from the mainlanders.

Policies like single-entry permits, granting of citizenship to "doubly non-permanent resident children" (whose parents are both non-permanent residents of Hong Kong) force us to share our precious resources—healthcare, education and social welfare—with mainlanders. When locals have to give way to plundering non-locals, it is only reasonable that the number of people emigrating is on the rise in recent years.

Hongkongers are leaving the city if circumstances permit. Those who are under less fortunate circumstances are stuck here with the biased media shoving pointless crap like "We are all Chinese" down their throats.

Cultural eradication:

From the education system to the linguistic choices made by the government and the media, the Cantonese language is being marginalised everywhere in favour of a PRC-style "Chinese". And the Hong Kong government only added fuel to the fire that is burning our language to death.

A policy was introduced to encourage using Putonghua in teaching Chinese literacy; officials have increasingly adopted China's communistic lingo and simplified Chinese characters. What our government is doing—destroy cultural relics, control people's thoughts—is no difference to an enactment of the world of Orwell's 1984.

Fairness of processes in law-making, justice, freedom and rule of law used to be the pride and dignity of Hong Kong. But with the LegCo becoming a one-man show, the police selectively applying the law to repress against protesters, and leniency being given to "nationalists", the governing morals and social orders established by generations of Hongkongers before us are practically torn to pieces.

A popular saying on the internet goes, "Once upon a time, we lived in Hong Kong; now, we live in a place called 'Hong Kong'." A while ago, some Chinese media have reported that plans are afoot that Hong Kong and Shenzhen will be merged into a mega-city by 2020. With territorial integration, genocide and cultural eradication well under way, perhaps, this place called Hong Kong will soon become history.

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