Chip Tsao: Be Superior

Be Superior
Translated by Karen L., Written by 陶傑 (Chip Tsao)
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Having been through this year’s 1 July protest, the central government might have missed Donald Tsang, as the CE of Hong Kong the most.

Tracing back the record, in Tsang's 7-year term, every year's 1 July protest, there were often at most 100,000 to 200,000 participants. Once a harmonious city Hong Kong was, full of the "love China, love Hong Kong" spirit.

Yet the time before that and after that, the talent in Tung Chee-hwa and his referee, CY Leung to lash citizens' anger into the demonstration of more than half of a million demonstrators has been troublesome. (despite the white paper's publication did help to add fuel to the fury.)

Like a urine test for every other routine body test, you’ll have to take a sample in the loo using a transparent "xiaoping" (note 1). (Let me be clear that I have no intention of conveying innuendos of China's Deng Xiaoping, just in case for those who cares, like someones who have a compulsive addiction to expose others' "ulterior" motives). For HKSAR's body check, this literally long leak of 17 years, the sample from the middle of the urination is the most reliable part.

Even so, reliable Tsang is now under China's judicial persecution. Just by a little push - some simple arrangements of dinners, he has been labelled as "Greedy Tsang" and is going to face the Central government's judgement by any time. With the cooperation of the three – legislature, executive, and judiciary, the central government has commanded its political terror on Tsang, not slightly take into the consideration of his contribution.

For this 510,000-participant rally, instead of making a scene in front of the world, China seemed to know how the play the card right and claimed the rally the one as "the throng of Hong Kong people declared their superior positions to mainland China."

Among these demonstrators, I do wonder if superiority is their reasons in order to act, however, it's the truth that human never settle in equal qualities, and to distinguish one and other, it takes ranking to get it done.

If we are to talk about the matter of classes in the society, China itself is definitely included as one of the subjects.

In China, it is known that communists are superior to the ordinary people, and the second generation of the rich and the government officials who could afford the French Louis Vuitton as their long-term companion are condescending than the poor who could only live with made-in-China products.

In Hong Kong, signs of application of this Chinese-style common sense is rather obvious. Those are sent to UK boarding schools for studying remains a higher social position than those receiving "national education" in local schools.

Among the countries, when it’s compared with those rowdy Asian aliens, it's a must for French and Japanese to rank above them.

As if what Huang Yong-yu, the Chinese artist, once said about the superiority in one who don't randomly spit everywhere like Chinese peasants, who has the bravery pursuing freedom is a cut above those who dares not and rather lives on in degeneration.

Bear in mind that there has not been "equality" since the beginning of the world and do take the high road to be an elite rather than anybody, or even nobody.

[Translator’s note:
1“Xiaping”, meaning “little bottle”, is of the Pinyin, the official phonetic system for transcribing the Mandarin pronunciations as Latin alphabet.]

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