Not wise to knock Wan Chin down

Originally at : http://www.vjmedia.com.hk/articles/2013/06/07/40570
By Wong Hoi-ming

Translated by Chen-t'ang

[Note: Wan Chin 陳雲, whose his family name is Chin, pronounced in Hakka]

The profile picture of Wan Chin on Facebook

Although there are many people teasing Wan Chin 'controlling natural forces' at the night of June 4th, criticizing him for only talking the talk with a keyboard. Yet up to now, nobody could challenge his city-state theory effectively. His opponents cannot convince Chin, so they could merely make a fuss upon trifles, and say that they despise talking to a mad man, as a response to his MAXIM: 'Forget it, I can determine you attitude already', or even demand Lingnan University to fire such person with misconduct. These people are not here to help improving the future of HK politics, but rather intensifying the feud between anti-Communist and anti-pro-establishment camp.

Studying logic is obviously not a prerequisite for a rational discussion. Otherwise, the discussion will be in an ivory tower. The prerequisite is simple: although in the interview on Pentoy (Chinese version; English version will be later provided here), the interviewer simply cannot master well on interviewees' answers, yet their answers are clear. Their views on 'local interests' might not represent all parties, but at least their rationale shows the viewpoints of the side supporting city-state and the side upholding universal values.
At least there are somebody being the mediator and objective relatively. It's better than endless dispute on Facebook.

Everybody can enjoy freedom of speech entitled by law, and say what they want on the Internet. In the Eastern Zhou dynasty, there was a movement called 'inclusion and speak-up of hundreds of schools' (百家爭鳴). Many people expressed their views and impacted the society at that time. 'School', according to Sima Qian (司馬遷), refers to using one's own method and thoughts to be independent from others. If everyone follows what others say, then it would be useless to 'speak up'. In short, if participants can avoid personal attack, that it's already promoting a beneficial environment for rational discussions.

Netizens in Hong Kong are not ignorant. Nowadays, people tend to 'label' somebody─ 'leftist moron', 'rightist moron', 'localist moron', 'Greater China blind supporters', etc. But keeping on labelling someone is not helpful at all. Those 'smart ass' shall come out and contribute to society. It is the only way to make HK a better place.

To conclude, no matter Chin is really or pretending mad, using this as tactics or sincerely getting protégés, there is no need for everyone sticking to such dispute. The progression of HK is helping the 'mad guy' to be presented in a decent way, rather than shooting him with rifles. The stances of 'leftist moron' are vague, yet the proposal of Chin is yet to be completed. Both parties need 'complimentary forces', like Hung Ho-fung (孔誥烽). We shall focus on how other rational people interpret the theory of city-state, rather than merely focusing on Chin. We have to concern whether his theory is practical, rather than who sends who to the hell or Nuremburg.


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