Milan: Chinese are not qualified to be discriminated

Chinese are not qualified to be discriminated
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by 米蘭 (Milan)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/05-26-2014/15486 

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According to international practice, "Discrimination" is a differential treatment towards a special group of people, merely on identity or categorisation but not personal qualities. The earth is a planet owned by all human beings, so everyone ought to receive fair treatment. Rights come with obligations. When your efforts paid are the same as others, but you receive differential treatments because of your look, identity, gender or age - then it's discrimination.

Look! When everyone pays the same effort, contributes the same, or obeys the law in the same way, yet does not receive fair treatment - that's DISCRIMINATION! 

In a civil society, DON'T EVER ABUSE THE WORD 'DISCRIMINATION' TO COVER YOUR MISTAKES when you do not follow the local law and culture, and are blamed and scolded! You gotta know, ONE HAVE TO BE QUALIFIED TO BE DISCRIMINATED in a civilised city!

What? Aren't they victims? Why are we talking about "QUALIFIED" or not? 

Any normal Hong Kong permanent resident (sooner or later) pays taxes and has civic awareness - they won't and dare not urinate/defecate in the hustle-and-bustle area. And many Chinese immigrants came to Hong Kong to be 'New Hongkongers', and apply for dole in the Social Welfare Department blatantly! If you are not able to make a living in Hong Kong, why the hell are you coming? Fine, maybe you are the underprivileged, you cannot survive in a civilised city and want taxpayers to take care of you. So, spending Hong Kong taxpayers' money and breaking the law and order in Hong Kong in an unbridled manner at the same time - what the hell logic is this? You don't learn traditional characters nor Hong Kong Cantonese, and you jump queues and so and so ... you got so many "records", and you still dare to use the word DISCRIMINATION to defend when you are wrong!

Make it clear - those recent new immigrants are not contributing to Hong Kong. Their personal qualities are far different from Hongkongers. People telling you how to do when you are wrong is a way to teach you how can you be qualified to be discriminated. If you spend so many efforts coming to Hong Kong, you shall forget the bad habits in your hometown, and be a good, civilised Hongkonger!

For those Chinese tourists, you do not have to learn merits of Hongkongers if you don't want to be a Hongkonger, but you should understand the meaning of "do as the Romans do" (入鄉隨俗, an equivalent idiom in Chinese).  You dare to wash your feet in the Louvre, sign your name on the Pharaoh Tomb, steal gems in Hokkaido and defecate in Hong Kong - what you do is utterly unacceptable by civilised countries. All these hatred feelings make you, overweening yet offensive people, unhappy because you feel that you are the big spender but you are humiliated, right? Because you INSULT OTHERS' CULTURE BEFORE OTHERS HATE YOU. Such hatred is a kind of despise rather than discrimination. Because YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO BE DISCRIMINATED!

Some Chinese might say "We cannot find a toilet, so we defecate on streets" or "Westerners urinate everywhere too, are their urine especially tasty?".... It's a Chinese logic. But what about this: there are murderers in every countries, but why are there still provisions punishing murders? Wrong behaviours are wrong indeed. It does not make you right even if you point out someone is wrong! If you do not want to respect people from places other than China, then spend your money in China. The world does not want to accommodate parvenu who do not know manners!

Fine, no matter you can understand or not, you are not qualified to be discriminated, mainland Chinese. We will discuss the matter of discrimination on the day you are no longer despised!

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