08 August 2016

[5 Aug 2016 Rally] Chan Ho-tin: No Compromise for Unificationists!

Chan Ho-tin's Closing Speech (#3) on Hong Kong National Party - “Defend for Democracy, Hong Kong Independence” Rally
Translated by Sidney, edited by Chen-t'ang, spoken by Chan Ho-tin
[ The English translation is released under Creative Commons, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 ]

(Source: Undergrad, HKUSU Instant News)
Thank you, everyone. It is already 11 o’clock, I know you are all tired. Perhaps you haven’t had dinner yet. The weather is so hot, and there are these mosquitoes, flying ants, cockroaches, those things scurrying around. But you are staying until the very end. Thank you, everybody. Today, I want to apologize again, there were some hiccups in our arrangements, sorry about that. I want to thank everybody for staying till the very end. In fact, you folks are the most loyal supporters of Hong Kong Independence. Because, even though it’s so uncomfortable here, so many people still here. Well, some reporters asked me whether I would announce the number of participants in this assembly, I don’t know… because I haven’t thought about this matter. But at a glance, there must be more than 10,000 people, right? (Crowd cheers) There’s *really* a lot of people here. Let me go back home, look at the photos, and feel good about it. (Laughs) Everybody, think about this for a moment when you get back home, and feel good about it. Let's hope our decision to hold this peaceful assembly is correct.

We’re at the close of this event, so I should, how to put it, keep it brief. As I said at the beginning, darkness has already fallen upon us, and darkness may be really dark, there may be great hardships, but we should persevere. I believe... we will make it. Everybody is still here despite being so uncomfortable, so there’s no problem we can’t solve.

I’ll tell you about our future directions. First of all, we absolutely support and encourage all tertiary and secondary schools to continue to spread the word about Hong Kong Independence. I noticed that some Localist organizations have already been established in various secondary schools. We absolutely support this. If they need anything, just let us know. We will absolutely support you. If you need to distribute leaflets, need money to print them, we… although we don’t have money either, just now Lewis mentioned a very important issue: we don’t have money! The projector almost blew up, and then everything is… I have to take down this thing (backdrop) and take it home and use it as a bedsheet. It’s so damn expensive. Anyway, if you need any suggestions, we will give you; if you need any advice, we will give you. We will absolutely support you. And it would be great if we could take over the student unions of universities. We hope that pro-independence supporters can form the student unions of the various major universities. (Crowd claps)

And then, all the firm believers, all those who support Hong Kong Independence, all nationals of Hong Kong, I hope that when the darkness falls upon us, you will infiltrate our adversaries, infiltrate the various government departments, infiltrate the police. We must learn their tricks (crowd claps), we need to obtain intelligence, this is very practical. Sources of intelligence are extremely important, I hope you will infiltrate them -- this building (Central Government Offices), we can’t get into the Legislative Council yet, I think none of you can get into the People’s Liberation Army garrisons… but if you can, I support you. Anyway, we need to infiltrate them, all sectors. Look at the pro-establishment, they have their own lawyers, doctors, whatever. The pan-democrats also. But we pro-independence folks don’t have these yet. But we will soon, trainee lawyers, or law students, they’re coming. Very soon, it will be our world.

But we need to strive and work hard. If you’re still a student, I urge you all, continue to form student organizations, continue to spread the word about independence in your school, and study hard! Secondary school students must study hard, you know. Don’t throw away your future because of street protests and social movements. Don’t do that. You must! You MUST enter university, I’m telling you. Even Ray Wong will go to England to study, isn’t that great? Despite throwing bricks… actually he never threw any, I’m sure about that… you still need to study, right? Only after you do well academically, you can build Hong Kong, build our own country. Only then, you will be able to govern this place. A lot of people ask me, a lot of reporters ask me: “You say you will govern Hong Kong, how will you do it?” We’re counting on you, right?! Every one of you. I don’t know which occupation you’re in, maybe you’re a teacher, a nurse, or just a student. Or maybe you’re a social worker, lawyer, doctor, whatever. If everyone moves forward in their respective sectors, in the future when we join together, Hong Kong will achieve independence.

