19 January 2015

Tofulism: Chain Store That You Might Want to Blacklist

Chain Store That You Might Want to Blacklist
Written by HKCT Editorial Team
Integrated report

(Source: Fion via PassionTimes)
Allowing mainland Chinese to jump queues and smearing neighbouring store - are these proper business practices?

Few days ago, a writer called "Sham Shui Housewife" on Grassmediaction described what happened in Tofulism Sham Shui Po branch. Kung Wo was an older tofu shop in Sham Shui Po, with fair price level and food product. Around a month ago, there is a new neighbour next to Kung Wo - Tofulism, a chain store having their branches in Tuen Mun, Tseung Kwan O, and Yuen Long.

Tofulism has adopted predatory pricing strategy, aiming at driving out Kung Wo, and so they set a much lower price, and used promoters instead of playing recordings. Yet they called customers who continue to go to Kung Wo as "country bumpkins", and implied the food quality of Kung Wo is bad.

The story hasn't ended yet - the same store, different branch has something more to tell. The Tuen Mun branch was complained by Fion, who queued for tofu puddings, but were jumped queue by a mainland Chinese. Fion told her to get to the end of the queue, but a mainland shop assistant from the shop said "You don't need to queue, I call the shot here."

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