The Fate of The One and Only Martyr's Shrine in Hong Kong

The Fate of One and Only Martyr's Shrine in Hong Kong: Po Yin Fat Yuen, Tiu Keng Leng
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(by Begonia ROC History and Geography)
Founded in 1952, Po Yin Fat Yuen was located at 78, Area 3, Tiu Keng Leng by a guru from Yonghe Temple, Peking. Before coming to Hong Kong, he had collected photos of the 72 Martyrs' in the Second Guangzhou Uprising, and wished to build a Martyr's Shrine in Hong Kong for those martyrs who have sacrificed in the 1911 Uprising and Second Sino-Japanese War. He provided psychological support for those Kuomintang Army in TKL who could not go to Taiwan.

In 1949, the People's Liberation Army aggressed southward, and the KMT army could only retreat to Hong Kong, which was then a British territory. In order to avoid any clashes with the underground Communist party members, they were relocated to Rennie's Mill (now Tiu Keng Leng). The Hong Kong Government waited the some 8,000 soldiers and officials for Taiwan to collect, but most of them could not go to Taiwan, so they started their lives in Tiu Keng Leng then. Most of the KMT army directly participated in the war against Japan, and after their death, they will be worshipped in this Fat Yuen by the alive with offerings and incense sticks.

In 1996, Tiu Keng Leng was demolished by the Government. Po Yin refused to leave, so the Government rent them the former Tiu Keng Leng Police Station with nominal costs. In June 2015, after 75 years since the end of the War, the HKSARG sent riot police to force the Shrine to leave. Lau Kin-kwok, the person-in-charge, burnt his hand as a form of protest.

Lau told reporters that the Fat Yuen will very likely be allocated to Heaven of Hope Christian Services (HOHCS) for building a hotel, as part of the development plan in District Council. His Fat Yuen did not receive any bid invitation, but only the HOHCS did. Lau doubted that there might be advantage conferment.

The Sai Kung District Council decided to force the Fat Yuen away without consulting the victim, nor the public. Even if they receive so much letters supporting the Fat Yuen, they simply neglected them, and only sent bid invitation to HOHCS. Is this still Hong Kong?

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