And then, what else? Right... (crowd: Hong Kong Independence!) No, no, not yet, one final thing is our announcement… we announced our future directions, and then, it’s about the election. So, we assembled here because of the election after all, so let me talk about it. I call on everybody, do not accept any compromise. We accepted compromises for many years already. Ten years. Twenty years. Every time, for some reason, at every election, we were made to vote for a compromise candidate. They’re like “Oh, this time you made a compromise, but there will be hope next time”. There’s always somebody to tell you, “Don’t worry, if you make a compromise this time, there will be a new option next time, you don’t have to do this again next time.” But it so happens that if you made a compromise this time, you will have make a compromise next time; Even in this election, I’m still being told to make a compromise. Why? I call on everybody: do not accept any compromise and vote for independence. Wait wait wait! I misspoke, I’m too excited. Do not accept any compromise! Do not vote for unificationists! Do not compromise with unificationists!! Do you understand? (Crowd: understood!)

Originally, on 4 September, I will appear on the voting ballot! Originally, all five of us will! But all is gone now! But it doesn’t matter. If you still want to vote for Hong Kong Independence, if you still want to vote for Hong Kong National Party, or for Chan Ho-tin, please continue to vote for me in your own way. That’s about it.

What is the most important thing today, do you know? Why did I organize this assembly? Right, that gentleman over there, you’re right. The most important thing is to shout: Independence for Hong Kong! Independence for Hong Kong! Independence for Hong Kong! Independence for Hong Kong! Independence for Hong Kong!! Good! Thank you everybody! Thank you all for your efforts!

(title given by editor)

多謝大家。嚟到十一點幾嘞,我知道大家都可能會辛苦啦,有人未食飯趕過嚟啦,又熱啦,又多好多啲唔知嗰啲咩呀,好多蚊呀,飛蟻呀,曱甴嗰啲噉嘅嘢。噉大家都留到最後一刻。好多謝大家。 今日,再一次道歉啦,我哋安排不周,唔好意思。都好多謝大家留到咁後。其實你哋都係好忠實嘅香港獨立支持者架喇,因為,留到咁夜咁辛苦,都仲有咁多人喺度。噉呀,有記者問我會唔會公佈人數,我都唔知呀,因為我冇諗過呢樣嘢。但我驟眼睇應該都過萬啦下話。(台下拍手歡呼)好~多人喎。我返去慢慢睇啲相⋯ J 返。(笑)大家都返去 J 下。噉,希望我哋今次搞呢個和平集會嘅決定係正確啦。
我哋嚟緊有啲方向啦,話畀大家聽啦。第一樣嘢,我哋係絕對支持同埋鼓勵呢,喺各大大專院校同埋中學呢,係繼續傳播香港獨立。我見到近來已經係有啲本土組織喺唔同嘅中學呢係已經成立啦,我哋絕對係支持嘅。如果有啲乜嘢嘅需要,即管同我哋講。 我哋會絕對去支援你哋。你要傳單,畀錢去印,我哋…雖然我哋都冇錢啦,啱啱堂主講咗個好重要嘅問題,我哋冇錢,projector 都掙啲燒埋,然後樣樣嘢都… 我依個呢要拆返去當床單喺度瞓呀,好鬼貴架真係。跟住,要啲乜嘢嘅意見,我哋畀佢,要啲乜嘢嘅 advice 我哋畀佢,絕對支持。然後,我哋最好就係能夠奪取各大嘅學生會,我哋希望獨派嘅人能夠去做各大大學嘅學生會。(拍手)
但係大家要努力。仲係學生嘅,麻煩你哋,繼續搞學生組織,喺你哋校園度播獨,然後努力讀書!中學生一定要努力讀書。知唔知呀。唔好話為咗啲街頭抗爭搞社運然後拋棄自己嘅將來。絕對唔好。一定!一定要入大學,話畀大家聽。黃台仰都去…去咩啦去英國讀書啦,係咪吖幾犀利?掉磚頭還掉磚頭… 佢冇掉過嘅其實,都幾肯定架喇係呀,噉但係都要去讀書架嘛係咪? 讀好書,先至能夠建設香港,建設自己嘅國家。將來,你先至能夠管理到呢個地方。好多人問我喎,好多記者問我,你話要管理香港,點樣管理啊?咪靠大家囉!係咪呀!你哋每一位就係。我唔知你哋做緊乜嘢嘅行業。可能你係做緊老師,可能你係做緊謢士,可能你只係學生,或者你係個社工、律師、醫生…我唔知道。但係大家喺自己嘅崗位盡力去推動,將來每一個界別連合埋一齊嘅時候,香港,獨立。


Chan Ho-tin's Speech (#1) on Hong Kong National Party - “Defend for Democracy, Hong Kong Independence” Rally
Transcribed by Thomas, translated by Sidney, edited by Chen-t'ang, spoken by Chan Ho-tin

[ The English translation is released under Creative Commons, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 ]

(Source: Undergrad, HKUSU Instant News)
Sorry everybody, we had a technical issue here. We the audio was working just now, but now the picture works but the audio failed. So, sorry about that. This video is about the past, the present, and the future. I hope we can show you the video in a moment. Although the screen is really small, there are dialogues and we have (audio) content, everybody can hear it.

