Wave Shum: What's the point of accepting defeat without a fight?

What's the point of accepting defeat without a fight?
Translated by Vivian L., Edited by Karen L., Written by 波浪滲 (Wave Shum)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/06-14-2014/16342

Some Hongkongers have a tendency of saying there is nothing left in our city to fight for, there's no use however hard you fight. But when you ask, "So what should we do?" They solemnly uphold inaction and declare "We hate politics", or go like "Hong Kong is doomed and we are moving abroad." But the problem is, not only do they firmly hold that there's nothing to be done, but they would do whatever in their power to stop anyone from trying. They sneer at you from the sidelines and say whatever you do is like "pissing in the wind"; no matter what the results, you are "too violent"; and whoever is involved are "thugs". And they pride themselves on their indifference in all these. They are the wisest of all.

So what exactly is this kind of thinking? Doomsayers like them expect failure before even fighting back. They think Hongkongers are bound for failure. Who would admit defeat without even one fight? Who would surrender before a battle? Losers do.

When you talk about fighting the commies, they go, "What makes you think you can fight with China?"

When you talk about campaigning, they go, "What makes you think protesting is useful?"

OK, now you rally support on Facebook, and there they are again, "Seriously, what else can you 'keyboard fighters' do besides updating Facebook?"

What they don't know is oftentimes tyrannical laws and policies are held off or even canceled because of people who dare to fight. From Article 23 that blatantly tramples freedom of speech to the recent Northeastern New Territories development plan that uproots homes of thousands, if it hadn't been the people who fight back, these would all have been passed.

If you don't try, you are never going to succeed.

Trying to fight for something you believe in is always better than sitting there waiting for miracle to happen.

A helpful person is one who steers you in the right direction when you've gone off track; it is one who discusses campaign strategies with you and finds ways to succeed when you fail; a helpful person is not one who admit in defeat, "Hong Kong is set for demise. Nothing can be done while we wait to be digested by China." This kind of people is literally waiting to die, politically speaking. Even if you have come to their rescue, they would just pull you into their grave.

Many Hongkongers have a tendency to do just that. Some people think they themselves are nothing; they even think our Hong Kong is nothing. They are pessimistic about everything, yet they will not do anything to change. I call them "Kong-null": they think of nothing, do nothing, and end up with nothing. They are bound for an eternal state of limbo: a place of nothingness; nothing can change, no one can leave.

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