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Wing Wing: Limited Edition: Reclamation

Limited Edition: Reclamation
Translated by Karen L., Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)

Last year, this young Mrs. Hyatt Lam, worked in the audit industry, has quitted the typical insider lifestyle. Abandoning bulky workload round the clock, Lam and her shadow set forth on a journey and published a book this year titled Quit for South Pole afterwards. Plus, she manages a Facebook page, named after the book and posted Are "We" Civilised? few days back. Such article is her personal experience pointing to the brutal behaviours of two Hongkongers.

Truth be told, it doesn't sound strange at all for the fact that petulancy does exist among a share of Hongkongers, whereas in the case of this civilised-or-not article, my instinct feels exceptionally. To trace where the sense comes from, I read it all over again, and again. Confession of mainlanders' disturbance in Hong Kong as this opinion piece is, unreasonable blame denoting Hongkongers can be read between the lines.

"For nearly half a year working in Kuala Lumpur, mainly had I been feeding updates of Hong Kong through Facebook and news websites. Judging from these information, not a single livelihood tough patch excludes the origin related to mainlanders and the government of Hong Kong. Only for us, Hongkongers, have been labelled as 'civilised', 'hygienic', 'ordered' and even 'noble'."

I’m not sure what Mrs. Lam's sources are, given no exception besides Hongkongers' rebukes upon certain kind of mainlanders. Based on my daily observations, a considerable deal of Hongkongers are there recording exhibitions of disorder, no seat offering to those in need, throwing strong languages to others, of their kind. In other words, Hongkongers, if not all, have not been targeting mainlanders.

But her expression says an opposition transforming Hongkongers into persons who know only nitpicking others rather than themselves. it couldn't convince me for Lam’s "luckiness" to escape herself from the exposure of those infamous reality videos starring by Hongkongers. The Bus Uncle and Hong Kong Girl Slaps Boyfriend 14 Times or so are the representatives of certain Hongkongers' acts of barbarism. Those cannot be too popular. Isn't it impossible for Lam not knowing any one of them?

"If you are so cultivated, you should demonstrate righteous reclamation - to act instead of to film."

Have Hongkongers really never adapted persuasion? For countless times, they remind mainlander tourists to not eat or drink in trains. In return flung are streams of invectives coming from nowhere. That’s when the cameras on.

Lam’s direct repetitive "reclamation" is an infinity concept eliminating the possibility of the filming factor. In justifying her notion, she mentioned there was one time she ate on Singapore's MRT, "If I listen not to the reminder, there must be another voice joined in the canvassing team, instead of some filming-hawk-acting-chicken recording the whole process." In her formulation, if any Singaporean takes out his/her cell and start filming, it will turn themselves immediately into some uncultivated "filming-hawk-acting-chicken".

If mainlander tourists are as Mrs. Lam who listens and learns from a reminder, wouldn't it be too awkward for such umpteen revealings of mainlanders' vices posted online? Reality speaking, mainlander baddies tend to turn the tables around. Then how can this "reclamation" go? Shall we, like Lam says, stand for the "reclamation" even to the edge of doom?

"For readers who had travelled to Japan or Singapore, you may have a sense of feeling that tourists don't stand a chance ruining the order in a truly cultivated city, regardless of the number of them."

Let's have a look of the content of a clip early this year, "Japanese bristles with rage as Chinese reselling outfit hired Chinese students there to snap up goods and then packed them with bogus number tags. To cap it all, these Chinese students leave rubbish along the way looking at meatness as nothing." Chinese students studying there supposedly stay longer than tourists providing Japanese a relatively adequate time to reclaim. How come it doesn't work given Japanese the status of a genuine refined nation?

Living high on the hog, immortal dictums as "wait for another train!" and "why don’t you embrace others' faults?" therefore presents by high-level officials and celebrities. Reversely, things changed when Gregory So facing those "shit-in-the-box" parcels, he said something rather human, "tolerance does not equal to connivance." It makes me wonder when will epiphany reveals itself to Lam to think humanly as "reclamation is a limited edition".

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