Friday, 22 May 2015

Maron: HKers Are Not Morally Obliged to Save Depraved Chinamen

Hongkongers Are Not Morally Obliged to Save Depraved Chinamen
Translated by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠, Edited by Karen L., Written by Maron (瑪倫)

Gary Fan, Claudia Mo, Ray Chan, "Fast Beat", "Long Hair", James Hon, Raphael Wong Ho-ming.....these names were widely acclaimed a few months or few years ago, among all obfuscating pan-democrats. These self-dubbed "progressists" had perplexed some politically naive Hongkongers as if they can truly help.

These days, citizens have witnessed the pan-dems becoming "pan-fried democrooks" and have seen the mounting localist protests against parallel traders. Even though the restoration movement might not be as successful as expected, the localists have gained the public an upper hand of this battle, whereas these self-claimed "progressive" pan-dems took the credit of the favourable results and left the blames to localists.

What is behind localists' success? It is that the localists all know a cruel fact - "politics is showbiz for ugliness". Instead of getting "halo" or claiming credits, localists are pragmatic and emphasise efficiency - even at the expense of adopting extreme means. For the "Restoring Tuen Mun" social movement, the mainstream media have condemned the localists as severe as possible. But we localists are not going down because of it as we do know one thing - nothing is ever done by the pan-dems because they love sitting on the moral high ground and dodge immediately if being criticised. If it is useful in talking the talk, the valorous localists will never have to walk the walk!

Out of fear, the pan-dems have been avoiding conflicts. Take Umbrella Revolution as an example. Admiralty and Mong Kok are utterly two different worlds back then. Pan-dems were calling the shot in the Admiralty "Big Stage". Can weak flowers living in the greenhouse really be compared to the daredevils in Mong Kok? Leung Kwok-hung "Long Hair", a self-claimed revolutionist, has shown his true colours - a coward - since the valorous confrontational tactics derived in Mong Kok.

What Leung uses to do - hurling bananas or sending coffins to officials - is performance art after all, without a slight of influence. The conflicts between the pan-dems and the localists these days are exactly the continuation of the differences between Admiralty and Mong Kok.

I am a localist, and localists can be unscrupulous - I'm not ashamed to admit it. Why not indulging in the "love and peace" crap as the pan-dems do? Let's see what the Occupy Central movement ended up. Nosediving popularity in the end. And then what? There has been seen no coming back. Talking Chinamen into love and peace is merely casting pearls before swine given that it is their nature to bully the weak, fear the strong and nothing else. They will come after you once you show weakness in front of them.

Do remember what Lu Xun says, "We shall not be afraid of speculating Chinese people with the most malicious intent". Chinamen are not entitled to blame Hongkongers for being ruthless since they never deserve otherwise.

Some leftards might believe, "When you oppose devils, you become one of them." For the record, with the mission to protect our civilised city, we choose to treat Chinamen like barbarians - Barbarians will only be taken aback by acts of their kind. 

Localists dare to deal with Chinamen because there's no mind-shackles towards the suggestions by some "Greater China" faction, which are thoughts such as "the institution is the culprit" and "the party and the country are two separable concepts" so as to harbour their own kind. Leopard cannot change its spots. Even with a different regime, Chinamen are Chinamen.

Imagine the "the party and the country are two separable concepts" discourse stands. It would not be a problem if Japan does not apologise for what they have done in WWII. By this very logic, the Imperial Rule Assistance Association would have nothing to do with Japanese. Therefore there would be no need for today's Japanese to bear the responsibility back then. This logic itself proves what the kind of people Chinamen are. I wouldn't mind if Chinamen mutilate themselves with such retarded thought. But letting them to rule over Hong Kong? The answer is "No", a certain "No".

Democracy and China combined is the best example of Stockholm syndrome. If ever there is some so-called democratic China, it will not change the fact that Chinamen are born colonisers.

Let me ask you a question. If your neighbours have some family disputes, will you intervene between them? Lines are clearly drawn, so "No". Similarly, Hongkongers are not morally obliged to save depraved Chinamen. And the localists are going to kick them out of our home - by all means necessary - before it is too late.

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