Two letters from Party of Liberty and Democracy H.K. in Mid-1970s

Two letters from Party of Liberty and Democracy H.K. in Mid-1970s
[note: Spellings in English are kept even they are wrong, but Chinese part is mostly corrected.]
662 Nathan Road 5/F.

INTRODUCTION: The Party is established at 4.2.1965 which we consider attemps to justify when colonial govt. habitually steamrolles Hongkong legislation/execution where no elected legislators/senators represent 5-6 millions people – dictatorship and depriven to instead for long time. In Hongkong the laws grind the poor and the rich man rule the law. A minority of vested interest that have in no way represented the people/materialistic public they claim to. They use the name of the people, it is true, but only to protect their own “sphere of influence” — like jealous vultures. It is obvious that colonialism and democracy can never be deemed compatible in any senses during the past. Colonialism (C.S./G.S./Chief Secretary = more Hypocrite) inconsistency with democratic principles only proves its worthlessness and should be discarded now. Violent demonstrations must be avoided as well as possible to us to fight for the bright future to Hongkong and its people.

AIMS OF THE PARTY: In accordance with good spirits of UN charter, Decision of De-colonialism of United Nations, Declaration of Universal Human Rights, Int’l. Laws and the British Policy etc. that both are tally with modern time and tide for de-colonialism in anyways also as well as the Queen Elizabeth II’s speeches before which emphasised as “We'll be allowing and aiding self-determination areas and people’s choice colonies to their final requests for self-government or independence which to ending the colonialism” thus we are strongly to be requesting the “Internal Self-Government" for Hongkong right now for betterment and constitutional reform to eradicate the serious evils in our community with a more helpful future for Hongkong and it’s people. (Formally request already made to Queen E-II, Prime Minister and the Hong Kong government on 1.1.1973 but long silent to now?!)

TOWARD CIVIC RIGHTS (TEMPORARILY STAGE): Problems must be dealt with by the local people, but the means to solves the problems are denied to 5-6 millions people/silent majority plus the hugh but heavily depriven and and oppression from the colonialism evils with nonsenses here nowaday so only the more and active civil-rights campaigns can save us during present situation with prices existed: this what is the Party’s “FOR PEOPLE COMMISSION” done for materialistic public now. The “FOR PEOPLE COMMISSION” works mainly involves helping people with various problems, such as resite, rehousing, compensation, living-on protection, welfare advancement, civic-rights expressing …….. especially ranging from those hut/cottage areas, hawker areas, fisherman areas …. and the outdated lower courts which lead to gross injustices within the impropriety and oppressiveness of criminal investigation and prosecution systems which already ruined many other innocent people before and after. We do our best to help them through civic-rights forms but under “struggle for existence“ as understood so fair-play is appreciated.

TOWARD SELF-GOVERNMENT: (INDIRECT/DIRECT ELECTIONS; PAID PART/FULL TIME SERVICES): The Party is a strong advocate of “INTERNAL SELF-GOVERNMENT” in Hong Kong as it is the only way to cooperate. What must be done now – which has been wilfully neglected over the years – is to educate or join the people to the benefits of self-government. There is no other course open to us, obviously that applications we may need to get units at R/Es. and resite areas for welfare advancement even for public opinion surveys or seats for suffrage/franchise which both received refusals to instead, save that of either taking a retrograde step by enforcing colonialism still further – entrenching? – or taking the path of violent demonstrations to achieve the means to implement self-government. There are those, however, that are convinced that direct action rather that education and peaceful reform is the way to change our community better – like the liberal and democratic ones – a place to belong with better living!

LDP-HK GENERAL: Organisation at a glance what's the shadow-cabinet as shown in the chart attached. Membership up to 1976 is 1,200 approx. and the fixed platforms will be enlarging as soon as possible within the branches established (more donation means more civil rights) as most of members is Chinese and they have to involved for China Unity basically so the party forces to such tendency as well too. Overseas fraternity/relationship and international friendship now are exchanged. The political future is bright and fine!
公函 一九七六年四月六日

  敬啟者:恭賀 閣下以眾望所歸榮選為英國新首相,本黨相信 鈞座定能貫徹大英精神且輔以前首相邱吉爾爵士為榜樣而力挽國內急劇危機的。
  此 致


Party of Liberty & Democracy H.K.
662 Nathan Road, 5th floor, Kowloon.

6th April 1976.
Mr James Callaghan,
British Prime Minister.

Dear sir,
Please accept our congratulations on your success in the election as the new British Prime Minister reflecting the esteem and support of the public. We trust that you will follow the example of the late prime minister Winston Churchill in furthering the British spirit, to save the country from imminent internal crises.