Today, before this assembly began, a woman came up to me in tears. She said, she is really really saddened and heartbroken to witness what Hong Kong has become. And she is pained to see what youngsters like us had to go through. She said she witnessed the anti-corruption campaign, she witnessed the conviction of Peter Godber, she witnessed Hong Kong become more and more stable and prosperous, and ultimately becoming a leading economy in Asia. But today, she witnessed the continual downfall of Hong Kong, ever since the occupation in 1997. I believe you already know, or have already noticed, the Hong Kong we see today is not the Hong Kong that we knew. The Hong Kong of old has already slowly passed away. In these 19 years, we have been continuously suppressed and tortured. We’ve been colonized by them, tortured by them.

The third runway, “high-speed” rail, medical council, the HKU council, and now the Electoral Affairs Council, they disqualified us. Big events are reported in the news every week, and none of them are good news. We are now facing this situation in Hong Kong. Today, five of us have been disqualified from the election, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many things have happened before, like the medical council, HKU council, and then this.
We are seeking a way to reverse the downfall of Hong Kong, we really want to find a way out. And I personally think that, Hong Kong Independence is our only way out. A lot of people advocate for self-determination or self-rule. Why do they believe in self-determination and self-rule now? We never talked about these ideas before. Because the current situation is dreadful, we are witnessing the demise of Hong Kong.

We need to find a new direction, find a way out. That’s why we have to call for self-determination, self-rule. Yet, what are our choices? What choices do you have in order to achieve self-determination? I want everybody to think carefully about this. Surely you aren’t proposing we become a direct-controlled municipality of China? Surely you aren’t talking about maintaining the status quo of “One Country, Two Systems”? We are seeking a new way out, precisely because the status quo of so called “One Country, Two Systems” does not work. So you can only either choose to place Hong Kong directly under China’s control, or, Hong Kong Independence.

I will choose Hong Kong Independence.

The Electoral Affairs Committee (sic) disqualified us from running in the election. This political screening enraged a lot of Hong Kongers. Today, I thank you all for coming here. Among you are people from all political spectra. I believe there are pan-democrats; and there are people with no political background, or perhaps you aren’t familiar with politics and current events, but you still came here. Of course there are the localists, the constitutionalists, and us, the independentists. We also have various guests, thank you everybody. Our political stances and beliefs may be different, but today, our common denominator, is that we want to do good for Hong Kong, we want to fight for our own freedom and rights. This is our common denominator. Today, we have gathered here, because we strongly feel that our disqualification by the Electoral Affairs Committee (sic), represents darkness has fallen upon us.

When we look at the future, I cannot see Hong Kong becoming better. This incident is a blatant political suppression. I cannot see how Hong Kong will become better. Darkness has already fallen upon us. The third runway, the high-speed rail, those incidents only show that darkness is looming over us, but this incident, means that darkness has already arrived. A lot of people hope that this incident will trigger a riot, or an assault on the government, or a revolt.

But, unfortunately, I hope everybody will understand, we do not have sufficient power yet. We don’t have enough people. I don’t want us, National Party, to send a group of people to their demise for nothing. Let’s assume we start a riot now. But what will be the result? Many people being arrested, like Edward Leung, Ray Wong. Last time, they have already paid the price. Their future is uncertain, they might get a hefty sentence -- ten years, eight years. I don’t want to send you off to sacrifice for nothing, just to vent our anger, just to use up all our morale. I don’t want things to end up like this, so, National Party made a critical and difficult decision: this time, we will hold a normal assembly, a peaceful assembly.
I don’t want you to needlessly waste and expend the good morale that we have here. I hope that with this peaceful assembly, we can adjust our imagination of the future, of our means, and of our methods. I hope that with this assembly, we can send Localism onto a healthy path of development. With peaceful assemblies like these, we can continue to build our influence, and have it continuously snowball. The problem with rallies in the past is complacence. Even if there is a large number of participants, no action whatsoever is taken. Sometimes, when people make an initiative, they will be obstructed by others. But our assemblies, the pro-independence assemblies, are different. If we had a sufficiently large crowd, and if you believe it is time to take any action, we will never obstruct you. This is what makes us different.

