Speechless: View CCP's Stance on Lee Bo's Case from Global Times' Op-Ed

View CCP's Stance on Lee Bo's Case from Global Times' Op-Ed
Translated by Karen L., written by Speechless
Original: http://polymerhk.com/articles/2016/01/07/26322/ 
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Despite Global Times' editorials on uncertain whereabouts of Causeway Bay Books' associates went absurd, it is referential as to catching a glimpse of CCP's attitude over the incident.

In Abduction Rumours Scotched by Lee's Fax on 6 Jan, it says,
"Combining Hong Kong media's news reports, Lee Bo is well aware that the investigation he has been assisting in involves a serious matter. Causeway Bay Books, for years, had published and sold a great deal of books that are directed against politics in mainland China. Those books are filled with false content, maliciously attacking the country's political system, and have already brought along bad influences. Although the bookshop is located in Hong Kong, the harm it has done has reached across the border to mainland, for which Lee knows it very well. Personally Lee seems to be willing to handle this in a low profile, whereas Hong Kong media's hype is not doing any good on him and on his business. As to the collateral damage it carries, the oppositions are not going to make it up for anything."

In short, Causeway Bay Books is regarded by CCP as the source of chaos destructing the country's efficient management. Metaphorically speaking, it is a pain in the neck someone intends to get rid of as soon as possible. Disappearance of Lee Bo and his fellow workers, by simple deduction, is expected to be work done by CCP itself, so there's something to be condemned scathingly and a chance to "right the wrong". This so-called "willing" to assist in investigation is merely a lie that sounds nice.

On the next day, 7 Jan, in Speculation over HK Bookstore's Investigation Went Completely Wild, it further clarifies,
"first thing first, even though Causeway Bay Books is based in Hong Kong, the business, in a large extent, targets readers from mainland China – thus stepping one foot in Hong Kong and another in mainland China. It creates interference in the mainland's social order, undermining the foundation of stability. The reasonableness of the investigation therefore is solid, and it is in accordance with the law in China."

In this case, Xi Jinping's emphasis on "rule of law" is being implemented. How? Following the above extreme principle of thinking – bookstore as a means to shaken the stability and social order in China – relevant party being arrested and punished is simply a natural consequence.

People may indicate the fact that according to the Basic Law, CCP's officials have no authority in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong even in the condition that Hongkongers engage in activities which endanger CCP's regime. Or else, if this is not strictly followed, the Basic Law will equate to being null and void. That being so, "One Country, Two Systems" will turn into obliteration, of which it turns out CCP did respond to it.

It says in the Abduction Rumours Scotched by Lee's Fax,
"Hong Kong has practised capitalism, and the people there enjoy freedom of speech. Still, the Two Systems exists in the necessary condition – One Country. Accordingly, Hong Kong cannot be a hostile base where involves activities to overthrow the country's political system. Those extreme oppositions have forced their opinion to transform the Two Systems into an unlimited manner... Based on the wrong knowledge, they attempt aggressively to confront the central government by the radical tool of 'freedom of speech'."
 "One Country overrides Two Systems" is unquestionably CCP's stance that will not concede even an inch. Even though it is explicitly stated in the law that only Hong Kong law-enforcement personnel have the legal authority to enforce laws in Hong Kong, the impregnable position is not up to Basic Law. The absolute power decided that the stability of the party and the country secures the foremost importance. Therefore at the unusual time, Basic Law being treated as a doormat is not a problem at all. Besides, Lee Bo being captured by police from mainland China is so far a speculation; CCP would be like, "haven't been known; therefore, 'Two Systems' is still in effect."

It is further elaborated in Speculation over HK Bookstore's Investigation Went Completely Wild,
"it's certainly a no go if the mainland officials are to truss Lee Bo up and stuff him into some police car to get pass in the checking points. In general, there are some methods for the law-enforcement departments to avoid violation of law and at the same time undergo investigation – a win-win situation."
"One thing is important: there should not be any confrontation between the Basic Law in Hong Kong and Law of the People's Republic of China. The former shall not be exploited to shield someone or some organizations which are in an attempt to sabotage the country’s stability..."
"Those Hongkongers who are obsessed in the opposition of politics should indeed straighten out the essential meaning of 'One Country, Two Systems', quit the fantasy which 'Two Systems' dominates 'One Country', and throw away the assumption which Hong Kong can be safe whatever it does to harm the country's operations..."
Basically, CCP has already admitted that it is the police from mainland China who have taken Lee Bo, simply not with violence. Added with the unproven speculation on the police (or CPHK dare not), "One country, Two Systems" does "sustain". Thus, CCP seems to be confident that this is "a win-win situation". The following two paragraphs quoted from the editorial clarify CCP’s stance that "Two Systems" and "the Basic Law" shall make way for the country’s safety at a certain time.

As to whether Lee Bo can return to Hong Kong someday, Abduction Rumours Scotched by Lee's Fax said, "...Sooner or later, Lee Bo will have to go back to Hong Kong..." and from Speculation over HK Bookstore's Investigation Went Completely Wild, it said, "it seems we will have to wait for Lee Bo’s return and his personal explanation to the media." It is expected that the possibility of release is high, while "his personal explanation to the media" seems to indicate an upcoming press conference, so that the public will be relieved and go back to their lives once again.

If I’m not mistaken, Ng Leung-sing’s speech "those five bookstore guys must have been arrested of slipping across the border and visiting prostitutes" apparently does not meet CCP’s purpose. It is the Achilles’ heel of the loyalists – sycophant who couldn’t able to keep up with their master’s steps; no wonder Ng apologized for what he said the very next day.

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