Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wing Wing: On Donation to China vs Japan

On Donation to China vs Japan
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, edited by Kristee Q, written by Wing Wing (翼雙飛)
(GBTimes; in Hong Kong, a citizen donates money to World Vision for Sichuan Earthquake in China)

It has been four years since the 2011 earthquake in Japan. It had been a while since March, but whatthe Japanese did in that time was more than impressive. In June 2011, the Japanese thanked Taiwan by putting advertisements in two Taiwan newspapers thanking them for their efforts in the, earthquake. This year some Japanese NGOs expressed their gratitude by doing volunteer work in superman suits and last March a Japanese restaurant owner in Taipei gave out free curry rice for a week so as to thank the enthusiasm shown by the Taiwanese people.

Some people might say Japanese are over-pretentious as they predominantly show their polite side to others but on the other hand shouldn't we see this as a sign of being educated? To thank those who have helped his/her country in plight is a sign of politeness - putting the word "pretentious"aside, Japanese has won in terms of politeness. When a child receives a gift that he doesn't like much and he still thanks that person, would you say that he is pretentious? If he pouted and remained silent, or even made a long face, would you say that he was sincere and tell him "you don't have to thank others if you don't like the gift"? You simply wouldn't because thanking others is a form of politeness and virtue.

In China, during the Eastern China Flood and Wenchuan Earthquake (seven years ago), tears shed for their victims were uncountable in Hong Kong. Very many people donated their own money to help the flood victims and those who disagreed with such donations were condemned as "cold-hearted". But what have we got in return for our genuine distress and wish to help? Has any Chinese tourists thanked us for "giving a helping hand in our plight"? Are there Chinese putting advertisements in newspapers thanking us? No. Instead we hear of some Chinese tourists humiliating Hongkongers: "If it isn't us [coming], your Hong Kong is certainly doomed!" or "China has arisen, you Hongkong-dogs are jealous of us being rich!"

For sure, these people don't represent all Chinese but Hongkongers are being humiliated online and offline. How can people expect Hongkongers to donate when there are many charities raising donations for China? A decision to donate hinges on how the donor feels about the place and its people. I have a few words for those genuine victims: "Your compatriots are tirelessly zealous in humiliating those who have helped you. If they are so rich and powerful, can you really blame others not seeing the need to help you? Not to mention how much money has been pocketed during the donation process, after many Chinese charity scandals have been exposed."

Therefore it is not strange for Hongkongers to show unwillingness to donate to China.

Some "patriots" might say, "Are Japanese worth emulating? They have tonnes of problems, such as..." Certainly Japan has tonnes of problems, but why don't we learn from their positive attributes? If a nation only nit-picks at others and feels comfortable doing so without learning from their good points such nation will inevitably degenerate slowly but surely.

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