Hoi Yee Cheung: Dongjiang Water...AGAIN?

Dongjiang Water...AGAIN?
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by Hoi Yee Cheung (海意翔)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/03-08-2015/21595/ 

Dongjiang water supply...AGAIN. Probably there aren't much left to be discussed between HK and China. I don't understand, really. Does buying Dongjiang water have anything to do with "blood is thicker than water"? It is just a deal, a transaction. Buying water does not have anything to do with "blood is thicker than water". We buy Thai rice, so "blood is thicker than rice"? We buy Japanese and Korean electronic appliances, so "blood is thicker than appliances"?

It is so brazen-faced to relate a transaction with "blood ties". Zhang Xiaoming said "try as much as possible to ensure clean water delivery to HK". For real? No! Dirty water, indeed. Also, isn't the seller responsible for "trying as much as possible to ensure delivery"? Thailand tries as much as possible to ensure rice delivery, too. Shouldered basic responsibilities and felt complacent? And ask us to be grateful? Is Beijing treating Hongkongers aTV staff? We ARE ENTITLED TO get this all. We aren't as silly as aTV staff.

But thank you for mentioning Dongjiang water all the time -- now we know the problem, which makes us all Hongkongers fools. You have reminded us that, we buy water and discharge them to the sea, that we spend 260 times more than Singapore buying water from Malaysia.

Zhang Xiaoming might change his words a bit, "Buying dirty water so expensively from us? Are you nuts? Oh right, we have 'blood ties', that explains it all!"

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