Have a Look at Lee Bo's Case -- CY Leung's Statement

Have a Look at Lee Bo's Case -- CY Leung's Statement
Translated by Karen L., written by Post-90s Bullshit
Original: http://polymerhk.com/articles/2016/01/07/26327/

(Source: aTV News; CY Leung responding to Lee Bo's incident)

One by one, the employees and shareholders of Causeway Bay Books have gone missing. This includes Lee Bo who disappeared into thin air, for which the international world has shown their concern. The reason being that the books aim at the segment which is interested in dark secrets in China. It is suspected that the whole matter is CCP’s demonstration to violate “One Country, Two Systems” and interference against Hong Kong’s freedom of press.

Four days after Lee Bo went missing, CY Leung said that he will keep a close eye on the events, and indicated that law enforcement in Hong Kong can only be practiced by local officials, but not by officials from mainland China, otherwise it will be the violation of “One Country, Two Systems”.

Yes, CY Leung intended to emphasize that the “One Country, Two Systems” still stands, but nevertheless, from the experiences, such a statement symbolizes an alarm which we should be worried. It always turns out to be the opposite of what he says.

So far, it’s hardly to find examples to disprove this observation. Before the Handover, CY Leung once said that he thinks it’s wrong to send one’s children abroad for studies; but it is known to everyone that all three of his children have studied in England. He said that he himself is not a political material and that he will not run for the CE, but by the same token, he has become the CE now. What is more, in 1989, he expressed his discontent of the violent clearance against students at the Tiananmen Square. And you know the rest of the story.

Following the pattern, the more opposite you view of CY Leung’s “reassuring” statement, the closer it is to the truth. In the case of Lee Bo, CY Leung claimed that officials from mainland China have no authority to execute the law; perhaps, they have already been in Hong Kong lurking somewhere. It’s simply us being kept in the dark. As to whether CCP breaches “One Country, Two Systems”, I believe you've had the answer.

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