Wing: An Avaricious, Brazen-faced 'Customer'

An Avaricious, Brazen-faced 'Customer'
Translated by Chent'ang 鎮棠, Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/01-10-2014/7238 

Yesterday I was eating noodles in the restaurant downstairs. When I was eating, a man came in and talked to the boss: "Sorry, I haven't eaten for three days, can you do me a favour?"

Being lenient, the boss gave him a bowl of noodles and a cup of water.

He didn't dig in immediately, but rather gazed at chicken wings ordered by other customers. He then said to the boss, "Sorry, I would also like to have some chicken wings." I stared while the boss hesitated for a while, but in turn he said, "Fine." I felt the boss is so magnanimous!

After a while, he gazed at the lemon tea on my table. I sensed that, and I stared back. He then said to the boss, "Boss, she has a cup of lemon tea, can I have a cup as well?"

Cannot take it anymore, I said, "Sir, would you be too greedy?"

"It's normal to have beverages when you are eating. It isn't greedy. You've got a cup of lemon tea as well." said he.

"I bought this with my own money, you're asking for somebody to help and you're still so demanding? Why can you be so brazen-faced?" said I, angrily.

"I haven't had a taste of lemon tea for three years. I'm indeed poor." says he.

"Find a decent job if you wanna drink lemon tea!" said I.

"Oh, you're discriminating against me being jobless." said he.

"I am scolding at you because of your avarice, not because of your nationality, race, gender or appearance, and you call this discrimination? You came in just for filling your stomach, , and now you keep asking for more and more. Don't you feel ashamed to be insatiable?" I scolded.

The boss just gave him a cup of lemon tea, and said, "Let it go, this is my voluntary treat."

"Boss, I'm afraid that you're just conniving these lazy people. A person who wish to be his own breadwinner but meeting his trough will not be so insatiable and demanding. You shouldn't let him take what he wants for granted!" I checked the bill after replying to the boss.

I told this to my dad when I went back home with grudges, "How can a brazen-faced person exist in this world? The most annoying thing is that the boss succumbed to his unreasonable demands!"

"There are tonnes of these cases." said my dad. Google-ing for a while, these news titles popped out:

'53.2% Poor children haven't joined study tours before, orgs urged gov't to allocate more funds'

'Half of Students receiving CSSA did not travel for the last three years'

'Bless HK sends out CNY football matches tickets for free'

(P.S.: Nice to meet you, I am Wing Wing (翼雙飛), a little online author. Thank Passion Times for giving me chances to issue my work here. I usually comment on social phenomenon. Thank you my friend, White Shadow, gave me the column title as '講人是飛' (Wing is the one discussing other people, homophone of 'gossiping others', and 飛 is one of the character of Wing's Chinese screen name.) This is the first passage, thank you for reading. )

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