Monday, 3 February 2014

Chen-t'ang: Do you know? Do you remember? 還記得那些日子嗎?

Do you know? Do you remember? 還記得那些日子嗎?
Written by Chen-t'ang 鎮棠

The city has become so unaccustomed to us.

Do you know since when did the bar benders earn much more than common nine-to-six workers? Do you know how much (mainland) tourists were here last year? Do you know there are schools trying to change our conventions, teaching Chinese Language in Mandarin? Do you know how much do Hong Kong parents suffer? Do you know we are tired of political disputes?

Do you remember the year Her Majesty came to Hong Kong? Do you remember what did Lord Patten remind us when he left in 1997? Do you remember how lovely our city was? Do you remember when did you wholeheartedly laugh without worries? Do you remember our English proficiency was one of the best in the region?

Gone are the days.

But believe we can. Work harder to gain the right for approving one-way permits. Confront schools which use Mandarin to teach Chinese subject. Speak out for what you think is right, and make sure you won't regret once they come out of your tongue.
Sometimes one might be really frustrated about the future of the Pearl of the Orient, but we shall bear in mind that by concerted efforts, we can confront and defend any attacks. We cannot be lulled into a false sense of security. Placebos are sent out by those who welcome China to alter our traditions, but always be alert to possible traps. Everyone do something out of their own motives, but remember those pro-Peking camp usually have more nefarious ones. Do not judge a person by its cover. Not to afraid challenging authority because they are meant to be challenged.

But at the same time, be polite as you can. Be thrifty and hard-working as this can be an uphill task. Accept anybody who are willing to embrace core values of Hong Kong, speak Cantonese and English, write traditional characters and observe regulations in Hong Kong, including non-party mainlanders (if you may).

Learn the history of Hong Kong, and tell your non-local friends about the genuine history of Hong Kong.

Remember: We are, and shall always be, the authentic Hongkongers.



還記得英女王訪港的日子嗎?還記得九七年彭定康總督臨別演講提醒我們什麼嗎? 還記得我們的城市曾多麼可愛嗎?還記得你對上一次笑得見牙不見眼是哪時嗎?還記得香港的英文程度曾是區內數一數二嗎?







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