Wong Yeung-tat: Be Firm on the Street; Victory Comes After 1st October

Be Firm on The street; Victory Comes After 1st October
Translated by Quenthai, Spoken by Wong Yeung-tat (Head of Civic Passion and PassionTimes)

Be firm on the street; Victory comes after 1st October

It is another night already. At this moment, every occupied place needs more people come to support. Please do not easily call for retreat; nor should we narrow down or join the present points of occupation. They do nothing but harms. There were a lot of rumours yesterday which triggered fears. Still, the people are in an advantageous position. If we can maintain the three points of occupation and carry them through 1st October, it will be our victory.

Nor should we think too much about change of strategy and further action. Change would not happen in Causeway Bay, Mong Kok or Admiralty simply because of persistent occupation. The occupation will expand when there are a large number of participants; when the number contracts it needs defence and maintenance of the existing points. It makes no sense to retreat pre-maturely, before tear gas occurs again. Don’t believe rumours, or any information from the “commanders”. If even tear gas cannot frighten you away, it is a great pity to be made away by rumours.

Dawning is the time when willpower is the weakest; the same is for afternoon, when sunshine is fiercest. Bring more umbrellas and share tents to get it through.

After all, we are still in an advantageous position, and the success should not be done away because of something trivial. Avoid internal split; ignore those off-topic parties; don’t scold the others, don’t criticise their opinions, and don’t trust any rumours from any “commanders”. The movement is no longer under any centralised command, but self-governing.

Therefore, what is imperative is to maintain the momentum in Mong Kok, Causeway Bay and Admiralty. Don’t think too much about unnecessary change of strategy, because victory will come if what we are now doing can be maintained.

Tonight is determinative. We must keep it up. Any internal conflict should be resolved only after 1st October. After all, victory will follow our staying on the streets!

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