The assemblies that we hold are not to waste your morale. They are to boost your morale. Today, we have so many people here. This is the first major pro-independence gathering in Hong Kong’s history. This is the first time, a historical first. But as I just said, darkness has fallen upon us. I don’t know whether we will have any chance to hold such an assembly again. Perhaps it will be banned starting from tomorrow. It’s very easy. They don’t have to pass any laws. They can just refuse to issue a “notice of no objection” due to “public order” concerns. Anyone who still come to the gathering will be deemed to have taken part in an unlawful assembly, and will be arrested. This way, we will be unable to hold a gathering like this.

Darkness will come. We may have to form secret societies, underground societies. We will be banned from speak about it. We will be banned from holding these assemblies. So, we must prepare ourselves before darkness comes. We, the independentists, will not stay at the “social movement” stage. We will not linger with social movements, we will enter the political arena. We are doing politics!

Everyone, we have to prepare to take over the governance of this society. We will take control over our future, Hong Kong will place its future on our hands. In the past, the biggest problem in the democracy movement is that they never dreamed of becoming the ruling party. They haven’t (microphone fails) Hong Kong, therefore we lost hope and lost direction. But now, you have found your direction, you have found hope, and it is the Independence of Hong Kong. This is our only way out. As long as we hold onto our beliefs, even after darkness falls upon us, we will persevere. Look at the people on your left, on your right. We will walk on the same path together. When darkness comes, nobody will be spared. Nobody in Hong Kong will be spared. Some may think Hong Kong is still doing well, but in the future, they will feel the pain too. They will not be spared. That is when we will tell them: What is our hope? Our hope is for Hong Kong Independence. Hong Kong Independence is our way out. Indeed, darkness will fall upon us, but, dawn will come eventually. We know Hong Kong Independence will happen eventually, because Hong Kongers never give up, and we will never backtrack on our paths. After colonization by China, we know we hate them, we will never go back and identify ourselves as Chinese. We must blaze a new trail for ourselves. I hope everybody will hold onto this belief. I hope everybody understands why we held this assembly. We have to gain momentum and recognition. The National Party will become the ruling party. And then all of you will take over the governance of Hong Kong. We will govern this place. Everybody should make preparations for this.

Next up, our honorable guests are going to make their speeches, so I won’t waste your time any longer. But there’s one thing we have to do. We should shout slogans. We need to boost our own morale. Remember this moment, this historical moment. We will appear on international news tomorrow. At least we’ll appear on Global Times (A subsidiary of People’s Daily). Global news. International news. Are you prepared for it? We’ll make headlines tomorrow.

(Shouts)Hong Kong Independence!

So, our video should be ready by now, though you can’t see the screen. I’m sorry about that, we’ll do better in the future, because we really don’t have any experience. That’s why we have to learn, we have to do better, to do better than the pan-democrats and the pro-establishment. I hope you will enjoy this video, and listen to it carefully.








Chan Ho-tin's Speech (#2) on Hong Kong National Party - “Defend for Democracy, Hong Kong Independence” Rally
Transcribed by Dolphin, translated by Marco and Sidney, edited by Chen-t'ang, spoken by Chan Ho-tin

[ The English translation is released under Creative Commons, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 ]

Right, it is me again! I know everyone don’t fancy seeing me.... Picture is up, so is the background music, but audio is gone, maybe it is taking a break and has fallen asleep, I have no idea. However, I am still here, taking no breaks. Let’s go back to the Election Committee (Electoral Affairs Committee) debacle, which I had forgotten to mention in the first place. Why are so many gathering in here? It is very likely because not only I was deprived of the right to stand for election, but also your right to vote as well, because you wanted to vote for those who fight for Hong Kong’s Independence, may it be the Hong Kong National Party, or Chan Ho-tin, or Edward Leung Tin-kei, James Chan Kwok-keung...er, et cetera, or Nakade Hitsujiko or Alice Lai. However, you cannot cast your vote, as all of a sudden, your favourite candidate was deleted and disappeared. They were our rights: we can stand for election, you can vote for those you want to vote for, but all that is gone now.

This time they accuse us of calling for the independence of Hong Kong and banned us from running, but what about next time? No one knows what will happen next time. I have reiterated this many times, next time they can ask whether you support the Chinese Communist Party. I want to ask you a question: ‘Do you consider you have a thorough understanding of the Basic Law or the Chinese Communist Party? I think, as a returning officer, you are required to answer my question, and I will make a decision according to your answer, I will decide whether you are eligible to run for election.’ Then they may ask another question: ’What’s your opinion on CY Leung? What’s your opinion on the current SAR government? Do you think it is good?’ If you provide a negative answer, then you are in deep trouble, as I don’t think you will wholeheartedly pledge allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, I will not allow you to run for election.