At present in Hong Kong there exists exploitation and suppression in various forms. The Government has stressed that it will maintain the status quo and better its relations with Peking but, contentiously and morally speaking, Hong Kong cannot compare with the Portuguese colony of Macau as far as progress is concerned. The Government is cruel to the people and there are numerous colonial crimes. For the best interests and future of all the Hong Kong people, our party reiterates that the internal governing power be upheld and returned step by step to the people and this will be honoured in history. At least the government should not suppress the people's rights and deprive the citizens of the opportunity to take part in the administration.

We would like to draw your attention, to the correspondence we have received from the Colonial Secretariat, File No. COU 1058/75, Secretary for Home Affairs, File No. HAIB 1156/4 and Secretary for the Environment, File No. ENV 68/75/9. This correspondence ill-treats our Party and suppresses the people, depriving them of their opinion and rights.

Sir, we earnestly hope that the British Government, under your leadership, will extend its benevolent far and wide.

CHIU But-yeuk
Party of Liberty & Democracy H.K.
[note: the letter is from YAN Sik-man, not CHIU But-yeuk]
公函 一九七五年四月廿日
  敬啟者.陛下今次將於五月四日不遠千里而來,定有利香港乎。報載 陛下躬親勤政,日理萬機而富有傳統性的責任感及美德特徵,令人感動惜未能扱及英聯邦外的遙遠角落如香港是也,因我們七百多萬民眾還處此變本加厲、苛征重稅和假自由不民主且有非人生活式的英殖民地殘留劣態故能不為靜默的大多數或香港整體前途有感而發致有所反映且力為爭取乎。
  際此國際形勢大變而殖民地主義定要修善立功以贖前愆與中和清算前提下,加上本港民間冤情太重,好人難做與民不聊生多式惡性循環積壓中,後果不堪收拾的。為此,本黨用特籲請 陛下仁慈且例外地的誠意去考慮委任一個民間參政組織表現之「英皇御准護民使」一位予本黨之護民署,並賦有職權,一如古羅馬帝國朝代所設之護民官一樣。這實可媲美港督委派之「廉政專員」官方代表而能互相呼應,俾益民怨民生,如本願照准,良可賀也!
  最後提請陛下顧全在世界各大報章刊明之國會多次鄭重聲明表示決順乎當地民向民意而結束所有殖民地之演詞而諾許本黨在一九七三年元旦向 陛下要求之讓本港成立內政上之「香港自治政府」罷!另方面即終止對本黨歷來之歧視,幕後破壞及延誤壓制等致窒息公意民權,以昭公平和有風度!同時不應由老殖民地國如葡萄牙近來新作風專美於前啊!
自由民主黨總裁趙不弱 主席甄錫文聯呈
Party of Liberty & Democracy H.K.
P.O. Box 10501, Cheung Sha Wan Post Office.
21st April, 1975.


To: H. M. Queen Elizabeth II

Your Majesty,
          Your Majesty's visit to Hong Kong on 5th May from thousands of miles will definitely be beneficial to Hong Kong. According to press reports, Your Majesty is diligent and takes a personal interest in the administration, dealing with thousands of cases a day. Your traditional sense of responsibility and virtue are certainly most admirable. However, it is a pity that your beneficence does not reach remote corners of the British Commonwealth such as Hong Kong. We, over seven million (sic) citizens of Hong Kong, are still living in a British colony subject to lingering evils of exorbitant taxes, pseudo-liberty without democracy, where some people are still living inhuman lives, which are worsening daily. We cannot help but endeavour to reflect the views of the silent majority and on the whole future of Hong Kong.
          The major premise is the present great change in the international scene, which demands that colonialism be revised to atone for the past wrongs and to neutralise the effects of liquidations. Furthermore, there are numerous cases of grievances in Hong Kong. It is difficult to leave a decent life, and people are confronted with economic hardship and the pressure of vicious circle. The consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, we request Your Majesty to kindly depart from the usual practice and graciously consider the appointment of a "Royal Commissioner for the protection of the people" to the People's Protection Bureau of this Party, a people's political body. This commissioner will be endowed with powers similar to the tribunes of the ancient Roman Empire. He will compare favourably with the Independent Commission Against Corruption who is the government representative. It will certainly be a blessing, if this wish can be granted, so that they can render mutual support in order to redress people’s grievances.
          Lastly, we beg Your Majesty to take into consideration the several statements made by the Parliament, expressing is the termination of giving up all the colonies in compliance with the wish of the local peoples. These statements were published in the leading newspapers of the world. We also beg your majesty to accede to our request made on New Year's Day in 1973 of the establishment of an autonomous government in Hong Kong. On the other hand, discriminatory actions against this Party, sabotage, obstruction and suppression behind the scene to strangle civil rights and public opinion should be put to an end immediately so as to show impartiality and generosity. Meanwhile we suggest Your Majesty should not let the enlightenment of such old colonial countries as Portugal, to dominate the whole scene.
          We do wish Your gracious presence here would bring blessings to Hong Kong.

Yours respectfully,
Jointly presented by 
CHIU Put-yeuk (President)
(Signature )
YAN Sik-man (Chairman)

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