Friday, 6 June 2014

Mayfly: What I Learned in the TST Counter-Vigil

What I learned in the TST Counter-Vigil
Translated by Vivian L., Written by 蜉蝣 (Mayfly)

June 4th, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the June 4 Tiananmen massacre. 7000 citizens turned their backs on the annual candlelight vigil held in Victoria Park and remembered the tragedy in front of “The Freedom Fighter” sculpture outside of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui instead.

Those 7000 people voted with their feet by giving Civic Passion, organizer of the Tsim Sha Tsui commemoration, a chance. Their action sent a clear message: the usual candlelight vigil organized by the Hong Kong Alliance In Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China has become more of a routine than anything; worse still, it serves as a convenient venue for the pan-democrats’ fundraising gig and vote-soliciting campaign.

During the 2-hour service, I witnessed the face of passion and of endurance of native Hong Kongers. Standing among the crowd, I was totally in sync with the frustration and the indignation of my fellow citizens. 

More than a decade has passed since the handover, and the people of Hong Kong are yet to enjoy full democracy. But the Beijing never tire of testing our limits. From Article 23 proposal, to the multi-entry permits bringing in even more visitors from across the border, to the implementation of brain-washing national education curriculum, there all point to the rapid fall of the city’s governance to Beijing’s control.

We have seen government policies called off because of public backlash. But our SAR puppet government couldn’t care less however strong the opposition. More bills selling out Hong Kong’s interests will continue to be passed, and Hong Kongers remain powerless.

Pan-democratic lawmakers used to be our gatekeepers against all these. These days, they are the quickest to sell us out. We only have ourselves to count on.

25 years ago today, the Chinese Communist government violently suppressed peaceful protests, killing and injuring a great number of innocent lives. Ever since the tragedy, Hong Kong people commemorate the victims year after year. We even bow down to the murderous communist regime and beg for it to vindicate the June 4 pro-democracy movement.

The fact that we are being ruled by murderers are dreadful enough.

 More than one billion Chinese people are living under an authoritarian and totalitarian regime that would do anything in the expense of its people. Homes are forcibly demolished to make way for property development. State officials blatantly lie about the human right situation in China to save face. Peaceful demonstrations were defamed as rebellion and innocent students and civilians were killed off to stabilize the Party’s rule. One can never say enough about the sins of the Chinese Communist Party.

Today, 25 years have passed. Stop being sitting ducks to the suppressor. Today, we are obliged to alert those around us, that we only have ourselves to count on to save Hong Kong from doom. Today, we demand the fall of the Communist Party. True, we can have a ton of reasons for inaction and for fear, but success starts with a little step ahead. Let us each take this one step towards protecting Hong Kong. Gathering here at Tsim Sha Tsui on June 4 is our very first step. Never say we can’t change anything. Never say it’s impossible. It'll only be impossible if we don’t act.

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