Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lewis Loud: Great Love Stays, Status Fades

Great Love stays, status fades
Translated by Karen L., Written by 盧斯達 (Lewis Loud)


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) opened its branch in Shenzhen a while back. There had been doubts directing at the recognition difference of the two graduation certificates. Before it spread over the city, affirmed by the headquarter, CUHK took the initiative to promise students in differentiating its certificates from CUSZ’s.

I have been convinced this whole branch move is meant to imitate American's Quantitative Easing policy, whereas not everyone goes along with this notion. Rather, packed with "too-simple-sometimes-naive" thoughts, they believed in every word of the university.

Such promise are made, just as "One Country, Two Systems", to be violated. "One Country, Two System", being fundamentally deceptive, was meant to soften acts dragging citizens' commitment into HK-China marriage so as to benefit China itself in HK's name. Likewise, the "promise" CUHK made this time, stood as a lie, was a temporary contingency means to save its last drop of dignity. Yet it turned out to be quite successful indeed.

Face-saving mission. Checked. Now’s the time to get down to business.

So for CUHK's correction of previous statement, it’s nothing but following the book. Bye the yes man cloak. Come the equality status of both graduation certificates of CUHK and CUSZ. That's exactly the plan - passing the sham off as the genuine. By sharing CUHK's academic aureola, the Shenzhen branch and students can meet their "upgrade fever" through a shortcut. If you're still not convinced so far, let me ask you one simple question: If this be error or if this can be overturned, then what’s in it for Shenzhen to close the deal?

Now, you may see. C'est la vie. But it’s too late.

Bow in front of the honour as one of the Chinese! Surrender! You, educated youth in CUHK, who have been believing in the the CUSZ inferior story. Your day has come. You have finally been paid off of your "love-driven" spirit.

Strike by the reality, huh? Don’t you? Go blame your leftist moron fellows or consult your loving-representative Dean Joseph Sung then. He, with his most gentle voice in the world, must be telling the same old story, "Shenzhenese and Hongkongese are tied in blood, Chinese blood. Our hearts beat together, ever. Therefore the Chinese University of Hong Kong should belong to one of the universities of China."

What the Dean have on his lips, from the idea of university to the humanistic quality and romanticism one should put into practice has earned himself a fair reputation amid the CUHK's students. These words to me, value as well. As a dean, per contra to subordinate students' interest to business expanding, he cannot possibly isolate himself from the accountability against ethical norms. Seeing the status quo, it’s extravagant of him to waste another breath.

The slogan "CU The Best" now implies "HK-China Integration Impressed" into the bargain. Next time before you taunt the Chinese bling for putting a price on their ancestral shrine, see also the folly among Hong Kong education circles - A deliberate turnabout from a great deal of invaluable credits over the years into calculable dollar signs.

Put on the none-of-my-business-leave-me-alone strategy on rampant smugglers and IVS? Nice try.

Keeping your voice down isn't going to help you dodge bullets. Being snobbish towards persons fighting for local interest doesn't underline your nobleness, but the exhibition of your idiocy ignorant of Hongkongers’ imminent death. Behaving yourselves isn't anymore the solitary criteria of living in peace. You are left no options. But if you hesitate to take the high road, you could always get your dear betrayer dean and leftist-moron fellows covered for you. Come what way. things are settled. As a forgone conclusion, your certificates can no longer preserve its unique status, rested in peace ever after echoing your initial wants of "harmony".

One eighth of universities in Hong Kong have already applied Quantitative Easing, casting influence on EACH and EVERY students. Why? Just as the effect of sheep flock, it would be pathetically hopeless for other universities to behave, let alone influences in mainland China to let go of Hong Kong.

You, professors and fellow students, blinded by the "Great Love", uplift your banners that read "No discrimination on CUZS. No discrimination on Shenzhen countrymen. No discrimination on mainland Chinese." to save CUHK's certificates from the critical stage. You, professors and fellow students, immersed in the "Great Love", with full respect of "multiculturalism", get rid of the damned "prejudice" and be open-minded to have McSpicy Chicken Filet Burgers and Chicken McNuggets originated from Shanghai Husi filled your stomachs. You, professors and fellow students, controlled by the "Great Love", blame those who refuse to have these poisoned food for discrimination of ingredients hailed from our motherland and the third world. Salute to the forthcoming day of doom, or else leave the small little pond you've built for yourselves and take the truth lead.

You may wonder how Hong Kong's circumstance of public opinion have divided into this extremeness - only "fight" or "dead" option. Thanks to certain Hongkongers, they flatter themselves of doing favours of the others, but as a matter of fact, all of these resources are from the influences behind. The story now comes to the page of adverse consequences, not just for these people, but all of us who probably receive these good wills, knowingly or not.

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