Passiontimes: Xinhua's “Op-ed” Slams HK Artists for Rooting for Occupy Movement

Xinhua's “Op-ed” Slams HK Artists for Rooting for Occupy Movement
Translated by Vivian L., Written by 熱血編輯部 (Passiontimes)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/10-23-2014/19369

 (Photo credit: Passiontimes)

China’s state media has set the tone on how the entertainment industry should do with the Hong Kong artists who speak up for Hong Kong. The editorial article by a commentator named Wang Mian starts with a Weibo tweet filled with cross-border hatred: “In less than a day, tens of thousands netizens have voted to boycott pro-‘occupy central’ artists and all of their work.”

The article mentioned local artists Denise Ho, Wong Chau-sang and Chapman To by name and criticised their support for the democratic movement since their action have ‘stirred up much anger’ because the occupy movement is something ‘disapproved by Hong Kong citizens and anyone with a conscience’.

The author reiterates the Messiah complex that is so firmly indoctrinated in the Chinese subconscious: How outrageous! These Chapman To’s challenge Beijing’s authority, and hold no regard for the Basic Law! They want to ‘have the cake and eat it too’, what a disgrace! You have let down your great Motherland!”

Wang argues that it’s only because of the Great Nation of China that people can enjoy prosperity in Hong Kong. The artists who support the occupy protest are going against the will of the people. I would salute you if you can find any logic in the statement.

Wang also describes the Chapman To’s as worthless bums who have no place in the Chinese market.

An “op-ed” is supposedly an opinion editorial, but clearly Xinhua begs to differ. Now China says their entertainment industry has closed the door on those who support democracy, but it actually looks like it’s the other way round.

Earlier this year, Wong Chau-sang has already closed his Weibo account; Chapman To has long avoided making movies for the China market; and Denise Ho is enjoying her lucrative singing career in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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