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[5 Aug 2016 Rally] James Chan's Confession: I'm Localist, I Support HK Independence

James Chan Kwok-keung's Speech on Hong Kong National Party - “Defend for Democracy, Hong Kong Independence” Rally
Transcribed and translated by Nick, edited by Chen-t'ang, spoken by James Chan Kwok-keung
[ The English translation is released under Creative Commons, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 ]
(Source: Undergrad, HKUSU Instant News)
(Chinese - Cantonese version follows 中文-粵語版本在後)

Good evening, everyone. At the beginning of this year, I met Chan Ho-tin. He told me he was going to establish the Hong Kong National Party; the press conference would be held on 28 March. He said, “James, are you coming?” And I was like, sure! Why the hell not? And he said, you’re a district councillor after all, you know. But I ain’t scared of nothin’. And so I went to the press conference. I was the only district councillor who showed up. Some people told me, ‘Hey, James, don’t stand so close to us. We might affect your reputation.’ Now, we’ve believed—ever since we were little kids, we’ve believed in freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom of thought. Now that I’ve become a freaking district councillor, if I don’t even dare to disagree with my friends on political ideals, If I don’t even dare to sit next to comrades who share the same progressive political ideals, that is not Chan Kwok-keung! [the crowd cheers]

“Hong Kong Independence”. These words have never passed my lips. But I must proclaim it today. I’ve always been talking about anti-communism, I’ve always been talking about the biggest evil plaguing the entire world, including China, Hong Kong, Europe, and Southeast Asia -- the Communist Party. [the crowd cheers] That’s why all of you should stop listening to pan-democrats who want to ‘end one-party dictatorship’ and ‘build a democratic China’: those people are completely out of their minds! [the crowd cheers] After you’ve ended the one-party-rule, is it the end of the party itself? The communist party, they are still there! To safeguard Hong Kong, we must wipe out the Communist Party from the history of mankind.

Out of more than 400 district councillors in Hong Kong, I decided to run for the ‘super district council’ election. I told people about this in March, everybody said they supported me. More than 40 people—this is for real—more than 40 people told me they supported me. And it went on for a while, in the end, they said, ‘James, I didn’t know you were localist.’ I was like, “Are you crazy? I’ve always been one!” [laughters] Someone even told me, ‘When you were running for district councillor, many of us from the pan-democratic camp came to your aid. And now you betrayed us.’ I told him, ‘Are you kidding me? I’ve always said I was not in the pro-establishment camp, nor was I in the pan-democrat camp. You guys made your own decision to help! [the crowd cheers] Friends from the pan-democratic camp, I’ve always made my stance very clear. I said, to safeguard Hong Kong’s civility, we must eradicate the Communist Party from existence. It baffles me how some people believe that the pan-democrats share this aim of ours. The biggest evil in Hong Kong, with the exception of the Communist Party itself, are its spokesmen. In the past, I thought these spokesmen were all from the pro-Beijing camp; little did I know that the pan-democratic camp was also riddled with them. [the crowd cheers]

Today’s rally organised by Chan Ho-tin marks the first time, in the history of Hong Kong, we have come together for the independence of our city. It’s heartwarming to see so many of you here tonight. I used to say that Hong Kong independence might be the only way, or at least the best way, to safeguard our city. After today’s rally, let me tell you: Hong Kong independence is, without any doubt, the only way to safeguard our city. Hong Kong independence! (Hong Kong independence!) Hong Kong independence! (Hong Kong independence!)

A friendly reminder: if 10,000 of us charged into the Central Government Offices tonight, we’d definitely fail! [laughter] And why is that? It’s not that the police would get in our way; it’s that if the pan-democrats knew about our plan, they’d get 20,000 aunties and students to surround the government offices to prevent us from assaulting the government headquarters! [the crowd cheers] The 400 district councillors in Hong Kong; we’d eat and drink and sing together, and they’d tell me that Hong Kong should become independent and that we should protect our city and things like that, but out of all these district councillors, I am the only one who turned up at the rally today. Many self-proclaimed ‘umbrella fighters’, ‘valiant defiants”, as well as those who just feel too good about themselves, tell me after they’ve become district councillors, ‘James, I just wanna stay on for another term.’ [laughters] ‘I just wanna do community work. And community work shouldn’t involve politics.’ And I tell them, if that is so, you don’t deserve to call yourself an ‘umbrella fighter’ in the first place! And you don’t deserve to call yourself an occupier of Mongkok, an occupier of Central! You motherfuckers! [Crowd cheers]

I’ll admit I’m not poor by any standard. I studied at the University of London, and I have two degrees. In fact, if I wanted to, I could live a very comfortable life. Do you think I’m not scared of the Communist Party? Well, after I met Chan Ho-tin and Edward Leung, I’ve become fearless! [the crowd cheers] In order for our revolution to succeed, in addition to gaining the support of students and the general public, we must win the support of the middle class. Unfortunately, Hong Kong’s middle class is a complete clusterfuck. Most of them hold foreign passports, just as most rich people do. In fact, countless district councillors also hold foreign passports. And yet, strangely enough, these are the same people who claim to speak for us Hong Kongers. So, in the coming district council election, I say we ban all foreign passport holders from running for office! [the crowd cheers] If we could do that, more than half of the DAB would be gone! Although more than half of the pan-democrats would probably be gone as well. But that’s okay! We have many localist friends here—judging from what I see, probably 5,000 or even 8,000. If we all ran for the district council election, we’ll kick the asses of those pro-Beijing and pan-democrats.

I could count my fingers the number of LegCo members who could truly bring change to our society. One more of them, one less of them, doesn’t make a difference. Because Chan Ho-tin and Edward Leung, the two candidates who are most capable of making Hong Kong a better place, have been banned from running in the election! What is the world coming to? Edward said, ‘Whoever wins the heart of the people wins the world.’ Edward, let me fix that for you. The maxim should’ve said ‘whoever wins the heart of the returning officer wins the world’! Even if we had a direct election tomorrow with 1,000 candidates, what could we do if the returning officer banned everyone but CY Leung from participating in it? If that is not ‘whoever wins the heart of the returning officer wins the world’, then I don’t know what is! I ain’t young anymore, and who knows? I might die in ten years’ time. To be honest, being the heavy drinker that I am, I’ve never dreamed of living beyond the age of 30. But after I met these brave souls like Chan Ho-tin and Edward Leung, I want to be blessed with a longer life, so that I can live long enough to witness the day of Hong Kong’s independence!

Hong Kong independence! (Hong Kong independence!) Kick away the Communist Party! (Kick away the Communist Party!) Hong Kong independence! (Hong Kong independence!) Kick away the Communist Party! (Kick away the Communist Party!)
Thank you!

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