28 January 2014

Wing: Even my mom won't tolerate me!

Even my mom won't tolerate me!
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/01-28-2014/8314 

When I was small, my mom brought me on the street. We went to a stall selling toys. A pink sponge racket caught my eyes, and I squeezed it. It was very special, and as I squeezed it, it's torn.

The hawker didn't discover that but my mom did. So she asked: "How much is this?" After compensating the hawker, she slapped on my wrist. I cried loudly.

I was so severely beaten that I am still very impressive. That scene caught hordes of people's attention. One of them said, "It's hard for kids from keeping her hands from herself. Don't blame her, just tolerate for once!"

Staring at and pointing her finger at that rubberneck, my mom inquired her: "Tolerate? Are you the one who will compensate? Will you compensate whenever she can't keep her hands from herself? Shut up if that's not the case!" The nosy pedestrian simply shut up and left. Since then, I always keep my hands from myself.

My mom won't 'tolerate' me. She needs me to know I'm wrong immediately, and she will punish me right away. She makes sure I will bear this in mind, and not to err again. Although she loves me, but she won't condone me.

So, for those who ask people to 'tolerate' mainlanders - no matter officials, artistes, media, netizens, or mainland mothers (who will ask you to tolerate her kid urinating/defaecating whenever they want) - want us not to point out the uncivilised behaviours of mainlanders, but then how (and when) can they learn a lesson? How will they correct themselves? So such 'toleration' is the same as 'condonation'!

Also, I would like to ask those who superficially ask people to 'tolerate': Will you clean up after mainlanders urinate or defaecate? Will you fight for milk formula if HK babies haven't got enough of them? Will you pay the bill if Chinese new arrivals rush to get CSSA in HK? Will you be able to bear the consequences on your own? If not willing nor able, then what's the difference between you and that nosy rubberneck?

Some people say mainlanders are not familiar with HK, so HK people have to 'tolerate'. But if we have to 'tolerate' because they are first time offenders, how many times do we need to 'tolerate'? We 'tolerate' because it's their first time of spitting? Of jumping lines? Of littering? But not scolding nor prosecuting? When will they be able to learn manners and consideration if we 'tolerate' them every time without pointing out their faults?

We commoners have to choke with silent fury against the mainland 'cultural' maelstrom in all aspects of life. It's easy to say 'tolerate', but it's a schadenfreude in our ears. So I sincerely hope that whoever you are, don't abuse the word 'tolerate', because we, in an unconscionable amount of suffering, will think that you are 'condoning' them irresponsibly.

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    1. Before coming to Hong Kong. They should know the laws in hong kong and it's regulations.