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Wing: "Post-80s" Again? Cover something else!

"Post-80s" Again? Cover something else!
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Edited by Karen L., Written by 翼雙飛 (Wing Wing)
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/06-09-2014/16086 
As original sources are in Chinese, I am not gonna re-link them.

(Post-80s Decoration Workers: Earn 15k per month and save 10k)
(Source: Screen capture of Sky Post)

According to EVCHK, since 2010, the society has started coining the phrase "Post-80s" for youngsters who were born in 1980s, labelling them as "rebellious, self-centred, lazy and irresponsible". Up to now, 2014, nearly half of the "Post-80s" have entered the journey of the age of 30 or 30 something. But still, the media just cannot let go and keeps judging this group of people for no reason. 

Cases are many. Post-80s graduates require $11,000 as monthly salary while Ming Pao quoted analysis from their human resources consultants, criticising the graduates "having a high requirement". Ta Kung Pao quoted analysis from a university professor, indicating that graduates cannot find jobs because they prefer not to work in construction sites or wash dishes. Fine, in such situation, some graduates go for grassroot jobs instead. Doing exactly what these media ask them to, that's good, huh? Yet, nothing gets better. Sarcasm from a big title on Apple Daily read, "U-Grads Grabbing Jobs from Old Security Guards", but the fact is that these graduates don't get paid more because of their identity. Their salary depends on the nature of job, grassroot jobs, grassroot wages. Not to mention they have to take care of their parents, repay tuition debts and pay for transportation and meals, which is known as heavy burden living in Hong Kong. Thus the only choice they have is to live with their parents. HKET, however, said "When is the end of youngsters sticking to their parents?", criticising that the youngsters "sorely focus on entertainment and are not willing to carry the responsibilities to be independent."

How can dish washers or security guards afford such skyrocketing rent in Hong Kong? Okay, if they are not allowed to stick with their parents, as what the media assumes, then maybe they could find another way out, like applying for public housing (PRH). But it doesn't shut the media's mouth. Sky Post quoted a professor's words, "PRH is originally designed for grassroots. Graduates' applications for them are bad for their personal development and the overall societal development." Hey, just awhile ago Ta Kung Pao said youngsters should not hate grassroot jobs! Now graduates do grassroot jobs as they wish. Then what makes the problems for them applying for grassroot welfare? Their identities being graduates are not helpful at all to earn a relatively handsome salary compare to other grassroot job workers. It's not making any sense for these judgments.

Some said, "Hey, they are just trash. If they are competent enough to be like doctors, then they would not be judged in that way." People who possess that thought are wrong. Few days ago, Sky Post again introduced a Post-80s doctor with $60,000 monthly salary, and after all, he is not a spendthrift! Isn't he perfect? But this one's perfection is then claimed as useless by a HKU professor, "Lack of social life and interpersonal skills ruin everything." How far-fetched! People not willing to talk to someone doesn't make them dumb people; People not willing to entertain others doesn't necessarily make them "lack of interpersonal skills". Completely forced and fabricated are this professor's speech.

Some other people then suggested that "Post-80s" should not study in universities, which save a lot of troubles, and that they can simply be blue-collar workers instead. This is just too naive for them being hopelessly optimistic about the media's ability to criticise. This time, Sky Post griped this tiny problem and covered a story of a "Post-80s" decoration worker who did not go to university. This one saves $10,000 while he earns $15,000 each month, as he wants to save more money to buy a flat in the future. But his story doesn't appeal other media, which judged him along with that doctor as lack of social life. All because he wants to save money! If he has to build social connection, it got to spend money and a flat he dreamed to possess have to be postponed... the story followed will be not hard to guess. HKET may probably ask him "why are you sticking with your parents?" and may even suggest him to find part-time jobs during his holidays!  

Here comes my conclusion: in the eyes of the media, whatever the "Post-80s" do are wrong, and so they have to find things to nit-pick on by whatever means - whether they choose to go to university; whether they take up grassroot jobs; whether they have a handsome salary; whether they make social connection; whether they save money... There are many other things worthwhile to cover! "Post-80s" here and "Post-80s" there... OH JEEZ, CUT ME SOME SLACK!

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