When A Pretty Election Candidate Becomes an Offence

When A Pretty Election Candidate Becomes an Offence
Translated by Samuel L., edited by Chen-tang, written by Yat Ming Ging Yan (一鳴驚人)
Original: http://polymerhk.com/articles/2015/12/17/25526/

At the age of 24, Yau Wai-ching is young and pretty, grabbing much attention from the general public ever since her electioneering campaign. But, being pretty does not mean she can please everyone. First had Yau Wai-ching been lambasted, as participating in ‘a pageant contest’ but not ‘the district council election’. Faning Yim, a member of the League of Social Democrats, further put her jealousy into words, claiming that ‘let’s turn the LegCo election into a pageant contest’ as soon as she knew that Yau Wai-ching would run for LegCo Election. The criticisms just go on.

Their hidden agenda is obvious. To put it simpler, they claimed that Yau Wai-ching is but a gift-wrapped candidate. While Yau Wai-ching is only a ‘newbie’ to politics who has not shown her political aspiration, how can people draw to such conclusion of ‘being unqualified’ merely based on her appearance?

Even so, is appearance ever related to an election? Shall only an ugly person be qualified to be elected as a councillor? Putting the line of ‘it’s no offence to be ugly’ from the Cantonese movie The God of Cookery into this case, a pretty face shall never be an offence.

Being pretty or handsome is susceptible to be discredited by opponents. Taking the Canadian PM election as an example, the Conservative Party once launched an attack on Justin Trudeau, teasing him as a 43-year-old ‘cutie’ who was not ready for being the Prime Minister. Trudeau, handsome, tall and rich, yet paid no regards to rumours and slanders and excelled in his campaign, eventually defeated Stephen Harper, the 56-year-old Conservative Party incumbent, and has become the new Prime Minister of Canada.

Sometimes, it is not a big deal for an average Joe to be jealous of a prettier, or better person in private, which is no big deal. Yet, such ill-founded and impolite open criticisms shall not only fail to discredit Yau Wai-ching but also show their own jealousy and grudge. ‘The more the jealousy, the poorer their conduct’.

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