07 July 2015

RW: The Evil of CCP Is But Condoned by the Chinese People

The Evil of CCP Is But Condoned by the Chinese People
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, edited by Karen L., written by Robin Wilde (Polymer HK) 
Original: http://polymerhk.com/articles/2015/05/01/15200/ 
(Image source: Progressive Today)
Recently, an article titled "Mainlanders Are Not To Blame, Communisty Party Is" was published on HKDash (a website founded by the Scholarism). The author Crystal Yip sees tainted food, human trafficking and education problem as responsibility solely for the Communist Party. Yip thought that Chinese people should be free from the blame due to the constant brainwash. Becoming one after another ignorant individuals and having the foggiest idea of the concept of freedom as a result of it, Chinese people, to Yip, are innocent.

From Yip's point of view, it seems obvious that she has been overestimating the prowess of CCP. Indeed there is brainwashing education in China. There is no doubt about it. But do note that China is no North Korea. People in China can get access to online information from the outside, though they are expected to encounter some blockages at first. By "climbing over the wall" (fanqiang), these "difficulties" can be got rid of right away. And when you look at the websites based in China, even the popular ones Weibo and Tianya Forum, you'll find as much in-depth grumbles and sarcasm from its people as in Hong Kong, or even more.

Chinese people may hold a grudge against the Party, while it's a different matter to go against it. In the Umbrella Revolution and Anti-Smugglers Movement involving HK-China conflicts, they tended to stay in the Party's side and addressed Hongkongers as "running dogs and slaves of foreigners" despite the fact that they whine about the Party at other times.

To some, such phenomenon is the after-effect of CCP's effort on rigging the public sentiment for nationalism. But then it also shows that Chinese people know what the Party does, whereas they choose to accept it and indulge it.

Some, similar to Yip, regard Chinese people as a bunch of benighted puppets. This misrepresentation reveals itself when tonnes of Chinese students rush into the US and Europe. They study aboard, but the end game is to get a job and permanent residence over there. However they support China on Facebook or Youtube, most of them will stick their feet overseas and few will return.

A decade after the 9/11 attack, Phoenix News interviewed a Chinese U-grad. He said he was happy to see the US "being bullied", and the ones who had done it are heroes. Shortly after the speech, he mentioned his love to America and his plan to be studying there. Speaking of his future, he, in front of the painting of Mao Zedong on Tian'anmen, said happily, "I will be staying there [in the US] as long as I can."

Often do Chinese behaviours go opposite direction with their minds. They may love their motherland, while their bodies follow one's animal instinct -- choosing the best proposal for oneself.

Crystal Yip says the CCP should be the only one to take the blame, for which I do feel the need to clarify -- Indeed CCP is certainly the cause of such problems, therefore a high proportion of responsibility is on the Party. But then I doubt its people can get rid of a share.

For tainted food, due to insufficient surveillance, the relevant authorities are to blame, but it is not the authorities which are in charge of producing it. A little girl was ran over by a car. No pedestrian helped. They are, if not all, ordinary people without CCP membership. There are uncountable fake goods and pirated CDs or books all over China. Some thus get extremely rich and most of them are simply commoners. Is it that fair to let Chinese people go free?

Chinese people are not as innocent as Crystal Yip assumed. On the contrary, they are smart, so smart that they gulp all the way they can by exploiting the loophole under the Communist rule -- and wait for a chance to leave the country behind. But before the day, they know staunchly to play safe. In a way, it is their gratefulness for years of advantages as a Chinese under the CCP's regime.

This situation now reminds me of a quote from V for Vendetta "How did this happen? Who's to blame? Certainly there are those who are more responsible than others. And they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."

What kind of a nation would choose such a party in the first place? And it naturally leads to the second question: with this brutal governance, what provides its people the numbness to live with it for 66 years and to endure its brutality in the foreseeable future?

"Do not do to others what you don't want to be done to you" is one of the motto known by Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher. Abandoning one's born empathy, this nation go angry, tease or scold at Hongkongers' resistance against the tyranny which its people have been attempting to leave. 

Metaphorically, CCP is a monster raising by all people from mainland China. Fully grown, the monster does what it's nature provide and how it's taught. Retribution is it. Could these "victims" avoid the blame? Clearly not.

According to Crystal Yip, "Today, some people wish Hong Kong to be independent from China. I could not agree for a bit, because it is unbearable for one to see a lot of people suffering the suppression of the Communist Party." This is probably the lousiest excuse against Hong Kong independence movement that I've ever seen. Yip demonstrated an extreme case of empathy, forcibly rationalizing Hongkongers' suffering and "obligation" as a companion with Chinese people.

It makes one wonder if it ever occurs to Yip that the relationship between Chinese people and CCP is a form of sadomasochism. As pure outsiders, Hongkongers are not entitled to interfere. Most importantly, no Hongkongers are delighted to stay beside Chinese people and to suffer with them due to her impractical moral high ground. 

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