Tin Sum: The Battle Between Enlightened Hongkongers and the Authoritarian CCP Regime

The Battle Between Enlightened Hongkongers and the Authoritarian CCP Regime
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Edited by Billy Clarke, written by Tin Sum (田心)

Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/03-26-2015/21990 

Despite his daughter still being in ill health, CY Leung has been spending a lot of effort and time in public forums recently. He directly asked voters to "vote them [pan-dems] out" – and he intimidated the public and anybody who might have differing views from his, stating that he is ready to tackle the next possible occupy movement.

And ready he is indeed: The police force has bought three water cannon trucks (worth $27 million HKD in total), three armoured cars (worth $14 million HKD in total) and they’ve employed 600 more officers, with new ‘guidelines’ issued (any suspected unlawful assembly involving three people or more can end in the participants being arrested). It also appears a blue ribbon police force has been formed. Under this regime, rule-breaking officers are above the law, capable of getting away with murder. The current order of the day in this Special Administrative Region is despotic establishment – as far from democracy as you can get.

As of yet, the police haven’t killed any protesters (though we’re not far off), and Hong Kong is still an international city. We can still draw attention internationally if there is any rough restraint or fatalities (like that which takes place across the border). The international eye is our last, and fading, confrontational tool.

For now, we can still retaliate against the crooked authorities in power, and we can still continue this war against these seeping forces that are iniquitously taking over. But if those politicians that we see in the news everyday continue their bickering and keep on with their minor quarrels focusing only on the rare occurrences of ‘violence’, then this will distract from the crux of the problem – and this could leave many in the city uninformed and distracted from the main issues facing society. Focusing on these few isolated incidents of real violence (which all occurred under suspicious exceptional situations) will give the government and police a reason to step up and become despotic. CY himself even boastfully stated this week that he handled the protests well as the PLA were not called in (which is in fact a hidden threat hinting at what could occur in future which also shows where his heart, and his pay check lies).  

The fight for real democracy is in a current mess and it needs to be sorted out, but there are still chances. If someone cheats in a game it won’t be long before justice will prevail, and right not Hong Kong is being dominated by cheaters. Hongkongers is in the midst of a crisis and people need to stop looking the other way and acting like it is not their problem. One day a big portion of the middle-class will flee (it is already happening) and their input to the city will disappear. Regardless of class, we need to all protect our interests and stand up together now.

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