PassionTimes: Popularity of police plunged, notoriety irreversible

Popularity of police plunged, notoriety irreversible
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Written by Editorial Team of Passion Times
Original: http://www.passiontimes.hk/article/12-22-2014/20146 
(Photo: Passion Times)
HKUPOP had a poll on the degree of satisfaction on the police force of Hongkongers. The results reveals that the degree of satisfaction has dropped to a new low since 1997, with only 29 points. Ming Pao had a coverage on 22nd Dec. After analysing the data from HKUPOP, Ming Pao said the degree of satisfaction youngsters aged 18 to 29 decreased from 40 points to -41.7 points. In other age groups, middle-aged people between 30 to 49 dropped from 51.4 to 30.4, while people over 50 has slightly dropped from 56.8 to 55.

As CY Leung tackled political issues with the police, which then lost its political neutrality. Under Andy Tsang, a hawk-style Commissioner of Police, the reputation of police has plunged greatly. For example, when blue ribbon thugs attacked occupiers, the police just let them go. At the same time, at conspicuous places in police stations, blue ribbons were everywhere, and it is hard not to imagine the thugs are related to the police force. Besides, the police framed a female reporter from PassionTimes for attacking police officer when she was sexually assaulted by people from blue ribbon gangs. Selective law enforcement cases are simply uncountable. Andy Tsang did not punish those who did not follow Police General Orders and show his sophistry. It is doubted that whether Hong Kong Police is doing things in mainland Chinese ways.

After all, when the police used inappropriate violence, had covered up for blue ribbon thugs, selective law enforcement and sophistic explanation, people has shown their stances in such poll - Hongkongers no longer trust the police force, and it is hard to resolve the relationship between the police and civilians in the long term.

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