6 for 1 in Lok Tsui, Tuen Mun: Candidate Background

6 for 1 in Lok Tsui, Tuen Mun: Candidate Background
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Albert HO (aged 64):
[2011 - Lok Tsui: 1879 votes/51.3%]
- incumbent district councillor from Democratic Party HK (DPHK) and Legislative Council member
- former chairman of DPHK
- did not support de facto referendum in 2010
- DPHK had a scandal of entering the Chinese Liaison Office in 2010 on the Constitutional Reform
- lives in Hong Kong island
- did not disclose the identity as a director of a company, which owns a property in Happy Valley
- participated in the Chief Executive election in 2012
- surfed on girlies during the Budget in 2014, LegCo
- assisted in a relocation of power boxes on a narrow passageway in Melody Garden

Julius HO (aged 53):
- chairman of Butterflyers
- solicitor; former chairman of Law Society of HK
- claimed himself as a "social worker" without registration
- recently appointed as Director of Lingnan University in October 2015
- said "did not rule out the possibility of dissolving the LingnanU Student Union" despite he does not have such authority
- indigenous inhabitant in Tuen Mun
- was elected as the representative of Leung Tin Village in 2011
- became Chairman of Tuen Mun Rural Committee as he changed the Memorandum and kicked away Lau Wong-fat, thus become member of Heung Yee Kuk and District Council
- obtained 10,805 votes without "political background" in 2012 LegCo election (NT West)
- opposed the declaration of illegal structures plan by Buildings Department and asked the government to change the current law
- criticised Occupy Central
- suggested the criminalisation of "insulting police officer"
- strong rural network as his dad Ho San-wing, a famous rural "gent" in Tuen Mun, established Yan Oi Tong and has good rapport with Lau Wong-fat and Chan Yat-san

YUEN Wai-chung (aged 61):
[2008 LegCo: 1338 votes/lowest in NT West 2008: 32182 votes]
- founded MESSAGE
His duties and platform in 2008:
- giving sermons in secondary schools and Castle Peak Hospital
- chairman of Melody Garden Owners' Committee
- would promote peaceful unification of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau
- would better the political system in China and Hong Kong
- had concerns over the impact of online and printed porn on youngsters
- would fight for the extension of library opening time

Leo SHUM Kam-tim (aged unknown, should be over 50):
[2011 - Lok Tsui: 1477 votes/40.40%]
(did not fill in occupation/political affiliation)
- retired Station Sergeant from the police force
- fully supported by NT Association of Societies, a traditional patriotic organisation
- supported by Choi So-yuk and Tam Yiu-chung from DAB
- former teacher in PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School, a secondary school nearby

Dr. CHENG Chung-tai (aged 32):
- Scholar on sociology with academic interests in Hong Kong society and contemporary Chinese society and culture
- Teaching fellow at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
- Member of localist group Civic Passion and host of various political shows on affiliated online channels
- Lead figure in numerous protests and political campaigns mounted against CY Leung’s government and Beijing

CHEUNG Wing-wai:
[no information found up to 17 Oct 2015]

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