12 June 2014

Wing: The Target Audience of “DADDY, PAPA, and ME” Is Not Limited to Children

The Target Audience of “DADDY, PAPA, and ME” Is Not Limited to Children
Transedited by Karen L., Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.vjmedia.com.hk/articles/2014/06/11/74956 

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                                                                              (Source: Flickr user Franco Folini)

I just read an article titled "Public Libraries Are Not Private Clubs for Organisations Concerning Gay and Lesbian Rights" (公共圖書館不是同志團體的私人俱樂部) on VJMedia. Its title resembles a commentary by Lewis Loud, "Public Libraries Are Not Private Clubs for Organisations Concerning Religious Practice and Conservative Stance" (公共圖書館不是保守及宗教團體的私人俱樂部), while judging from its content, the piece I read just yet endeavours to pose an opposition of Lewis Loud’s points of view.

Here I am not going to point out the exact examples of insufficient support and logical fallacy in that piece, as the comments at the end of the page have done the job perfectly. 

But there's one message inside it which I feel necessary to express discontent. It says, "Those organisations concerning gay and lesbian rights have treated rightful children adoption a trophy of equality, rather than a responsibility of love and care."

I wonder why that commentator could suddenly jump to such an arbitrary conclusion to belittle gays and lesbians, claiming that they must have had an irregular and unusual agenda on children adoption. Why couldn't they be regarded and sympathised as any other infertile couples?

This discrimination worshipper acts as if he is the guidance of "correct values" to readers and claimed not once that he himself remains objective to the matter, however, too obvious he has been possessing a double standard viewing the heterosexuals and homosexuals. 

Now, back to "DADDY, PAPA, and ME", a book mentioned as an example of complaint lodged by the anti-gays-and-lesbians organisations in opposition to libraries putting it on shelf, does anyone ever ponder its existence? 

Please do not presume it as a tool for gays and lesbians to "assert equality" in the first place. What I see is that, its existence serves as socialisation, educating young readers that families with homosexual couples are nothing different with that of heterosexual couples. Love is there for children and it's no exception for families with homosexual couples. Young readers are to learn from this book the spirit to treat others with an ordinary heart of understanding, acceptance and respect, which has considerable influence with one's mental growth.

To children, "DADDY, PAPA, and ME" is a must. And to whom doesn't have a clear concept of respect and love without boundaries, I highly recommend this book to them.

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