Ching Wing See: Conscience in Sale

Conscience in Sale
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, written by Ching Wing See
Original: https://www.facebook.com/CemeteryNew/photos/a.729801777127442.1073741829.729586907148929/860745910699694

Do you think the "psychic" hired by Blind Sports Federation know that she fails Mr Lam Wing-shun, the victim in BSF's scandal? Do you think the staff in Kei Chun Primary School will not see the female victim in their dreams? They know it. They might be kind, but they sell the conscience for money.

Nowadays, doctors, judges, teachers in Hong Kong sell their conscience too. They lied in front of everyone for the sake of money. They are so ludicrous that no one would believe in them. But they are still lying shamelessly. Why? After fame, fortune and authority.

Will we sell our conscience because of these? Or in other words, how much is your conscience?

I am not confident enough to answer for you. The world today no longer praises people with conscience, and instead, brings villains to the shiny stage. But should we still have conscience?

I can tell you, karma is slow but sure. Villains are often long-lived, or enjoy enviable lives. The world seems unfair. But if every one is without conscience, then this city will be tantamount to the country across the border.

Conscience is "calling a spade a spade"; speak for the truth and righteousness. Conscience is our best quality.

They sell cheaply their conscience for position or property. But do you want these money? Are you trading the future of Hong Kong with this amount of money? There are a lot of jerks, but would you be one of them?

My dear friends, you are conscious. Professionalism and conscience might be exchanged by money, but as long as you still love Hong Kong, please be upright with us.

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