This legislative council is already crippled, it has a system that is fundamentally unfair. Half of the members are returned by direct elections, but, for the other half, you cannot run for those seats, you cannot nominate, you cannot vote. Those 35 seats are none of your business. Originally, the other 35 seats used to represent some kind of democratic mechanism, but even this democratic mechanism is now gone.

I used to be a little piglet(literally: “Kong Pigs”, some mythical creature who purports to be political adverse) too, we are always too eager to call people out for being a piglet, or too easy to be called out for being a piglet, I don’t know why. I was also a piglet, and then I became a yellow ribbon. I was there on 28th of September during the tear gas incident. I was thinking to myself, ah, we are all fighting for democracy, for “real” universal suffrage, that was all I was thinking about. Occasionally there were those that wanted to burn a Chinese flag. I thought to myself: why would they do that? I didn’t understand. How is it relevant? We are fighting only for our own democracy, I am fighting only for real universal suffrage, what did it have to do with China? I honestly think you have made a big mistake. Then, somebody called for the Independence of Hong Kong. I would tell them: Wow you are insane, these words are utter blasphemy!

However, gradually I discovered, that every night I was sleeping on the streets, and then… no matter how much we protested, no matter how many ‘I want proper election’ banners we wrote -- I wrote the largest one in Mongkok. Even if I changed my profile picture into a yellow ribbon, I have done all those things, but gradually I discovered, that the one we are fighting against is not this government of Hong Kong. It turns out that this government is merely a puppet, a colonial administration that is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. It’s just a puppet on a string. Your real target, if you want democracy, should be the Communist Party, you should ask the government of the People's Republic of China. Then I thought, are you going to give me that? If not, I will just separate myself from you! It is very simple, after the separation, after my cutting away from your Communist Party, after cutting away from China, then I will have democracy, it is that simple!

Thus, I see hope, I see direction: Independence of Hong Kong. I chose this, and I will walk this path. I hope you all will understand, we all walk the same path, and if you run into someone who does not understand it, you can explain it to him like how I did. Tell him that there is no other choice, that independence is the only way to go. It is not up to you to doubt whether it will succeed. It is not a question of whether you have faith or whether you think it is possible, but that, you have no other choice, you can only go for the independence of Hong Kong. You say you don’t want independence? Then you’re left with total reunification with China, or “One Country Two Systems”. Neither of them will do any good, anything with ‘country’ or ‘system’ will not do any good anyway.

Independence is the only way out for Hong Kong. You have no choice. This may be a tortuous path, but you still have to walk it. Ok, that is all for now. Back to our master of ceremony, Vickie.

唉~又係我啊!我知大家唔係好想見到我…… 頭先終於有畫面咖啦,都有音樂嘅,但係把人聲就唔知去咗邊,可能佢休息咗訓咗覺,我唔知道。咁… 但我未休息我仲喺度。咁其實講返今次選委會(選管會)嘅事啦,我都唔記得咗講添頭先,點解今次咁多人呢,好有可能係,唔單只我嘅被選權係被剝奪咗,係大家嘅選舉權都被剝奪咗,因為可能你地係好想投票畀香港獨立嘅人,想投票畀民族黨,或者係陳浩天,或者係梁天琦、陳國強……er,等等啦,或者中出羊子同埋賴綺雯。但係,你地冇得投票啊,突然之間,你地個心水,你地個對象係畀人唔知點解delete咗,就冇咗啦。呢個明明係我地嘅權利嚟咖嘛,我地係可以去畀人選咖嘛,你係去可以選你地畀人選,即你地想選嘅人咖嘛,但呢啲全部都冇晒。

今次佢可以話因為我地講香港獨立,所以唔畀我地去選,但下一次呢?下一次唔知咖喎,我都講過好多次啦,下一次可以問:「你支唔支持共產黨啊?」我想問你一個問題:『你認為你對於呢個基本法或者共產黨嘅認識唔係太深,我覺得呢,即係個選舉主任咁講,我覺得你係需要回答我呢個問題,然後根據你呢個問題嘅答案呢我會作出一個決定,我會判斷你嘅選舉資格有效定係無效。』」之後又可能會再問:「你點樣睇梁振英啊?你點睇呢個特區政府嘅施政啊?你覺得好唔好呢下?」 咁如果你話唔好嘅時候,咁就大鑊啦,因為呢我覺得你就唔係真心去效忠呢個香港特別行政區,所以我唔會畀你去參選。






1. 港豬 is translated as a little piglet by these translators. Hong Kong Columns (Translated) translated this term as Kongformist.

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